December 26th 2011 1:00 am PT

Xbox 12 Days Of Deals: Day 7

Forza Motorsport 4

If you got Forza 4 for Christmas, you’ll want to check out today’s Holiday Deal: You can save on the Forza 4 Season Pass, the Forza 4 November Speed Pack and more.

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Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Anonymous

    Wow, these deals have been sucktacular after day 1.

  • Shane Swift

    Both links say Fruit Ninja….?

  • Norbert

    Well, I don’t have Forza 4, but if you’d put the Gears 3 season pass on sale too, I would definitely buy that. :)

    • Anonymous

      Rumor says wait ’till Friday.

    • Anonymous

      GOW is on 30th if the rumours are correct… a few more days to wait.

      • Nathaniel Frost

        makes me think we’ll see it down to 1800, too. I’ve been on the fence on this one, but if it goes down I think I’ll get it. Red Dead Redemption dlc also on sale too from the leaked list for Thurs, eyeing that too. Decent sales, just nothing that’s making me chomp at the bit to buy.

  • Marco Mandrioli

    I remember the 2010 and 2011 countdowns, and they were a lot better…

  • Stephan Tenspel

    Merry x-mas Major, hope you got everything from Santa you wanted :)

  • Anonymous

    Nothing to see here…

  • Harry Potter


  • Laszlo Zizics

    i dont have Forza… that is not a good deal…

    • Anonymous

      Just because you don’t own the game does not make it a bad sale.

  • Laszlo Zizics

     NBA JAM: On Fire Edition 

  • Yuri Santos

    Check the Steam website and learn something plz !

    • Lee Rayson

      This ain’t Steam so STFU

      • Anonymous

        No, it isn’t Steam. More’s the pity.

  • Caz

    Thank you for the owners of the collector version of the game and wanted one of the first buyers of the season pass.
    It therefore decided, it will be the last time I took the dlc on Xbox Live, I am disgusted by your policy with your loyal customers and those who support you in the first days of your “innovations” …

    • Anonymous

      Do you get angry at shops when they reduce the prices of games after you have bought them?

      • Anonymous

        Amen to that.

  • David Shaffer

    Yeah, this has been my least favorite year for holiday deals on Xbox Live. The only one I picked up was by accident, and that was the Deadliest Warrior Legends deal. Hopefully they will have a decent deal of the week this week.

  • André Soares Silva

    Wow, not even a 50% discount? Pass (no pun intended).

  • Anonymous

    Here’s what I don’t understand. There’s a huge catalog of XBLA titles, and with all of these new 360 owners, why not take advantage of the app-happy populace and lower some of those first titles? Stuff like Wik, Cloning Clyde, etc.? Put ‘em out there for a buck, sell them as apps, instant profit.

    The hardcore audience may appreciate recent price drops, but the reality is that new games are new to people playing them for the first time. Wik and crew are buried in the scheme of things, and there’s no reason for them to sit there at their original price, even if it is rather reasonable. Get people involved in the Arcade more and it benefits the newer titles to.

    Forza DLC? The only market is those who adore Forza and own it. It’s no different than Fruit Ninja, which is only for those who own a Kinect. Wik/Cloning Clyde/etc. is for everyone.

    • Anonymous

      Cloning clyde wasn’t the cheapest arcade arround with its price permanent dropped to 200 msp ? At the price I get my points it’s cheaper than 2 euro wich is just a bit more than 1 spacebuck.

      Anyway I got the point and I agree… titles like eets, exit, commanders attack, etc. or even old dlc like band of bug’s should be permanently reduced and drastically. Feels weird to find a 2 months old 2Gb arcade cheaper than some of the very ones that came out and at very small file sizes.

  • Gerblanski

    I’m sorry, but having DLC as a daily deal is pretty narrow. There should be one day if any dedicated to DLC, and the others for the great arcade titles out there, some needing a discount to put people over the edge and buy them. Bastion was a great start and i regret not buying it, stupidly thinking i’d get something better later on.

