December 30th 2011 1:00 am PT

Xbox 12 Days of Deals: Day 11

Gears of War 3


Today you can save on the following Gears of War 3 content


  Normal Price Today Only Savings
Gears of War 3, Season Pass 2400 1800 25%
Gears 3 Skins Launch Collection 3600 1800 50%
Gears of War Gold Lancer 320 160 50%
Gears Boomshield 320 160 50%

Deal, Gears of War By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! Will be buying the Season pass! Thanks Major and the Xbox LIVE team.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! Will be buying the Season pass! Thanks Major and the Xbox LIVE team.

  • Anonymous

    Will be eagerly pushing F5 at 1:00pm

  • Anonymous

    Will be eagerly pushing F5 at 1:00pm

  • Anonymous

    This is a punch to the gut for all your faithful Gears fans… we pay full price up front, as a way to get the DLC cheaper, and now, BEFORE all the DLC is even out, it is FURTHER reduced in price! I am happy for everyone else, because its great content, but it really does not encourage loyal customers… this will be the last time I buy content early on the marketplace… been burnt too many times… :(

    • Christian Wright

      i agree. im pissed.

      • Thomas Ryan

        I learnt this lesson a while back. Waited on Radiant Silvergun, Fruit Ninja and this to come down in price before a purchase. I will always wait for reductions in the future, because you are almost guaranteed to get a good deal later on.

        I honestly didn’t think that season passes would be getting this treatment as well, but there you go, even more chances to save.

    • Chris Dombrowski

      You paid a premium to get the season pass content when it came out, rather than nearly 2 months later.  You have no right to complain.

    • Anonymous

      Congradulations, you have buyers remorse, get in line with the rest of humanity

    • Und3rGrndKing

      Nope, I don’t see how this is a punch to anyone really. Let me explain my reasoning. You got to play the first DLC 2-3 months, and the second a month in advance. Most who didn’t get the season pass but are fans got at least one of the two DLCs so even if they get this they’re paying what you would have; 1800+800 from one DLC (so maybe even more). This discount is only good for people that would have never got it, weren’t hardcore gears fans or are really late to the gears party (christmas) which multiplayer is already half dead. (compared to the other games and first weeks). I myself bought the 1st DLC, but skipped the second, so if I get this I’m already spending 400 more msp’s than you.

      • Anonymous

        The second actually came earlier to those who didn’t have season pass! Season pass holders were asked to pay for it and realised something was up so they waited! Those without season pass would have paid anyway and got it before the rest!

        I agree this is messed up! I bought the season pass on day 1 like many others, but I bought the gold lancer a few days ago!

        Seriously 1 good deal to show loyal customers that Microsoft care is not too much to ask for! This is the Nintendo route! Cater to new customers constantly until everybody has defected!

    • Anonymous

      Good things happen to those who wait. Have patience and get good deals.

    • Karl Cramer

      And if you wait a year to buy the Gears of War 3 disc, it would’ve been $20.

    • Anonymous

      It’s the chance you take purchasing anything at full price. You either pay full price and risk it being cheaper later or you wait and risk it never going on sale.

      That’s no different than any other thing in the world.

      I just bought a copy of Saints Row 3 a couple of weeks ago at full price and now it’s $40 pretty much everywhere here (I’m in Canada and the week after Christmas is our big sale time).

      On the flip side, I waited on Kinect Sports 2 and Rayman: Origins and scored them both for $30 off this week (plus I grabbed the Forza 4 Season Pass a few days ago because I waited on it too).

      Bottom Line: sometimes these things will work in your favour, sometimes they won’t.

    • John Doe

      You’re talking as if this deal is permanent. It’s just for ONE day. Nothing to cry about here.

  • Anthony Lobato

    Already have the pass… first day I got the game too… Too bad I paid full price too. Well worth it tho :D

  • Anonymous

    My little brother ignores me and buys the Fallout New Vegas DLC before it dropped. I tell my other brother that the Gears 3 DLC is going on sale, multiple times, but he bought Raam Shadow last night anyway. Why do my brothers keep ignoring me?

    • Karl Cramer

      Somebody, somewhere wrote something about fools and their money.

  • J.A.J.G. Thiéfaine

    Bought the only Avatar item I will ever buy – The Golden Lancer.
    I will wear it proudly forever because it will get delisted the day after tomorrow due to the ridiculous no gun policy (I mean what’s next? Lightsabers and other fantasy weapons?).
    Won’t buy the rest of the 3 guns because my Avatar can only carry one weapon at a time anyway and this one is the best.
    Thanks for the deal and the one on the weapon skins as well!

    • Darkwatch1137

      That stupid policy should be only for kids accounts and not for adult ones

  • Luke Es | sE ekuL

    If it’s 25% today it will be 50% eventually. I can wait. People still play Gears 1 multiplayer.

  • Igor Spqr

    reimbursement for those who have paid the pass at 2400 points

    • Anonymous

      Of course – that’s what happens in any sale, right?

