March 1st 2012 6:52 pm PT

Our next Video Hangout On Air

Last month we tried a Hangout On Air and we now have out next one on the schedule.  In lieu of a podcast this week, were going to do video! Join us Monday, March 5th at 10p ET/7p PT (What time is this in your time zone) where we’ll talk about what we’re playing, take some questions and generally waste your time for about an hour.  Once we are live, I’ll post a link on Twitter or you can just add me to circle and you’ll see the Hangout pop up in your feed.

See you Monday.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Richard A. Galarza

    Can’t Wait!

  • Tom Sygnowski

    Monday? Ohh yeah, embargo for X360SS info ends… #halo4 <3

  • The Gh0sts

    here’s hoping i have enough internet to actually stream the feed!

  • Zac Bergart

    here is a question for you… what is the number of Xboxes owned on average?

    currently I have 4 going at home; however over the years I have purchased 2 original Xbox and 13 Xbox 360 (I think… I may have missed on in my count).

    some of the 360s were for RROD replacements (have had 3 – though ‘fixed’ one with the towel trick), some for gifts to family and friends.

    so, since all the Microsoft guys I meet through work (I’m in InfoSec) when the topic of MS products come up I usually include comments on how i like the Xbox platform and then they flip when the number comes up… I’m wondering how many people have on average (and maybe how many they’d want to have).

    XBL: Mobius Ring

    • Luke Es | sE ekuL

      Interesting. I’m not sure how they would determine the metrics for consoles per household. Product registration ain’t what it used to be. I can only think it would be a combination of Gamertag/Console ID/IP address, because any less precludes mobility (ie. taking your console OR gamertag to friends’ homes)

      I possess two, only one is fully working, and as the newest it’s the 3rd box I’ve had. I think having more than one is uncommon enough, and more than 2 probably in the outlier curve.

    • Anonymous

      I have 3, but the Elite has Open Tray issues… I figure since it was my only refurb (RROD) that the optical drive wasn’t babied prior to my ownership as the one in my slightly older Arcade is fine.  I still have 2 1st gen Xboxes as well, and have had 5 of those in total over the years.

      It would be an interesting metric, but without mass-voluntary disclosure, we’ll never know.

  • Kairu

    Looking forward to the trailer of the new Banjo Kazooie reboot :D

    • Michael


  • Christopher Neath

    Please post it to youtube again, i would love to stay up untill 3am-4am to watch live but sadly Monday i start work (got a job finally!) and wont be able to stay up that late as i also have work the next day

  • Anonymous

    That sounds like a bad idea…..

  • Shawn Pickett

    Dude, you can’t do it at 10 PM eastern, we need our sleep to fight the Reapers on Tuesday….

    • Bevan Gachett

      Don’t we all. Just sleep all day Monday, wake up at 9-ish, watch Major, e, septo, and sexy lady. Then by the time that’s over you can slip your shoes on for the midnight release… that’s what im doing:)

  • Nick

    Cant wait! Will def be watching. :D 

  • Bevan Gachett

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys! Cant wait!

  • Jiyuu

    No way I’ll be staying up until 4am to watch it with me working the next day. I guess I’ll be able to catch it later on youtube though, right?

  • CrysisLTU

    Off topic: We want the Original Xbox live. Come on, everyone likes to get back to the past. We could host the servers ourselfs. The Original Xbox doesn’t make any profit anymore, so sharing the Xbox Live servers would be great for the community.

    • huck

      and it would be nice if the japanese stopped slaughtering whales too….

      but seriously, why hasn’t there been another star wars battle front? ive been waiting this whole generation, i thought it was one of the more popular xbox originals online.

  •!/maxlimitz Max Limitz

    It’s 19:25 Finnish time. Are you on air in Google+?

  • Craig Taylor

    did it start yet