January 3rd 2012 6:34 am PT

Demo: Rise of Nightmares Demo

Rise of NightmaresContent: Rise of Nightmares Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Can you fight through hordes of the undead? Can you tear them apart with chainsaws, axes and your bare fists? Can you rescue your wife from the clutches of an evil madman and escape his nightmarish plans for you both? In this exclusive demo, survive one hellish night as you fight against terrifying enemies using the hands-free controls of Microsoft Kinect.


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Note: You’ll need Kinect to use this demo

Demo, Kinect By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • http://www.facebook.com/stefangabbert Stefan Gabbert

    GIve us Trials Evolution tomorrow and everyone will forget about the crappy Countdown-Sales.

  • http://twitter.com/WickedWaffles93 jellybelly

    Yay Moar Kinect Garbage, Thanks Major!

    • http://twitter.com/AmpliFreQuency AmpliHelix

      Yay moar whining and complaining to someone who doesn’t decide what gets released on Live! Thanks, douche.

      • http://twitter.com/WickedWaffles93 jellybelly

        Yay for idiots like you!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1419624796 Jason Trippy Dove

          Ladies ladies, you’re both pretty

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L2GDGM4IRKC55UBFMRM2CRQMVQ Sarah

          no words … IQ like a bread JELLYBELLY

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sebastian-Jackson/100002260317500 Sebastian Jackson

      Why are you venting at Major??  You can think of him as an announcer for things, not the guy who decides everything.  
      Honestly, do you expect all demo releases to be in accordance with your values? 

  • Anonymous

    hei, just saw that Bad Company 2 had was on sale this week. 2 questions, though:
    1) its supposed to be 25% discounted, yet the price seems the same (19,99€ today, original price too, no?);
    2)i read the licence agreement of BC2, and i was speechless about the fact that the digital download does not give access to the VIP ACCESS code. huh??? M$/EA’s kidding, right?

    anyway, not even going to comment on prices and limitations on XBL, even after this last amazing STEAM sale. All it does is attract M$ blinded loyalists, and honestly cant bother to deal with kids.
    but we all know the industry is heading towards a digital only model (sooner or later), so im not sure these kind of SALES are going to help win over costumers in the future. my opinion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rabbitc-Finklestein/100002063064487 Rabbitc Finklestein

    Can all Kinect demos appear in their own section so that I can completely ignore them?

    • Anonymous

      the same would be nice for all the full/purchased xbla games :P
      dont know why M$ felt the need to eliminate that filter… but add other less obvious ones. guess they know best :S

      • Anonymous

        It’s a shady marketing tactic. “Hey maybe if they can’t find their full games they’ll be more likely to buy a new game huurdurr!”

  • Anonymous

    last week you mentioned the EA Publisher Sale starting today. I don’t see anything, yet…

    • Anonymous

      in europe its active. but beware … see my post 1hr ago

      • Anonymous

        can see it now, too. nothing spectacular in my opinion. hot pursuit costs less at retail, dragon age price seems okay, but would rather play it on a windows machine

        • Anonymous

          yeah, usually games here cost more than at retail… and agree, Dragon Age is a game better played on the PC, with a mouse & kb

  • http://twitter.com/AnXboxDude Xbox Dude

    Thanks I’ve been wondering if this game is worth it. Now I get to try it for myself! Chainsawing people without a controller!!

  • ElektroDragon

    Lots of real Romanian spoken in this game with no subtitles… I provided translations on the xbox.com forums for this game a few months ago. Great game!

  • Anonymous

    Great, another game that could’ve been potentially awesome if it weren’t ruined by Kinect and made Kinect only accessible. Thank you MS again for again limiting the library potential for the many non Kinect owners that don’t want and will never buy a Kinect. But why am I complaining? I already canceled a 7 year running auto-renewal Xbox Live Gold membership for the direction MS is taking and the new ad clusterfuck of a dashboard MS has forced on us. Good job, you really know your fans Microsoft!

    • fsdfg dsfds

      Xbox has got more Garbage Dance/Sing kiddie BS crapware then wii these days, Who even uses that fitness BS ??? its a joke to look at latest DLC its got justin Beiber song downloads every week

    • Don’t Really Care

      WTF are you even ranting about?