    • Anonymous

      So those of us who own & enjoy Forza 4 shouldn’t get a sale on content for the game we like?

      Speaking of narrow, that’s incredibly narrow-minded, especially considering almost all of the sales so far have been Xbox Live Arcade games.

  • Michael Bailey

    Microsoft are secretly being very charitable this Christmas. By putting out such thoroughly underwhelming deals, we’re all saving piles of money that we would have otherwise been blowing on xbox live content. If only Steam had been so considerate, I’ve been spending loads of money over there with all of the deals they’ve been putting out each day. So Merry Christmas, and thanks for giving me absolutely no incentive to spend my money Microsoft, it’s pretty swell of you guys.

  • SaltySnaks

    I was xbox live marketplace last night around 7pm pacific time, and season pass dlc pack was already at 1800 points for purchase, doesnt seem like a 600 point savings to me.  Let me know if I am missing something.

  • Anonymous

    I have been waiting for the Fallout New Vegas Addons DLC pricedrop for months, and the day it finally came, I was on the train to my father’s house. Oh well… :-|
    Merry Xmas Microsoft, and please consider removing a zero at the end of each marketplace title from 2012. ;-) (I hear Apple Store is doing quite good with 0.99$ games flying out their servers.) A little hint from a guy that has spent way too much points on XBLive Marketplace the past years. ;-)

  • Lee Mawdsley

    Up to now it’s not been as good as last year.  I got loads last year, not got any this year.
    Oh well never mind, save my money for something else.  Unless something good comes up in the next 5 days.

  • Bennijin Turbo

    Meh. In racing games downloadable cars are just more playable “characters”, when the only one that matters is the fastest.

    But come on MS, 2400 to 1800? You can do better than that, I was expecting 1600 max and thought it might be 1200. Of course, you’re Microsoft.

    • Anonymous

      Fastest doesn’t always equate to best.  What good is speed if you can’t control it?

      • Bennijin Turbo

        Okay I could have worded it better, the one that gets from A to B the fastest.

        • Anonymous

          Lol… :p

        • Anonymous

          LMAO :D

      • Steven J Weir

        lmao, such throw away comments. There are so many variables that make different cars better for different tracks, you cannot just say the fastest is the best, it’s usually not the case, also some cars are fun to drive, others are not and it’s different for everyone, having a massive choice never hurt anyone.

        • Anonymous

          That was part of what I was trying to say.  I think Ben got that.

  • steven r

    Woot just bought this a couple days ago!  Yet again something I buy goes on sale a few days later =(

  • Mike McMeans

    I am done with this list. I was hoping and hoping there would be something good for sale, but there isn’t really anything. Fighting Games, Fruit Ninja, and now Forza…..I have a f word for you…Football. When the new Blitz comes out on Wednesday, have it be the sale of the day, and come out lower than the 1200 points it will be normal.

  • David

    I was expecting 1200 ms points for the season pass today but I shouldn’t be surprised since I’ve followed MS for many years that they would only give a 33% savings on a season pass. Every deal just screams cheap and greedy. 

    • Bennijin Turbo

      MK Season Pass was 50%.

      This isn’t even 33%, it’s 25%.

      • doctorcowley

        I did’nt even get a piece of coal for christmas. I did recieve a voucher for 25% of a ‘Coal Snuggie’ but it requires a piece of coal to be used…

    • Anonymous

      I think its appropriate, as Forza and Gears just came out and have only released a few pieces of the dlc season pass schedule so far. A 50% discount would have caused an outrage (especially since the Forza pass included pre-order dlc that made it even more suspect). I guess we will know in a few days if Gears pass and Elite go on sale!!

      • David

        There is a leaked list that has been 100% accurate and the last 2 days have Gears of War 3 deals and MW3 deals but not sure if its the pass or elite or just random dlc.

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrow is Halo Reach deals, and Gears (supposedly including a discount on its Season Pass) is after that, so I don’t understand all the hating when barely half of the deals have come out 7/12). MS is probably banking on msp stocking stuffers and gifts, and wants to help you spend it this week!

