December 14th 2011 6:25 am PT

Arcade: Joe Danger Special Edition

Joe Danger Special EditionContent: Joe Danger Special Edition
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: "A death-defying thrill-ride starring the world’s most determined stuntman, Joe Danger! Combo, boost and pull ludicrous stunts to fill Stadiums and put Joe back on the podium. Race against your friends or take on your rivals, the reckless Team Nasty. Leap school buses full of screaming kids and pools of ravenous sharks, as you attempt to wheelie your way into the record books in over 100 eye-poppingly gorgeous levels! Stunt, create, share! Drop into the sandbox to make your own Events and torment your friends with your devious creations. Special Edition is the ultimate fun packed version of the multi-awarding winning Joe Danger. Experiment with 30 insane level creations in the Laboratory and unlock some new friends, exclusive to Xbox 360!"

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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Hugoku

    Day one purchase! Very happy to see this on XBLA.

  • Anonymous

    Awwwww… I guess this means all the scores I’ve been setting the past couple of days won’t be near the top of the leaderboard now that more than 50 people are playing.

    In all seriousness though, the game is fantastic and well worth the 1,200 points.

  • Bennijin Turbo

    1200? No online play? Actual GOOD deals of the week and the Xmas sales coming up?

    No chance. Sorry Joe Danger (and Trine 2) but I’ve got to divvy my MSPs up accordingly and you’re gonna have to wait.

    Game looks neat though.

    • Hugoku

      I don’t think online play is such a deal breaker.

      This game (much like the free to play Doritos game) is all about leader-boards. I got obsessed with Doritos for a while because a lot of my friends had it and kept posting times. I would not rest until I was on top of my friends leader-board (I was when I finally stopped. Now I have to check again!).

    • Anonymous

      Trials HD 1200 msp, no online play !? Nobody should have picked it up, what a pile of rubbish of a game!

      Nudge- nudge, wink- wink !

      • Bennijin Turbo

        Well I didn’t pick it up at 1200, I won it in a contest.

        It’s not that there’s no online play in this game, it’s that it was on PSN with no online and so for this port they had the opportunity to add it, and didn’t. Lazy, if you ask me.

        It’s not that I don’t want to support the developers, it’s that I don’t want to support the developers at top price. :p

        And like I said with these deals coming up, my MSPs are gonna be budgeted elsewhere. Unless the deals end up all sucking or something.

  • A B

    Will probably wait until this eventually goes on sale. Would insta-buy for 800

    • Anonymous

      I promise you, it’s well worth the 1,200 points. It has a ton of content in it. I’ve been playing it straight for a couple of days now and I’m still nowhere near finishing all of the levels.

      • Anonymous

        As far as I’ve seen from the demo, I’m sure it’s worth 1200 but I’m totally against something and it’s not the 1200 pricetag but being able to pick it cheaper just 3 months later from release date. Having so much backlog I wouldn’t be playing it anytime soon anyway so waiting till dotw works well for me.

        BTW It feels like punishing 1st day supporters instead of rewarding gold users with discounts and such… Team Meat did it right with Super Meatboy if you asked me.

        Thanks anyway for the recomendation, I’ve got this wishlisted! ;)

    • Hugoku

      I’d say in cases like these we should support the developers and buy as soon as we can. This game is definitely worth it. It shows love for the medium and it just plain makes me happy.

      Or maybe i’m just an idealist.

  • Anonymous

    Any Christmas sales?

    • Anonymous

      Holiday sale starts Dec 20. That was announced in Major’s latest ‘Coming Soon to XBLM’ post.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Joe Danger is the best PSN exclusive, buy buy buy.

    • Zak Hayer

      how exclusive to psn is it…or how long will it be exclusive because it isnt looking to exclusive based on this web page???

      • Hugoku

        Well, that edition remains exclusive to PSN, while this Special Edition is exclusive to XBLA. 

        • Peter M.

          Yeah, just like with Ninja Gaiden 2.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll definitely pick this up eventually. After Sonic CD and the new Pinball FX tables my account is tapped for a bit.

  • David Shaffer

    Picked this up at 5am this morning, been playing it all day and neglecting my homework.

  • Kairu

    Completely off the rails, but, I would love to see a new Banjo & or Conker game announced.

  • Brian Simmons

    Saving 1200 points for Trials Evolution for the end of this month

    • NBA Kirkland (Nick)

       I don’t think it will be out this month.  Have you heard otherwise?

      • Anonymous

        didn’t they say 2012 somewhere ?

        • Thad Vein

          The last I read was “it’s done when we’re finished”.   But the impression I got was early-ish 2012.   
          It’s going to be a great game…. but Joe Danger is pretty good as well.

          • Zak Hayer

            yeah that is what i heard i heard. They said it will be ready when they are finished… i believe

  • Anonymous

    Got the new Pinball FX 2 tables (own them all).  This is on my radar, but I’m personally waiting for Trials Evolution… and then I might get Joe Danger: The Movie (more vehicle types) when that arrives next year.

  • john conn

    So much for PSN Exclusive lol.

    • jellybelly

      You still wanna count the ps exclusive line-up bud?

  • Diego Verbeke

    Awesome game, but seriously why is there no online multiplayer :/

  • Anonymous

    this is like excite bike on steroids

  • Enduro

    I was actually a bit disappointed with how collectible-heavy the game is. It actually feels like the original THPS games in a way — gotta collect the stars, the coins, the DANGER letters, etc. Maybe I’m just much a fan of Trials HD, but I bought Joe Danger without even sniffing the demo and I’m actually pretty disappointed. I just don’t see what the fuss is about with this game.