      Limiting the library potential? So, because they have a Kinect library of games, that some how took away from your ability to play Skyrim, Gears of War 3, Warkhammer 40K, Mortal Kombat, Batman AC, Rage, Bulletstorm, Fallout New Vegas, Dead Rising 2, Marvel Vs Capcom, Dead Island, NBA, Madden, Need For Speed, Dead Space 2, Assassins Creed, Deus Ex, and the neverending cavalcade of Arcade and Indie games?

      You’re no fan…. so STFU, GTFO, and don’t let the doorknob hit you on the way out you jealous hater.

      • Anonymous

        Oh gawd you remind me of someone everyone ignores on the Official Xbox Feedback forums. In fact you probably are that guy. I’ll explain what I meant even though you were disrespectful to the extreme and probably just as ignorant too.

        All those games you listed save Gears of Wars 3 are all multi-platform games. In the way of exclusives Xbox 360 has had 5 or less for the past 2 years (last year it only had 3 including Gears of Wars 3) whereas PC/PS3 had 10-20+. I’m talking about full retail ($40+), quality, no move/Kinect games. ACTUAL games that can be played by anyone right out of the box no additional parts needed.

        So when a system like Xbox 360 is severely lacking in games that will seperate it from the competition there’s concern. A game like Rise of Nightmares (a mature, zombie game I LOVE ZOMBIE GAMES) which scored 5.5 on GameSpot due to wonky Kinect controls could have been exactly what Xbox 360 needed and it probably would’ve done better had it not been for Kinect.

        Kinect is not only limiting the library potential it’s making games that could have been developed for normal Xbox controls absolute shit.

        • http://www.myspace.com/576933061 Fred

          I can accept that you do not like Kinect games, but please keep in mind there are many other people who have been introduced to gaming because of Kinect.  The “core game players”, the people who play COD or MW3 for example, are only one part of the market, and it is very easy to believe that they are the only ones that matter.  This is not the case, and all of those other people, ie. people who bought Wii’s and pick up Just Dance the moment it is released, do not read this site, nor the official Xbox forums.

          Another way to look at it is this: because of Kinect, there are a lot more people who now have 360’s in their homes. That means more opportunities to get all kinds of people playing games: core games, Dance games, fitness games… all kinds of games.  More gamers means more games, and more choices for everyone.  That is not a bad thing.

          • Anonymous

            It’s not about what I like or don’t like. Kinect is still wonky, unproven technology, it needed more development before it was released. Read any game review regarding a Kinect game and you’ll get where I’m coming from. There is no game out for Kinect that scored >8.5, i.e. it doesn’t have any must-haves.

            There are many other proven devices that work with those types of games you listed. Kinect is mainly forced upon us, “core game players”, for it’s voice controls, something which could be integrated with a simple mic had MS really cared for its core gamers. Also the new dashboard was designed around Kinect. Why do I need to buy an extra device to get the same usability I had with the previous dashboard? Anyway, it’s too late for that MS made the decision to put profitability over usability a long time ago.

            This game, “Rise of Nightmares”, isn’t a Dance, fitness, whatever game, it’s a mature game which could have been better with regular controls. I do respect your opinion nonetheless, even if you only have a semi-valid point, GG.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001986161492 Christopher Wright

      quit crying

      ads are just something you deal with. atleast they are people that sponsor the company who creates the console for all the amazing games..everything has ads..

      like i said quit crying..amazing games..amazing real fans…they dont need your business lol

      • Anonymous

        I’m not really going to go into why everything you said about ads is wrong. Mainly because this isn’t the place but also because it’s a tired subject and your response isn’t that appealing.

        >they dont need your business lol
        You’re right about that. MS will not suffer at all from my membership cancellation. If enough people were to cancel that would get their attention but that’s not going to happen and here’s why:

        Xbox’s main audience are those who are used to being advertised to (families and individuals who don’t know about ABP, torrenting, PS3, Steam, etc.), kids who don’t know any better and loyal fans who will stay with Xbox until the end even if they’re being shitted on.

        I already went into more detail about the games business in my reply just below but you probably didn’t even read that.

  • Anonymous

    OH NO my Like was accidental! /sarcasm You think I care about your butterfingers? You have so many misspellings and bad grammar I wouldn’t want a Like from you even IF I cared.

    Like I said GG, Game Over, close thread.