December 12th 2011 8:57 am PT

Coming this week to Xbox LIVE Arcade

The following Xbox LIVE Arcade content will be released this Wednesday December 14th:

Orcs Must Die! Lost Adventures Add-on 400 MSP
PBFX2 – Marvel Vengeance and Virtue Table Pack Add-on 800 MSP
Joe Danger: Special Edition Game 1200 MSP
Fruit Ninja Kinect – Holiday Pack Add-on Free
Magic the Gathering 2012: Deck Expansion Pack 2 Add-on 240 MSP
The Gunstringer – Real Big Shootin’ Add-on 240 MSP

Arcade, Game Add-on, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Will

    Isn’t there Bastion DLC coming out his week?

  • Anonymous

    What about Bastion’s 1 dollar DLC?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. Just got a Kinect for Christmas with Fruit Ninja and Gunstringer.

    Plus Joe Danger looks awesome and Orcs Must Die! is a blast. Looks like I’ll be busy once finals are done.

  • Dean Martin

    could do with some decent (NEW) games on demand games

  • Anonymous

    Wonder what that Gunstringer DLC could be. Still gotta finish that game. Too lazy to play Kinect a lot of the time lol.

  • Bennijin Turbo

    This list is suffering from a distinct lack of Sonic CD.

  • Todd Allen

    I’m curious about what’s on sale this week and next.

    • Bennijin Turbo

      Too right, especially with Xmas coming up i’ve got my fingers crossed. One’s that there will be Xmas sales, another’s that those sales won’t suck.

  • Chad Wilburn

    The Gunstringer dlc. Does it have any achevs???

  • ElektroDragon

    Thanks for finally mentioning addons again.  You’ve been skipping a lot, like the new DLC for Clash of Heroes that finally came out about 2 weeks ago.

  • doctorcowley

    Hey Major have you got any clarification on what these Add-ons contain? Which decks are being released for MTG? What are the PBFX2 tables? What are the OMD Lost adventures?

    • Anonymous

      The Pinball FX 2 tables have been detailed already. If you do some quick searching online, you can find out what that contains.

  • Anonymous

    Gunstringer DLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t care what it contains… Anything from Twisted Pixel is a must buy for me.

    I highly recommend Joe Danger as well. I have it on PS3 and it’s fantastic.

    • Iskandar Dzulkarnain

      Twisted Pixel FTW! 

      • Anonymous

        Agreed! Their one of my favourite developers by far!

  • Anonymous

    What about Bastion? Also Looking forward to Orcs DLC, Fruit Ninja DLC and especially whatever the Gunstringer DLC is!!

  • Jason Zwink

    PLEASE help Trendy release Dungeon Defender DLC content!  Were missing holiday add-ons left and right!

    • Jason Butcher

      I wish something would happen with monday night combat. it was advertised we would get 3 dlc packs but we only got 1 without a solid explanation. I’m fed up with missing out on content because I own a flopbox. BRING FREE TO PLAY GAMES TO XBOX LIVE AND START REMEMBERING US GAMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bennijin Turbo

        I can explain that. Uber lied to us, then after we beta-tested their game they ran off to join the PC crowd.

  • Lee Rayson

    are we gettigna full lsit of whats coming to xbox for upcoming weeks?

  • Anonymous

    is there a release date for Trials evo yet?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t think so. They said it’ll be released when it’s done, likely in 2012.

  • J.A.J.G. Thiéfaine

    The big one tomorrow will be RAAM’s shadow for Gears of War 3. 1200 MSP of free for season pass owners.

    • Kairu

      Arghh. It’s not free! People who bought the season pass have already paid for it. Well, some people may have got it for free. The store I went to for Gears 3 midnight opening, gave away a free 2100 points with it. Already had 450 at the time.

