December 7th 2011 2:38 pm PT

Arcade: Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples™Content: Apples to Apples
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Party-style fun is ripe for the picking as Apples to Apples™ the video game comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade! This game of hilarious comparisons is as simple as comparing “apples to apples” – just select the red card you think is most like the green card played by the judge. If the judge picks your card, you win the round. And everyone gets a chance to be the judge! Play online with up to 5 friends in Classic Mode or two variant modes – Baked Apples and Crab Apples! Choose from 26 hilarious Apple Avatars, enjoy environments like Space Apples and Carnival Apples, and collect Golden Apple Cards that mix up the game! Bursting with over 1000 red and green cards, Apples to Apples™ the video game provides endless hours of unpredictable, over-the-top fun!

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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Dark Dude

    Any reason this isn’t available in the UK?

    • Jonah Falcon

      Licensing issues, probably.

      • Ian Thompson

        For shame. I love the boardgame though don’t see how it’d work as an XBLA game.

        • Alex Deas

          I was trying to imagine how it would work. I would guess it relies on people talking to each other. Might make a nice change to having them shooting and swearing instead.

          • Phillip Peterson

            That would make a great webseries. Have a group of CoD players try out casual games, and then we can all watch the scene fall apart.

      • Dark Dude

        It’s just ridiculous that Microsoft every single time fail to provide regional information about their releases, both ahead of time and even when they come out. It’s impossible to know what’s coming out when and Microsoft need to improve on this terrible if they’re going to continue to have an international user base.

        • Chris Rabideau

          It’s up to the developer to decide to make it available for your region. That’s why Major Nelson gives a link to check availability for your region on the listing here. And it’s not a Microsoft game, just a game for their console. Talk to the developer.

          • Dark Dude

            The “Check availability in your region” link takes me to the NA version of the site and thus being entirely useless. Microsoft themselves have full details ahead of time of which regions they are available in, they know this way in advance and there’s no excuse for them not to post what regions it’s available in (unless the publisher directly tells them not to). With Microsoft directly controlling the release of content on their console they have the information, while they obviously don’t make the decision of where to release games they do know Major Nelson used to post availability on his blog which he no longer does and it’s disappointing.

            Retail games have absolutely no problem with providing regional information, there’s no excuse for an online distribution service for also failing to provide such information. If the industry is going to evolve into one that focuses more on Digital distribution then this, amongst other things needs to improve and it’s ridiculous that people are standing for it.

            Also, the developer usually has very little say in where the game is released, that’s the publisher’s job so before you try and sound smart get your facts right.

  • Douglas Bailey

    Very nice…love this board game ha.

  • Mike

    No video chat support? Uno had that YEARS ago. Isn’t the whole point of this game to be social? It seems like video would be pretty much necessary for that…

  • Nicholas Burress

    Loved this board game…passes a lot of time when standing in line

  • Alex Smith

    When is Sonic CD coming out? :(

    It better be next Wednesday!

    • Bennijin Turbo

      Joe Danger Special Edition is next week, 1200.
      Sonic CD’s not known yet, crossing my fingers for 800.

      I think they’re silly waiting until now to release, with the Xmas sales coming up.

  • Kairu

    OT: Major, do you know what’s happening about Manga entertainment? Whether it’s cancelled or not? I would really appreciate a response, because I don’t want this to fly under the radar like increase friend cap etc. I know I won’t be able to actually use it, because i’m from the UK, but I would still like to know what’s happening about it.

    OOT: (not trolling just my opinion) Did the team there market test the new Dashboard with newbies? I don’t think families or newcomers to the Xbox will have a clue what’s what. They wont know where to look. I could be completely wrong on the other hand. I just think atm you have to do more digging to find what you’re actually looking for on the dboard.

    • Anonymous

      I’m extremely critical of MS, especially in the passing weeks. Evidence of that can be found spread out over loads of comments over this blog. That being said I must say the new dashboard is quite well organized except for a few items here and there such as changing your theme, or editing your avatar character. Lastly, if you search with bing every so often you will see an advertisement in the results. Outside of those few minor things (and the launch) the update was well done in my opinion.

  • J Triple Dash

    So we get no new games this week in the Uk? I don’t like the new dash there is no structure to it & it’s not time saving. Oh and the apps might be free to download but the content isn’t & I refuse to enter my credit card details to get any of the free trials of lovefilm, sky etc. the whole thing is just a way to fish more cash out of people & I did not buy a GAMES CONSOLE to watch adverts. 

  • Nathan Reyes

    bring back netflix partys

  • Rich Allan

    Best 800 MSP I’ve ever spent… so much fun!!!

    • Anonymous

      Can you tell me, if you have 2 local players can you go online if only one of them is a live account?

  • Scratch

    My daughter is going to flip out when she sees this lol.

  • Graydon Mah

    The demo does not appear to run. Just stuck on the “Start” screen.

  • Andre

    Is it just me or does the demo not allow  you to press the start button.

    • Jason KrayzKasper Crump

      even the full version is stuck on the start screen. Very frustrating, considering I spent 800 ms points for something that doesn’t work.

      • Anonymous

        I was on Twitter with Xbox Support over this. They couldn’t find an answer. Tried everything from moving the game to a USB stick to using a different Gamertag. I had the same issue with the Zombie Apocalypse sequel a few weeks back.

        • Anonymous

          I had this problem but unplugging the IR sensor for the Scene It big button controllers fixed it.

          • Andre

            I will have to try that. I do have the sensor plugged in. Can’t try it right now though. But it seems plausible.