February 21st 2012 5:57 am PT

Demo: SSX

Content: SSX Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Defy reality and own the planet by jumping into the boots of the classic SSX character Zoe Payne to complete a tutorial run in the Rockies, then experience reality-defying gameplay through Race it, and Trick it events. In this online enabled demo, compete against your friends on your own schedule by uploading ghosts of your best runs to the SSX servers in Explore mode. Feeling lonely on the mountain? Don’t forget to send the demo invite to a friend to unlock SSX trickster Mac Fraser! SSX is in stores February 28th, 2012 in NA and March 2nd in EU. Pre-Order your copy today.

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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • http://twitter.com/AndrewJayVogel Andrew Vogel

    Didnt realize that you had to be a gold member to get demos now.. sad times!

    • http://twitter.com/TopherXPwns Christopher Smith

      Usually, they’re gold exclusive for the first week they’re out so by this time next week silver members should be able to get their hands on it.

      • http://twitter.com/AndrewJayVogel Andrew Vogel

         Still not happy, Demos should not be gold exclusive!

        • http://twitter.com/SamboTaylor Sam Taylor

          Bandwidth aint free, and neither were those “free demos” that you got with magazines which cost £3 more than the other mags. 
          The official line is that gold gets them a week early, rather than silver getting it a week late.

          It seems perfectly reasonable.

    • Josh Criz

      Yeah, I just found this as well.  What’s the point of a game demo again…?  I thought it was to raise interest in potential buyers?  You don’t have to have a gold account to buy the game, and marketing must know that the key is to deliver when the interest is fresh in the potential purchaser’s mind.  Is the demo here to sell gold subscriptions, or games?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/MC6WU4B4P34OU6GPXKC7AT3YYE Anonymous

        not having a gold membership is like have an iphone without a data plan

        • Josh Criz

           You mean equally capable of playing games?

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/MC6WU4B4P34OU6GPXKC7AT3YYE Anonymous

             or waste of potential. You can buy a 12 month card on amazon for like $35. less than 0.09¢ a day

          • Josh Criz

             Yeah, I saw that deal.  My problem isn’t that I wish I was a gold subscriber.  I had a gold subscription for 2 or 3 years, and I played online like once a year, so I cancelled it.  Microsoft billed the hardware that I DID pay for as perfectly useful without having to pay for it.

            My problem is that it breaks the purpose of marketing, and it was an unpleasant little slap in the process.  Major Nelson at no point says it’s only for Gold, and I’m guessing he’s not going to re-tweet either to say when it’s available for Silver.  Meanwhile, I am sitting here saying “I might actually go out and buy this game, let me download it to see if it’s as good as I remember the original on PS2″ and the response I get is “Get out of here, you’re not a real customer.”  Well, you didn’t let me get the demo, so now I’ve got a bad vibe about it, not going to try it out and I’ll go elsewhere.  It’s bad marketing,

        • kev klein

          you can do a lot more without a gold membership on xbox than without a data plan you fool

    • Josh Criz

      Yeah, I just found this as well.  What’s the point of a game demo again…?  I thought it was to raise interest in potential buyers?  You don’t have to have a gold account to buy the game, and marketing must know that the key is to deliver when the interest is fresh in the potential purchaser’s mind.  Is the demo here to sell gold subscriptions, or games?

  • http://twitter.com/boeboelord Boe2

    That’s the one! Download queued :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XOTBJKUR4IW74YLQH2LHQTE2BU Kairu

    Can’t wait to get back and DL this =]

  • http://kevinmurphy.wordpress.com murph

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Finally!

  • http://twitter.com/OconRecon JC O’Connor

    Nice mid-winter demo!

  • Bryan Thompson

    I WAS really excited for this game to come out…but…I read that it was going to have that stupid online pass just like Bad Company 3 and that was the end of my plan to play this game. 

    LARRY, I hope you read this and I will tell why, but first let me give you some background so you can see fit me into the demographics:

    Military, well paid, but not rich, family of four, husband wife, to teenage kids..EVERYONE plays games, we have four TVs (plus 50″), high speed home network, Three XBOXes, Three PS IIIs, and we buy 2 copies of every good game which has a multiplayer experience..UNTIL NOW.

    I bought BF3 and much to my dismay it came with online pass, so now instead of everyone in the family enjoying BF3 online, only two of us are able…I will be damned if I shell out 60$ x 4 for each game that comes out.

    I pay for the internet, I own more infrastructure than a small business, I pay for XBox live (for now) and now there is all this extra crap like “seasons pass” and “online pass” designed for nothing more than to suck every dollar from the consumer.  I get capitalism, I took accounting in school, but on the flip side there is the notion that in order to keep your customer base, you need to present a product that is reasonably priced based on the market – not kill it and then figure out that your charged too much..(look at the Auto industry, or the failings of certain unions).

    Well for my family that line is crossed, I will no longer purchase a game requiring a season pass, online pass, or any other tool designed for pure profitability..screw that.  If that is the future then I am done with gaming, and where my 40K of disposable income goes, three other gamers are going too…
    Figure out your business model, because if the games are out of reach, the network and gaming machines serve no purpose.

    There are lots of other sources of entertainment, sports, movies, the great outdoors…I love gaming, but not at the expense of my future savings, children’s education or cost of living.  Let the 1%ers pay those fees, they don’t have the same issues, of the “kids” who have yet to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees, but as for me…I serve you with my warning…if Microsoft is going to allow this model to continue…obviously I do not fit into the future of XBox gamers.  As far as I’m concerned, I already spend more than the casual gamer, but I’m not in this to be a casual gamer, there is too much start-up involved…

    In conclusion, I will NOT purchase SSX if it contains online pass, not even one copy, because no one in my house wants to watch everyone else play, you might say our family time has been destoyed.  Furthermore I am not purchasing any further EA games period as a result of the experience with BF3…

    Thanks, Bryan

    • ryder4life22187

       well said before to long every game will wind up coming with online passes. Some say they help gain back lost revenue when a game is sold second hand. I don’t think it’s a good business model to charge people more money to play their game online whether or not they bought it used or new. Not everyone has the money to blow money on every new release and for those that say they shouldn’t game then well no one said you had to be rich to play games in the first place just wait til they require passes on every game where you cant play it without it and games are 99 dollars

      • Bryan Thompson

         I agree wholeheartedly… In 1995 my wife and I made 20K (before taxes + a 1 yr old kid) if it were not for used consoles and games, I would not be gaming…and now neither would my wife or kids…because my wife had no time for it, but I changed her mind…and stupid ideas like the online pass prove her point that gaming was not worth it…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001174743783 Alan Stevenson

       Don’t expect a reply from Larry. I don’t even thinks he personally updates this anymore.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JBLLL2SBYLWYS25BQFM4YU6VCU William

      I think you are full of it.  I think the more passionate and long the resonse the better chance the person is buying the game despite what their message content says.  Don’t worry xbox corporate big wig who has this message sent to his inbox Bryan will buy…If I am wrong, go enjoy the great outdoors like you .. threatened?

      • Bryan Thompson

        You may think I am full of it, but in true capitalist style I will spend my money where I see fit, which at this point is elsewhere…

        While we may rant to try and change things, in essence the only place a corporation makes changes is when they see profits drop…I stopped buying north American cars when they started pricing them out of reach…This is not a huge step for me..

        I am passionate, but passion only does you good if you have the conviction to follow through…without it you are a lemming or a coward.