December 21st 2011 11:21 am PT

Xbox 12 Days Of Deals: Day 2

Today you can save 50% on Hole in the Wall and Leedmees. Each are 400 points today only.

Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Kieron Alex Edwards

    What a way to kick start the deals off with Bastion 50% off. I was
    eagerly awaiting Day Two sales but unfortunately they’ve been a miss for me.
    Fear not, yous can still go out with a bang for 2011!

    Braid, Super Meat Boy, Shadow Complex, Castle Crashers, Defense Grid,
    Death Spank, Dungeon Defenders, Fusion, Costume Quest, Crimson Alliance,
    and Outland.

    • Hugoku

      That’s some cough you caught there.

      i’m hoping for NBA Jam, Space Channel 2, Guardian Heroes, Burnout Crash, SFIII myself.

      • Kairu

        Lol! Quite a cough indeed. @Kieron – Super meatboy was on offer a couple weeks ago down to 400 or something. 

    • Tylerh1701

      Damn that’s a lot of games that have already been on sale, some multiple times.  You must be new to Xbox.  Those of us who have been following sales for a while would really not want anything to do with those sales.

      • Hugoku

        True. Though history has shown that MS is not shy about doing repeats.
        Has Dungeon Defenders been on sale though? I would be over that one.

        • Tylerh1701

          No, Dungeon Defenders has not.  I might be interested in it at 600, but more hoping for Orcs Must Die, because I’ve heard Dungeon Defenders is very difficult without playing co-op, and I don’t really have anybody to do co-op with.

      • Anonymous

        Not only have a lot of those already been on sale, Super Meat Boy and Outland were both on sale within the past month.

        • gerolamo vigorelli

          When? in my region outland has never been on sale.. and I am waiting for it. I hope it will be one of the games discounted for Christmas

          • Anonymous

            I could be wrong but I’m almost positive Outland was on sale very recently. I think during the week of Black Friday, at the same time Super Meat Boy was (that one I know for sure happened).

          • Anonymous

            I remember now. It was during the Ubisoft publisher sale at the beginning of the month.

  • mighty goat

    i want both the bomberman games!!!!

  • mighty goat

    i want both the bomberman games!!!!

  • mighty goat

    and can we get some GOOD g.o.d at less then half price and a free game as a present on christmas day? tis the time of the year miracles can happen

    • Iskandar Dzulkarnain

      Good God lol….

  • Anonymous

    Well, I might check out the former of the two, although I wouldve also liked to have seen Burnout Crash, since its technically a kinect game (if not a good one)

  • Luis Garcia Medellin

    i want saves! with the skins of gears of war 3, or full house poker!

    • Anonymous

      Full House Poker was just half price a few weeks ago (I know this because I bought it).

  • Abel Diaz

    Those games have been on sale before, often more than once. What we should be getting is Guardian Heroes, Orcs Must Die, Puzzle Fighter HD,and Trenched (Iron Brigade).

    Banjo-Tooie, Rez HD, Ikaruga, Torchlight, and ‘Splosion Man have been on sale before too (according to Google), but I never got to get those. So I wouldn’t mind if those went on sale. :P But seriously, a lot of the ones you’ve named I’ve seen on sale more than once, and some within the past three months.

    • Tylerh1701

      Ikaruga’s been on sale?  That’s news to me, probably before I got my 360.  I would have been all over that one.

      • Joe Adanac

        Yeah, it was on sale a while back.

    • Tylerh1701

      Ikaruga’s been on sale?  That’s news to me, probably before I got my 360.  I would have been all over that one.

  • Harry Potter

    You might as well have each day offer a kinect and xbox 360 deal.

    • Anonymous

      Gryffindor receives 10 points.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think there are 12 Kinect games on XBLA. I guess you could add in DLC for retail games but I think having one day that is Kinect specific is better.