    • Anonymous


  • Christian Wright

    there was a huge difference in time between mortal kombat release and it’s recent season pass deal but gears of war 3 has only been out about 3 months. you guys give away gow3 season pass maps for free, screw up the raam’s shadow release for season pass owners and now this! it’s on now! ᕦ(ò_óˇᕤ

  • nick

    o man i hate this game i like the gold lancer do

  • Michael Košut

    ok, tmrw is cod deal. i want COD Classic 50% off. I LOVE arcade games. GOW season pass is really nice deal, but I think last countdown 2011 was better. I remember that I bought a lot of content including LIMBO for 800 MSP.

  • Anonymous

    I kinda wanna buy the gold lancer just because Microsoft is enacting a fa66y policy of banning guns or gun-like objects for avatars at the start of the year because they are a bunch of PC liberal pu55ies.

  • Byyys

    Funny how everything the past few days was at least 50-60% off.. not with the season pass oh no!

  • Karl Cramer

    Remember, the Season Pass is already giving you a discount on the Gears3 dlc. So this is stacking discount on a discount.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t consider giving a game’s developer all my money at once for an obvious lower price a discount.

      When I buy extra rolls of toilet paper instead of just one I don’t think of that as a discount, I would have to ask my butt for its opinion.

      • Iskandar Dzulkarnain

        If you have a butt

  • Christian Orlikowski

    Oh yea for $22.50 I’m in.

  • Arnulfo Gomez

    Just bought the season pass! I don’t like how its 1800ms points cause I had to buy $30 worth of Microsoft points so now I have an extra 600 points with nothing to buy..

    • Ron Locke II

      Then wait till something shows up.. Be smart and hold on to them points.. Half off a 1200 point game is 600 points.. So there may be a game in future deals you like. Be smarter then the system.

  • Resi dent

    I’ll wait for a 50% price drop.

    • Anonymous

      Remember it was already a 33% savings and now with an additional 25% savings on the reduced price it comes to a 50% savings overall. Idk what you’re waiting for or complaining about.

      • Anonymous

        I think he is just making a comment on a blog.

  • Ron Locke II

    Remember guys Xbox is removing weapon content from the market place that lancer is a steel at that price if you picked up a fake one in stores for your sellf for desplay, you would be paying 10x the price tag so for the aimaition and time these guys put in this item it’s well worth picking up for a day without starbucks and going for McDonald’s coffee.

    Season pass guys sorry but that’s how it is sometimes its mean but it’s the way the world works sooner or later you will figure it out and say “do I really need this right, now and the anser will be no, so Microsoft how they do marketing will find a way to make a buck and drop to prove to a price we will pay like some apps out there.. Do you get the picture be smarter then the system be a smarter consumer if you want to take the system down..”

    • Anonymous

      I agree with your rambling, I think. With GOTY editions of every game coming out, I can’t really see the use of a season pass.

  • Hugoku

    1800 is a great deal. It’s a discount on an existing discount so it is nice.

  • John Doe

    Wow, what backward-ass stuff here. No Hammerburst or Reg.Lancer discounts, but the only gun available is the Golden Lancer? Microsoft, why do you always do it WRONG?! The gun items are going to be removed and yet the only thing you offer was the Golden Lancer. You could had been making more money today, but NOPE!

    And me personally, I don’t want to get the Seasons Pass, I just want the RAAM Shadow DLC only, so where’s the discount on that? Better yet, what about the Commando DLC? Give us an option to get either the Season Pass or the other DLCs as stand alone discounts. I don’t care if the price is higher than what the Seasons Pass offers, some people don’t want everything. C’mon!
    And the price for the in-game weapon skin pack is STILL a joke. That thing should be 600 if you want the truth.

    • Ed Wilson

      Gun AVATAR items are being removed, not gun DLC for games.  Please research before berating people for “doing it wrong” when YOU’RE doing it wrong.

  • Steven Gagnon

    hell yeah already bought raams shadow so it defeats the purpose but im getting the season pass

  • bill garner

    really need some help finding out where the 3rd patch to Nascar the game 2011 is.  It was supposed to be out like a week ago. The publishers are claiming it is in Xboxes hands.  Would really like to play it over the holiday weekend with the knew update.  Please look into this.

  • Anonymous

    Pfff if there would be a way to buy the Lancer with a german account, but looks like u dont want our money

  • jamie chester

    what time dos this go off in the uk?

    • Bennijin Turbo

      Between 9 and 12 usually.

      • jamie chester

        thanks but i was too late to get the weapon skins for 1800 msp

  • Eric Wood

    Cannot buy the Lancer, either on Chrome or Firefox.  Wonder if they already started the ban hammer?!

  • Bennijin Turbo

    CoD Deals are either not all up yet or some magnificent trolling.

    CoD4 Variety Map Pack: 400 again holy heck does anyone even play this anymore
    CoD4: 25% off whatever your Games on Demand pricing is, whatever it is that’ll still be too much.

  • trekx

    I just bought the Gold Lancer for my Avatar yesterday..  Can i get the sale price please !!!