March 5th 2012 9:03 am PT

New Assassin’s Creed III trailer

Coming October 30th and taking place during the American Revolutionary War and introduces a new hero,  Ratohnaké:ton,  of Native American and English heritage.

Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Matthew Hanlon

    Amazing.. Simply Amazing.

  • Mike LePage

    Ohhhhhhh baby! Released 2 days after my birthday. My wife has an easy job this year!

  • Adam Martin

    Yay, I can start getting myself halloween presents this year.

  • Army Man

    nice video, just on thing, “You just got Tomahawked” Peter Griffin

  • Anonymous

    As much as the engine has been improved to look great, I still hope they do a CG trailer for Assassin’s Creed 3!

  • Lunalicrichard

    I am not to sure about the choice Ubisoft made . Just watched and i have to say : NO !!!
    How is Edzio / Altair / Desmond going to get around the country looking like he does ? The rest all have guns and he still has his bow . The bow would make sense if he was dressed as a native , but he has the same stuff on he did in the last games !
    Even more , i feel this setting was only chosen to get the American market to buy the game . As far as i know now ( about halfway A.C 2) , it has no connection to the state’s of the 1800’s .
    To me ,this makes no sense at all .

    • Brandon Woodworth

       Of course it would make no sense to the person who has played only 1 1/2 out of the 4 games, and none of the dlc.  You’re complaining about something you don’t understand.  Also, I love how Ubisoft, a French developer, is worried about the American market, where it is already the third largest game publisher. There have been hints for a while now that the next game was going to involve the United States.

      • Lunalicrichard

        Okay , now that is an answer i can work with .

    • AJ Bemrose

      Lunalicrichard, there are so many things wrong with that statement.  What do Ezio or Altair have to do with an assassin centuries after their time.  You must not understand the premise of the series.  While (presumably) Desmond is acting out/experiencing the memories of this new ancestor, the other ancestors themselves don’t “follow” him through different timelines. They could conceivably not even be in the same line just ancestors of Desmond.  I suppose Ubisoft was targeting the Israeli/Middle-eastern market with the first game and the Italian market with AC II and Brotherhood.  Looks like they got the Turkish audience nailed down so it’s time to move on to America.  Finally, 1800’s? Really?!

      • Lunalicrichard

        First off ; I am not an American , so forgive me that i got the date of the revolution wrong . 
        Second ; I meant of course the way the character dresses , Like Altair etc .etc . I understand the premise quite well ,thank you very much .
        To your 3rd point ; No , i think they just went for a cool story one the first 2 and what i now of “brotherhood” . I don’t have “revelation”yet ,so i cant say yet . But we know they didn’t do very well on sale’s . And we know that America is fanatical about their history , so we know this will sell ( in America ) .
        But my biggest gripe is the clothing in this video . That they do it for cash ,doesn’t mean that they can’t make a good game out of it . But since the setting was middle eastern and tied to the Templars and the Medici and Desmond .
        Maybe i missed it ,but the animus project has no place fixed to it , no country i mean .
        See where i’m going with this ?

  • AJ Bemrose

    Oh I forgot, a bow would have been preferable to the guns of the time if one wanted to remain agile and be able to make multiple kills quickly. (most soldiers could only fire about 3 shots per minute) And what does his clothing have to do with his weapon choice? In some screenshots, he’s shown holding a period pistol, but that would only make sense if he was dressed like either a British or American soldier, right?  Also, Ubisoft has stated that the character is half Native American so the bow makes even more sense.

  • Karl Cramer

    Huh. When I heard the game was going to take place in colonial times I expected Philadelphia, Boston and New York as the settings since those were the buildings of any height in that era. Did not expect the Assassin free running in the trees above.

  • Bennijin Turbo

    Looks good, I like the new setting however where’s my Prince of Persia 2008 sequel, Ubi?

  • Anonymous
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