December 10th 2011 11:47 am PT

Halo Waypoint & ATLAS now available on iOS and Android

If you are a Halo Reach fan and you have a iOS or Android device, you’ll want to download the free Halo Waypoint app now available. Previously available only on Windows Phone, the team at 343 Industries has now made an official mobile app available on both iOS and Android.








Move information at Halo Waypoint

Halo, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    Android app is very limited to few devices

  • David Hatch

    Not compatible with the Motorola Atrix for some reason.

    • Sebastian Gorgon

      It’s not compatible with most phones, its only compatible with my HP Touchpad (with Android) while it’s not available on my HTC desire and HTC Desire HD

      • lordfiSh

        upload apk then, work on every device

        • Sebastian Gorgon

          i don’t have android on my HP touchpad anymore so i can’t 

  • Zlaten del Castillo López

    The app looks great. When is it going to be available in Europe?

  • Tony Hellus

    Not compatible with HTC EVO either…

  • phkna

    What a waste to only make it for a couple devices using Android. MS owns a good stake in Android now it only benefits then to see it grow

  • Scott K

    Why in the world wouldn’t this be compatible with all current Android phones?! Absolutely ridiculous. You guys aren’t doing this out of your garage. You’re a gigantic company making an app for a gigantic franchise. Really, really preposterous.

    • TomeOne

      I think you should blame the fragmented Android platform rather than the developer of the app.

      • Scott K

        I could do that, but then I’d be a fool.

        I get if they want to limit it to the newest Android versions (this app even says Android 2.2 and up). That’s fine. But come on, they can’t even make it work within the stated compatibility limits. Countless apps work just fine on all kinds of Android devices. There’s no valid excuse for this.

      • Leo Tokarski

        Fragmentation is unlikely to be the actual cause given the app’s featureset. Different resolutions, varying 3D graphics capabilities…these things can affect how well apps perform on a device. Alternately, an app may have been targeted for a specific device due to an uncommon feature (such as the HDMwiN app for the Evo 4G, which provides improved support for its HDMI-out). Lastly, there are apps such as the ones for Netflix (no longer an issue there, but it used to be) and Hulu Plus, where fragmentation is a problem more easily attributed to lawyers rather than programmers — the apps will frequently work on devices not explicitly approved if the APK is edited to include such devices on its internal whitelist, but the content providers may complain for whatever reason.

        If there is an actual reason beyond developer incompetence for the large number of devices that the app supposedly does not work on, the most likely culprit would be the ATLAS service. If the data is already built into the app (rather than being provided as a separate download when payment is rendered), then this may be a poorly thought out attempt at preventing rooted devices from bypassing the payment requirement. (I say poorly thought out because not only is it reported to work on the HP Touchpad — a device which had no official Android release in the first place, but that methods such as the Android Market Licensing service already exist which can be used for such purposes.)

  • Drew Smallwood

    Looking good, just purchased ATLAS, works fine on my iPhone 4s :)

    • GhostLyrics

      Just curious, but where are you located? I’m getting the feeling that the App is not yet approved in European stores.

  • AB

    Not compatible with HTC Desire S for anyone wondering…

  • John Titler


    • Thomas Hunsaker

      Sweet, didn’t know the Bungie app was available on Android yet. 

      Super lame that the Waypoint app has some stupid unspecified restriction. Thought it was an issue with my custom firmware, tried it on a stock G2 and had the same issue. Lame.

  • John Misczak

    Not compatible with Droid Incredible. What a joke. It’s not doing anything that special if it only needs Froyo.

  • Mario Bojórquez

    Not available for my country… way to fail

  • Anonymous

    chiming in, Android not compatible with my Droid 3 >.<

  • Krzysztof Janusz

    I don’t know if this app is available in other countries beside The Greatest Country In The World (US) but in Poland isn’t available for download in Android Market. Dear Major Nelson, what should I do now? I have bought games in Poland even without subtitles in Polish. Do I need to return my games to retailer since they probably was imported illegally or they have ‘licensing’ problems of some kind?

    • GhostLyrics

      I’d think that it will take a little while for the App to become approved in the various localized stores. Be patient, check again in *shrugs* 2 days?

  • Anonymous

    5 bucks for atlas? man such a ripoff for nothing, map viewing? lol who really plays halo nowadays, when u have Skyrim :)


    • KillerEdi XkEx XkEx

      Halo needs Bungie’s old school…

  • Anonymous

    5 bucks for atlas? man such a ripoff for nothing, map viewing? lol who really plays halo nowadays, when u have Skyrim :)


  • Sal Canete

    Next we need an Xbox Live app for Android!

  • Samuel Ames

    Way to alienate a huge portion of your potential user base the phone won’t even work with any HTC Phones

  • Justin Mangino

    Lol not having compatibility with any HTC device is insane. 

    • Bradley Harris

      I couldn’t believe it at first.  I was like “How the heck do you get this thing to insta… wait… No.. WTF?!?!?”

    • Anonymous

      How anyone takes Android seriously with their fragmentation is amazing!.