  • Josh

    RAAM’s Shadow and Back to Karkand are the only ones I’m interested in

  • Anonymous

    hei major. are you guys restoring the “full games” filter in the MY GAMES tab? its gone, and its a pain to have to browse 200 demos to find a game i bought on XBLA. maybe you guys could fix thiswhen you add the youtube app…

  • Jason Butcher


  • Paul Vera Espinoza

    when alice madness in games on demand?

  • Vince

    everything coming out on my birthday, nothing I am looking into : lame.

  • Anonymous

    Woo!  More Pinball FX 2 tables.  And Marvel ones at that.

  • Luke Es | sE ekuL

    Ah Joe Danger? That should be pretty popular if they do the right marketing.

  • Luke Es | sE ekuL

    Ah Joe Danger? That should be pretty popular if they do the right marketing.

  • Mario

    Hmmm new marvel tables, sweet!

  • Andrew Goessen

    where is the new Trials?

    • Anonymous

      I believe they’ve said it won’t be out until 2012.

  • Christian Bassetto

    Where Sonic CD?

    It will be released Wednesday on “Competition Network”

    • Bennijin Turbo

      That’s the strange thing, the US blog for the other console says it’s out on Wednesday, but that particular online service updates on Tuesdays in the US, it’s in Europe it updates on Wednesdays. I’m thinking it’s maybe a placeholder and they don’t know either.

  • Justin Meader

    Missing the Bastion DLC.

  • Ray Whitney


  • Zo

    In for Orcs Must Die! Lost Adventures and the Fruit Ninja Kinect – Holiday Pack will be cool!

    However, anyway the Indie games can be made more prominent?  I hate they are so buried and there are people who are missing out on some great games.  For example, Beat Hazard and Hidden in Plain Sight

    I also second making so I can filter on My Games.  With so many XBLA games that I have, I want to filter and I want the similar search function as you have with the People hub in WP7.  Pop-up the alphabet and let me choose games starting with whatever letter

    • kit walker

      at least u get indie games, i can only hope it one day comes to oz…

  • Richard Harrison

    Free DLC eh? Me likes! About the only thing i do from that list, mind.

  • David Shaffer

    I will be picking up Joe Danger, the Marvel Vengeance and Virtue pack, Fruit Ninja Holiday pack, Magic the Gathering 2012 pack 2 and the Bastion DLC. Still waiting for a sale on Orcs Must Die!

  • Daniel Brady

    Joe Danger is crazy fun. If you loved Excitebike, and like Trials, just buy it. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Kairu

    Where’s the deal of the week?

  • Kairu

    Where’s the deal of the week?

    • Yann Dorff

      I also woud like to know that..   (^.^)

      • Omar Fanuiel

        Hard Corps: Uprising, Bangai-O HD, Radiant Silvergun, and Guwange Got ‘em all too.

  •ís-Sá-Lemos/679893103 Luís Sá Lemos

    What about SONIC CD? :(

  • Robert Pendell

    Umm…. Guys.  I saw Sonic CD on the arcade yesterday.

    Edit: Nevermind. It was just the trailer.

  • tommyleem22

    were is minecraft

    • Josh

      Sadly they bumped the date back to spring 2012.  

    • Matt

      its coming out Spring 2012

    • Andrew Cadavid


  • tommyleem22

    were is minecraft

  • Wyatt Abel

    thay need to make a GTO australia

  • Austin Lighty

    when is minecraft coming out

    • Andrew Cadavid


  • mattschock

    what about Raam’s Shadow for G.o.W. 3?

    oops, thats not arcade……

  • Bobby Marshall

    Where is Trials Evolution?! D:

  • Dylan Scott Wakelin

    I want Sonic Adventure 2!

  • Brayton Rogers

    Can’t wait ’till Minecraft comes out!

    • Nick Luke

      when does it come out?

  • Simon Perry

    show some love for SONIC CD PLZ? or is this for the AMERICAN XBOX LIVE

  • Colin Gater

    Any idea when Trails Evolutions coming out? thanks