March 14th 2012 1:10 pm PT

Tip: How to tell what your friends Xbox LIVE avatar is wearing

There are hundreds of items on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for your Avatar to wear. If you’ve ever looked at an avatar on your friends list an wonder what in the heck they are wearing there is now an easy way to tell.
Simply head to their profile on, and scroll down to the Style section.

There you’ll see the current items your friends avatar is displaying. Here is mine:

Note: This will not show any avatar awards that have been unlocked via game play

Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Rohan Pinto

    Good stuff, was hoping for something like this to be implemented!

    • John Doe

      You’re joking…

  • NBA Kirkland (Nick)

    Avatar Props.  I didn’t think they could be any more useless than they were before but now with the latest dashboard update you have to drill down about 4 levels to see what props your friends have.  You can’t even see them on the avatar friends list anymore.  Really kind of a shame.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve stopped buying props all together now because of that fact. What’s the point of having an avatar prop if it requires people to dig multiple levels of the dashboard to see it? A dumb move on Microsoft’s part.

      • Kairu

        I don’t get why people buy them anyway. What use do they serve? None.

        • Anonymous

          It’s something people have to show others what they like or what they are into. A way to represent themselves. Like your picture you are using there for yourself.

      • Anonymous

         Yeah, I’ve stopped buying them for the most part too. I just use the ones I’ve either already purchased or ones I’ve unlocked from games (I think I’ve got the ME3 omniblade right now).

    • John Doe

       THIS! I almost bought a prop this year, but because of the new dashboard, it made it pointless to even own one. Hell, I used to equip the props I already have, but I don’t even bother anymore because of the dashboard. Microsoft needs to know that the majority of people buy these things more to show it off, not just for themselves. Many experiences in PC MMO has taught me this.

    • Liza Friend

      Yeah, I hate the burying of the props as well. Also, the avatars are much smaller now, and one page over from the main page. I used to like how they’d greet you on boot up. Now they’re just… there. It really makes them pointless. I suspect avatar item sales have declined since the Metro dashboard..

  • Alice Lockhart

    That elephant is from Dumbo! Scared me on my childhood! ='(.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like this should have been titled “How to be an Xbox Live Peeping Tom!”

  • Eric Starr

    i hate how whatever prop they’re using doesn’t appear in the friends list.  Have to go to the specific friend

  • Graham West

    It would be rather more useful if it also showed game-unlock awards and said which game they’re from.

  • Luke Es | sE ekuL

    Thanks Major. I’d love it if this kind of feature worked for gamerpics too.

  • Anonymous

     I still havent figured out why it’s faster to change my avatar on my iPhone (with crappy AT&T ‘3G’ service) than it is from my 360.  It’s such a slow experience I hardly ever do it on my Xbox anymore. 

  • John Doe

    Nice try, obvious paid advertiser/Xbox Live employee.

    • Nick

      Really? Look at my picture, I’m 17. Click on my picture, go to my Twitter, my website, do I look like a Microsoft employee or an advertiser? Not at all. Just a fan of Xbox showing my support for a platform I love. 

    • Anonymous

       Yes because obviously everyone who says anything positive about Xbox works for Microsoft.

    • Greg

      Nice try, obvious troll.

  • Boe2

    Fully agree. My gamerpic (NOT the 3D avatar picture) is my pride because it’s from a hard to unlock achievement, and the nice thing about it: EVERYONE I meet online can see it. INGAME.

  • Anonymous

    How come major that your avatar has a different
    pose then others. Is there a way to change that?

    • Anonymous

       I’m not on the 360 right now, but you can change the pose with the 360 controller. I forget which buttons and sticks, I think you have to rotate one of the sticks..if you play around with it, you’ll find it,,

  • Anonymous

    the old way was better you just scrolled the friends list and saw the avatars unique moves….now you have to go in to your friend profile to see it!! why bother geting any moves if its for all that trubble?? no body goes in to hid friend profile….moves shoul be shown on the friends list

  • Devon Edwards

    Xbox Avatar tips…..(sigh)