      • unfunk Freeman

        well actually it’s apps like this that cause the illusion of fragmentation. There’s no reason why none of my phones can run the app; HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy S or LG Optimus 2X… but there you go. None of them can install it. The only Android devices I can install it on are my Asus EeePad Transformer, and rather bizarrely, my EeePC, which isn’t even an official Android thing.

  • Patrick Haugland

    No compatibility with my Motorola Electrify :(

  • Bill Zika

    Please don’t release or announce the release of high-profile apps like this unless it is proven to work on all “supported” devices.  HTC Android devices are incompatible with the app right now, regardless of Droid OS version.  Rage.

  • Jordan Nielsen

    Seriously needs to increase its compatibility range to include all the phones that SHOULD be compatible, according to the listed minimum requirements. Too bad you have to download an app from the Android Market before you can rate it. If you could rate based on incompatibility, this app would likely have a very low rating. 

    • Rob adams

      It’s a great job that you have to download the App before rating it, that means YOU give your own opinion and not those of the masses around you.  I think props should be given to Microsoft for developing on different platforms, you don’t see Android making apps for iOS???

      “Oh look here comes another bandwagon!”

  • smallville74

    Not compatible with my Android from the android market place so not installing.

  • ElektroDragon

    Why do you keep killing all these compelling reasons to switch to  Windows Phone 7?? 

  • KillerEdi XkEx XkEx

    Samsung Galaxy S T959 is not compatible… WTF.!

  • KillerEdi XkEx XkEx

    EPIC FAIL.! IT doesn’t work with anything as I can read…

  • Ben Roberts

    The Bungie app is considerably better.

  • Josh Palmer

    whole lotta bitchin going on

  • Lennart

    Galaxy S II not compatible.

  • Josh Moore

    works on the atrix 4g

  • Anonymous

    All this Android fragmentation is why I switched to iOS. App works great on my iPhone 4s.

  • tomo008866

    Thank God I went iPhone 4S, I nearly bought an Android phone.

    • Corey Drouin


  • Sean Weyant

    Works great with the Samsung Focus, but it is a Windows Phone.

  • hyghwayman DB

    My Droid Global 2 works :)

  • Joey Cisneros

    Poor windows phone. Anyone who buys one is simply a tool. There is no reason to buy a Windows phone. It has like 2% market share after a year on the market. Pathetic.

    • Daniel Moore

      All I can say is your pointless comment irked me enough to warrant my display of disgust at your inedptitude towards the content of which you clearly have an uninformed opinion.

      • Vulak’Aerr

        Well said. Anyone who discounts a Windows Phone because they’ve heard “That MS mobile OS is lame” is a tool. Get with the times. Windows Phone is a breath of fresh air. Or, of course, you could go back to your rows of icons. I hear they were “in” 3 years ago.

      • Toothball

        I’m more entertained by the number of posts who cite the appearance of a
        Halo app (or Xbox live last week) as evidence of the downfall of the
        platform as a whole. Obviously being able to check in to your Halo progress was a major feature of Windows phones, and now you can do that on other phones there are no other reasons to invest in one.

  • Henrik Underseth

    the reason waypoint for iPhone is crap is because it won’t work for iOS 4.2.1 it works for iOS 4.3 which means ipod touch 2g can’t run it :(

  • Arthur Montgomery

    I love how many people are too dumb to make things work with their phone, I suggest if your a moron get an iPhone they do everything for you, they just aren’t as powerful and have to be Jailbroken to make them useful.  However if you have a little sense and want full control over you phone and don’t mind having to know what the hell your doing, get Android.  If you just want to be laughed at buy a Windows Phone and stay behind the times.

  • Arthur Montgomery

    @Henrick Underseth, get a new iPod, don’t you know if your gonna be an apple fanboy you have to buy a new device EVERY year if not sooner.

  • Arthur Montgomery

    By the way, works flawlessly with my old Droid X.

  • NuAngel

    I’m on mobile right now, but i hope someone with the Android apk just posts it (it is a free app, right? Or is this the ‘paid’ atlas i heard about?). I’m not condoning piracy here, but compatability fears are always overblown. My phone wasn’t compatible with Netflix or OnLive’s official apps, either, but the Evo Shift 4G runs them both flawlessly.

    Just glad i also have an Arrive WP7 device!


  • Daniel Moore

    There seems to be a lot of problems from a particular market segment.
    Makes you wonder why they thought it was a good idea in the first place lol.

  • Anonymous

    Only on the US app store…

  • Jeff Rosen

    no nexus-one love?  WEIRD!

  • Alan Parsons

    Free????? hahaha , yea .. um no

  • Kaleb Kirton

    apparently Microsoft doesn’t like us old iPhone users. My iphone 3G cant handle anything microsoft puts out :(

  • Cody Fritz

    I have the HTC Evo with the 2.3 droid version and it says it is not compatible why?

  • Ian Miller

    why is Microsoft helping out their competition??? You would think they would want people to come to wp7?? but apparently they believe in iphone more then wp7. 

  • Anonymous

    Seems not available in Germany !!!! Why

  • This Is It

    nope, it’s just that Android platform is too fragmented.