February 14th 2012 9:50 am PT

Demo: Binary Domain

BINARY DOMAINContent: Binary Domain Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Download the demo today to have the chance to play Binary Domain. As the lines start to blur between man and machine, you must enter into 2080 Tokyo, fight your way thought their robotic defences and find who is creating highly advanced humanoids that are beginning to infiltrate society undetected. The machine age has begun…

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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • http://twitter.com/williamronholm Anonymous

    Haven’t looked into this game very much at all, hopefully it surprises me since that SEGA logo gives me low expectations even though I want to love SEGA so bad.

  • Dr Cowley

    On topic for this game itself, its awesome. Just wish I didnt have to issue voice commands to a squad mate who shares the same name as my Dog. Poor little bugger had no idea what was going on….. Dog was confused too

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but was this for real?
    Sure, as a Live Arcade title I might believe it but retail? No way! ^^
    This game has by far the worst graphics I’ve seen for quite some time, even worse then the old EDF 2017. The AI is simply horrible, just stand still and won’t even move when they got a grenade under their feet. The weapons are bland, and pointless, all “assaults”, LMGs and such feel the same, handle the same and deals just about the same damage (null) while the sniper is a 1 hit kill on any enemy except bosses, no matter where you hit (even the feet).
    The missions are short (thank God), but still fail to be enterataining. The levels are made of really, really narrow corridors with nothing in them, sterile surfaces, a few random objects and nothing else, even CoD offers more freedom and better graphics, given the size of teh levels the graphic detail should be Crysis 2 at least.
    The enemies all look the same, and act teh same, only difference between them is how many mags you’ll have to put in them (or 1 shot sniper rounds) and the colour, yes there is only 1 enemy model that shows up in an amazing 4-5 different colours?!
    Add bosses, but since the second missions was cut at the boss fight, you’ll just face one, which you cant defeat unless
    *SPOILER* you jump on his back, shoot him in the neck and look stupid, or grab the RPG *SPOILER*
    which makes no sense really, why not just shoot him at the weakspot, but from a safe and covered position? Why not kill him with grenades, or rounds, or even electricity?
    Sure, he’s “big and bad”, but that doesn’t explain why he’s so so utterly worthless at defending himself, dealing damage or pose any kind of threat.

    Good things:
    * Weapon upgrade system, was quite fun and free since you could upgrade as you choose to, not big and impressive but at least got the job done.
    * Characters, I liked the characters, they talked a lot and despite the voice-recognition being way off, it was a blast hearing them have conversations that made no sense, especially in the middle of a fight.
    * Child friendly, sure there are guns and such but shooting robots and no blood makes this game suitable for younger players, which might explain why it was so simple/lacking in other aspects.
    * Supports voice commands, doesn’t work good but makes up for it by being funny ^^

    Bad things:
    * Voice recognition was horrible, probably because I had to use my headset (it wouldn’t let me use Kinect, WTF?), and it was more or less impossible to get the AI to do as you wished, since they got the wrong commands (“Cover me” was actually “I’m sorry”, “you’re bad” etc, while “I’m sorry was “stay put, makes no sense…)
    * Graphics, the graphics were horrible at best, low level detail, no physics to talk of, horrible level design (massive re-used environments and backtracking), really bad movement-animations, felt like a xbox 1-game.
    * Weapon balance, there was none. Either you got a sniper and killed anything, or you got any other weapon and put 2-3 full mags into an enemy to kill it, which weapon didn’t matter since except for sniper they were equally effective/bad when used.
    * Missions, they were very short, poorly executed, no mission info or cut-scenes, just long corridors with “kill the enemies, they’re bad” stuff.
    * Everything else related to the game

    As I said, would make sense as a Live Arcade title, 800M s points/10$, at the most. Since they’ll try to charge you full price I give a 2/10 for effort and very funny conversations, that saved it from 1/10. I recommend you’ll try Syndicate instead, since it’s everything this games tries to be, only 100x better.

    • Anonymous

      While I agree that Syndicate is going to be awesome, your thoughts on the demo seem a little off.

      • Anonymous

        Opinions, everyone’s entitled to have their own :)
        Personally the I though the demo was the game-equialent to “Scary Movie”, it was so bad it was funny. At 10$, I could have bought it just for the laughs ^^
        I get Halo 4, Bf3, The Witcher 2 or…this, for the same price?
        And they think anyone will spend that much on this game?
        They’re just way out of their league…

    • http://twitter.com/williamronholm Anonymous

       That`s crazy! I thought the game was really good I even recommended it to a few friends. Voice recognition was perfect for me and really impressive.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, I thought the exact same thing.
    I nearly believed all the “Hurr durr Mass Effect 3 needs Kinectz hardware to process all those complicated voice commands derp”.

    Bioware and MS are in cahoots on that one.

  • Anonymous

    This game seems like it is down right awful. If anyone wants to play a GREAT sega game you have to try vanquish. One of my favorite games. A must own.

    • http://twitter.com/williamronholm Anonymous

       Vanquish was absolutely amazing, and this game isn`t as bad and everyone is saying.

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