March 1st 2012 6:43 pm PT

Free: Kinect Sports: Season Two – Challenge Pack #2

Content: Kinect Sports: Season Two – Challenge Pack #2
Price: Free
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Dash Text: Brought to you by Bengay. Kinect Sports: Season Two gets another free serving of fantastic new game modes and challenges to send to friends! Throw yourself headlong into Receiver Fever (Football), Top Jumps (Skiing), Darts Vs Zombies (Darts), Pitcher Perfect (Baseball), Prize Driver (Golf) and Red Rally, Yellow Rally (Tennis).

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Free, Game Add-on, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Karl Cramer

    Applause for sponsored add-on content. This is a revenue source Xbox has dabbled with but really should explore more. Like when Discovery Channel’s Future Weapons sponsored DLC for Gears of War 1. Fans might pay for DLC but they’d rather get it free.

    • Anonymous

       As long as the sponsored DLC doesn’t have an intrusive sponsorship. I’d rather pay for DLC than get the sponsor’s name shoved in my face. So far, I don’t recall that being an issue but it could definitely happen.

  • Anonymous

    Muscles sore from putting down the bag of doritos, getting your butt off the couch and moving for longer than 15 minutes playing a kinect game?  Try Bengay