  • Anonymous

    How about some cheap add-ons that haven’t been on sale before? MK characters for example? Maybe SF4AE? Racing game tracks?

    While I won’t be picking up these two polished turds, I did get bastion which I’m pumped for.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t get what’s with the criticism. I don’t own kinect (yet) but If I did I’d be surely glad to get games cheaper as soft for kkinect, a year after its release, it’s still not enough to prove the device worth the money (awesome hardware, few software released to date).

    Yesterday alone I spent like 1000 points and I will get more of the permanent sales (the ones ending jan the 2nd) so I don’t mind not having a blast of a deal everyday if it’s just becase the games oeffered aren’t my cup of tea.

    Eager to see what will be on sale tomorrow!

    • Anonymous

      “Can’t get what’s with the criticism”

      People complain vigorously about every sale and always will. They think that every single sale on XBL should cater to exactly what they want to buy, whereas reasonable people know that isn’t going to happen. It’s best to ignore it.

      • Anonymous

        For some of the xbox live sales, the complaints are perfectly valid. At this point, xbox live has a lot of content, so their sales should be both comprehensive and varied to reflect that, and they havent always been on the ball with that. That said, it is true that people will make baseless complain for the sake of complaining, on the other hand, you shouldnt just blindly accept what youre given either.

  • Adam Shields

    My problem is why is this information not properly displayed on the Xbox dashboard? I had to find out about this through a fluke. The new dash has tons of space for advertising but none of this information. I’ve literally run through every page and found NOTHING in relation to this sale. Last year I spent EASILY 40+ dollars on DLC and Arcade content because I could check daily on the main dash and anticipate what was for sale on that day. This fix in the works or is it just my friends and I who don’t see this content? -Adam

    • Chris Rabideau

      It is on the dashboard, just on the games portion. It’s the main square you see immediately when you switch to the games section/tab/blade/area.

    • Anonymous

      I see the Sale first thing when I turn on the console. That’s how I first found out about the Bastion sale and grabbed it.

    • Anonymous

      The uh, big box in the middle of the games section cycles through multiple links, you have to wait for it to appear, so it is easy to miss.

  • Sektor

    The links are switched :P

  • Antarael Dulacre

    12/22/2011: Fallout contents

    24.12.2011: Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition

    25/12/2011: Fruit Ninja Kinect

    12/26/2011: Forza Motorsport 4 content (including Season Pass, avatar items)

    12/27/2011: Reach Halo content (including Gond, packs, avatar items, etc.)

    28/12/2011: Sonic contents

    12/29/2011: Red Dead Redemption content

    30/12/2011: Gears of War 3 content (including Season Pass Add-ons and avatar items)

    31.12.2011: Call of Duty contents

    Any comment on this leaked list? Hope this is fake <.<

    • Raphael Hooper Braga

      I hope this is fake too… I didn’t buy more points for this kind of deal…

      Everything listed is on sale all the time… so, why, in the hell, don’t they put the sale price as the normal price?

      • Anonymous

        Not fake so far. The Fallout deals are up already for today.

        • Antarael Dulacre

          I know…but maybe there are some MORE deals .__. the list was found early yesterday on german news sites…and none of them did include the deal on 23rd…so this is the only unknown deal…if this list stand correct…

    • Anonymous

      A link?

    • Anonymous

      looks real so far… fallout and streetfighter 3rd strike

  • Fiachra Delea

    Are these offers available in all regions?None of them have shown up on my dash yet and I’ve searched it from top to bottom.

  • Mike

    So from the leak, there’s not going to be no MK DLC,  I wanted Freddy too. Mircosoft loves putting out bad deals. All the daily deals are terrible.  Red Dead? Thats been on sale a lot. Sonic? Been on sale a lot too. Good Job Microsoft

  • Adam Murphy

    When I go to purchase the game it is stil asking for 800pts..???

    • Antarael Dulacre

      Because yesterdays deal…

  • Anonymous

    That is a deal?