December 28th 2011 1:00 am PT

Xbox 12 Days of Deals: Day 9

Today save 60% on Sonic 4, Episode 1 and Sonic Adventure. Normally 800 points each are 320 points each today. In addition, the following Sonic related content is also on sale for 60% off:

  Normal Price Today Only Savings
Sonic 4, Episode 1 800 320 60%
Sonic Adventure 800 320 60%
Sonic Adventure Upgrade 400 160 60%
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 400 160 60%
Sonic the Hedgehog 400 160 60%
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 400 160 60%

Arcade, Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Anonymous

    We’ve been complaining a lot in the comments, but this is a pretty good deal. I’ll probably pick up a few of these.

  • Anonymous

    Now we’re talking :-D

  • Stephen McCan

    Sonic 1, 2, 3, and 4.1 for $10 total? Very Tempting.

  • Ray King

    Which of these is a must have?

  • Lee Rayson

    If i had not already owned all this i would of bought it all, is sonic and knuckles not apart of this because it already at a low price?

    perhaps you should add a link to it anyway incase people decide to grab that too

  • E.Nich

    That’s a nice deal, gonna pick some of them, thanks Major.

  • Lawrence Lauture

    Just picked up sonic 4, played it and could not stand the soundtrack. So i had to play my own music! Thanks for the Deal MS/SEGA!! 

  • Jason Oliver

    THIS is a decent deal – Sonic 4 and Sonic Adventure for me!

  • Bennijin Turbo


  • Christian Bassetto

    I barely woke up and already I bought Sonic Adventure and it DLC

    Now I understood why the Promotion of SEGA on PSN did not come to XBLA. But I still want discount at Daytona USA. (and if I’m lucky, discount on Guardian Heroes)

  • Hugoku

    Huge discounts! I already have all the Genesis Sonics and yes, these have all been on sale before but never this cheap.

  • Julio Ernesto

    I dont see Sonic & Knuckles

    • Bennijin Turbo

      A strange omission to be sure, considering it’s been 120 twice this year already, in the SEGA sale and the Sonic birthday sale. I guess they felt 240 was cheap enough already this time around.

    • Julio Ernesto

      The MArketplace dont let me buy Sonic & Knuckles:(

  • Chao Wang

    what’s going on with sonic % knuckles and Sonic cd, they are not on sale today ?

    • Bennijin Turbo

      Sonic CD only came out on December 14th, crossing your fingers for a deal two weeks to the day after is foolhardy.

  • Tiso Spencer

    The set-up is confusing because on the actual dashboard you see Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 and Sonic & Knuckles. But the latter isn’t on sale and the former isn’t even on XBL to download.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! I’ll be sure to get Sonic Adventure for that price. I already have all the others. Have a Happy New Year Major! =)

  • jjj kkk

    Thanks, Major Nelson, for not selling it in Brazil. I know there are workarounds for this, but I’ll not waste my efforts trying to purchase xbla content. It’s Microsoft that must sweat to grab my money.

    • Anonymous

      Please, never shoot the messenger. I understand your disappointment, just direct it towards Microsoft. Unless of course if Major provides a wrong link or makes a typo, something in that vein.

    • Christian Bassetto

      A cara, são diversos fatores, além da propria microsoft o motivo da Live BR estar lixosa é a demora no processo de classificação, e não é só a microsoft que manda os jogos serem classificados, depende também de quem fez os jogos, para que eles sejam classificados e Depois serem postos na Live. E para os descontos poderem ser criados deve existir um senso comum entre a Microsoft e a Criadora do jogo.

      No mais, recomendo que use a Live US, é mais compensatorio

  • Jason Peek

    No Sonic CD? i got the rest.

    • Alice

      +1 same here….

  • Andrew Mavrides

    Not available in Greece. Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      People have money in Greece?

      • Bennijin Turbo

        Oh god I was taking a sip of tea when I read that and nearly choked! :D

  • Bram Lijb

    Finally a nice and decent deal! Already own the first 3 Sonics from another deal allready, but hey, now’s my  chance to play Sonic 4 :D

    • Bennijin Turbo

      It’s really nowhere near as bad as people say.

      Okay, neither is it anywhere near as good as Sonic 1, CD, 2 or 3&K but for 320…

  • CyberSkull

    I have a friend that may be interested. Personally, I could never get into Sonic no matter how hard I tried.

  • Neftali Rodriguez

    Already picked up 2 and 3. Best deal so far, IMO.

  • Christian Bassetto

    @twitter-14584466:disqus Can you tell me where do you get information about discounts?

    • Bennijin Turbo

      Word of mouth.

      • Christian Bassetto

        You know what’s coming tomorrow?

        • Bennijin Turbo

          Tomorrow? The discounts are already up! Let’s see now, we’ve got 50% off Red Dead Redemption add-ons OH GOD NOT THIS AGAIN.
          Okay people, move along. There’s nothing to see here…

          Legends & Killers: 400
          Liars & Cheats: 400
          Undead Nightmare Pack: 400
          Undead Nightmare Collection: 800

          Really, Microsoft? 50% off just like the other umpteen times?
          They didn’t even bother halving the 80pt preorder packs. Looks like we’re back to humdrum!

          And discounts on the Games on Demand version of the game, discounts will
          vary by region but all will be a massive rip-off. Just go into a shop
          and buy the full collection on a disc. It’s got to be cheaper by now.

          • Christian Bassetto

            Only SEGA to save this promotion….

            The discounts already left? Where????

          • Bennijin Turbo

            I’m not sure I understand what you mean, but the Sonic discounts are still up for a little while longer. They’ve been putting out the next day’s discounts far earlier than usual.
            I like that and hope the trend continues for DOTWs.

            No more SEGA stuff for a while if that’s what you’re asking, RDR content is for the 29th, Gears of War 3 content on the 30th and Call of Duty content on the 31st. This blog’ll be a laugh riot when THAT one comes along!

          • Christian Bassetto

            You should not have understood because well, I am Brazilian and my English is “intermediate,” and the translator is inaccurate…

            I was trying to say is that the SEGA (or in this case, Sonic) was the one who made ​​this promotion worth it (besides the Bastion). And do not worry, I assured my Sonic Adventure (the others I already had)

            And thanks to your information, I can buy the rest of the games i want without running the risk of seeing them in promoting

          • Henry Leung

            Wow! RDR DLC! This is great! I will definitely buy it in a heart beat, if I haven’t already bought it from the SAME discount LAST TIME, and if the GOTY edition hasn’t ALREADY RELEASED yet!

    • Tylerh1701

      Google “CAG”, first site that shows up.  Best place to find out about deals as soon as possible.

  • Bennijin Turbo

    Also Ex Bee Ell Dee Bee is a good one. You’ll know it when you see it.

  • Tylerh1701

    Haha it still got modded, nice.

  • Gregory Samsonenko

    these are the worst deals ever

  • Bennijin Turbo

    Sonic 4 Episode 2 trailer’s out there now.