November 30th 2011 7:14 am PT

Arcade: Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Content: Voltron: Defender of the Universe
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend. The Legend of Voltron. Defender of the Universe. A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil. Take control of your favorite Lion and join forces on Xbox LIVE to defend the Far Universe. Visit iconic locations from classic series including Arus and Planet Doom. Take on enemy forces in four different game modes. Battle Zarkon’s minions in Survivor Mode as a pilot, engage in ground assaults in Lion Mode or cross the glalaxy in Space Mode, or coop with four friends in Voltron Mode to confront massive Robeasts! Voltron fans, Mega-Thrusters are go!

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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Randy Brown

    As long as there is an option to form a blazing sword, this will be an instant buy.  Nostalgia can be expensive…

    • powerdarnell

      Hey, nice comment, bro. High five!

  • Bennijin Turbo

    And for non-US players, Trenched is now out under the not-as-catchy guise of Iron Brigade!

    Or it would be but only the trial is available and there’s a marketplace error when trying to unlock the full game.

    Be a star and see what’s going on, would you Major? Thanks.

    • Décio Gonçalves

      I can only see the full game, not the trial! :

  • Zak Hayer

    What is this game Major, Any Good?

    • CyberSkull

      Poor video game version of a popular giant-robot anime from the 1980s.

    • Anonymous

      Basically it’s ASSAULT HEROES clone but w/ 5 player co-op instead of 2p co-op.

      Visuals are taken from a popular 80s cartoons of wich lots of vids are featured in the game (making an average arcade to weigh up to 1,5 Gb.

  • CyberSkull

    I gave Voltron: Defender of the Universe 1 ★ for gameplay and 1 ★ for nostalgia. ★★☆☆☆ total.

    I might have even considered buying it if the demo had let me play as the full Voltron robot against a robeast instead of just running around as a lion.

  • Anonymous

    Terrible series, hated it as a kid lol.

  • Corey Conn

    I’d say the only thing good about the demo was it having the original cartoon’s opening animated theme and it having it having a little cutscene that was from the animated show right before the first chapter. The actual game play was pretty bad. I’ll just go on Netflix and watch Voltron if I want to see the opening again. It sucks that the demo was so bad. I was really hoping for a good Voltron game. I loved that show when I was a kid. I still have the lion Voltron in my garage.