  • Christian Bassetto

    This year will not get discounts from SEGA?

    Every year SEGA does discounts on Live, why not this year?

    • E.Nich

      On 28th it seems. Be patient.

    • Jan Václavík

      After Burner and Renegade Ops are discounted, those are Sega games.

      • Christian Bassetto

        I know, but what I meant is that in years past SEGA had a section dedicated only to the discounts it, and had more than two games, including this year the PSN already has these discounts

        • Bennijin Turbo

          Sonic discounts coming up soon, probably all the XBLA games except Sonic CD, too soon for that, and some Avatar items.

          • Christian Bassetto

            I’m counting on it, bought 4000 Microsoft points waiting a discount in Sonic Adventure and Daytona USA (and maybe a discount in Guardian Heroes?)

          • Bennijin Turbo

            Won’t be Daytona, heaven forfend they would discount content that the competition is discounting! I say that, XBLA has the biggest Renegade Ops discount of the sale formats.

            But it specifically got listed as a SONIC sale. Might even finally get that Unleashed DLC that PSN’s discounted multiple times on offer, since MS seems to only be discounting stuff nobody wants.

          • Christian Bassetto

            PSN had discounted games from SEGA, and almost the entire list is the same as last year was Live

            List of discounts that are having PSN Now

            Renegade Ops – Regularly $14.99, Sale Price $11.99, PSN+ Sale Price $8.99

            Daytona – Regularly $9.99, Sale Price $6.99

            SEGA Rally Arcade – Regularly $9.99, Sale Price $5.99

            Alpha Protocol Avatar Home Items – Regularly $14.99, Sale Price $5.99

            SEGA Bass Fishing – Regularly $9.99, Sale Price $6.99, PSN+ Sale Price $4.89

            Space Channel 5 Part 2 – Regularly $9.99, Sale Price $6.99, PSN+ Sale Price $4.89

            Sonic Christmas Bundle – Regularly $34.95, Sale Price $19.99, PSN+ Sale Price $14.99

            After Burner: Black Falcon – Regularly $9.99, Sale Price $4.99

            Sonic Adventure & Add-On – Regularly $14.99, Sale Price $11.99, PSN+ Sale Price $8.99

            Sonic 4 Ep 1 – Regularly $9.99, Sale Price $6.99, PSN+ Sale Price $4.99

  • Christian Bassetto

    This year will not get discounts from SEGA?

    Every year SEGA does discounts on Live, why not this year?

  • Christian Bassetto

    This year will not get discounts from SEGA?

    Every year SEGA does discounts on Live, why not this year?

  • Ken Kobashi


    • ayako tambone

      DLC ga??wanaiuchini??posu??kittefusaketen no?

  • Michael Košut

    ……….. this year is really bad, Major…..

  • Matthew Ziolkowski

    I’m just going to say that I will be really angry if the Gears season pass goes on sale.  We prebought all the DLC for a lower price, and then all those people that didn’t do it are going to get them all at even a LOWER price?  Not cool, and really better not happen

    • Bennijin Turbo

      Already confirmed by the leaked list that’s been unfortunately right on everything so far.

      If they’re only discounting it to 1800 though then they might as well not bother.

  • Bennijin Turbo

    Halo Reach deals are up! 50% off the following dreck, including those map packs that have already been half off about FIVE TIMES ALREADY! :D

    Noble Map Pack – 400
    Defiant Map Pack – 400
    Anchor 9 Theme – 120
    Kat Avatar Armour – 200

    Only seems to be the Kat armour that’s on sale, unless the others just haven’t been cut yet.
    Seems remarkably silly they’d only discount the female character’s armour when Halo is for manly men.

    And also, only in the US from what I can tell, the Games on Demand version has been discounted to 2400 which is far more than you would pay anywhere else I’m sure.

    All in all, rather lacklustre. Again.

    • Tylerh1701

      “All in all, rather lacklustre. Again”

      100% true.

  • luke

    i was going to buy this if it was 1600,shame.