March 27th 2012 7:31 am PT

Comcast XFINITY TV, HBO GO and MLB.TV now available on Xbox LIVE

Today three major entertainment apps are now available for Xbox LIVE Gold members – Comcast XFINITY TV, HBO GO and MLB.TV, all with Kinect integration. Here are the highlights.

Comcast launched the XFINITY TV on-demand service on Xbox 360, bringing its huge library of when- you-want-it entertainment to a console for the first time, including the new Streampix library. With Kinect, you can control it all with your voice or a wave of your hand – however you like

on Xbox 360 launched their entire catalogue of live and on demand original content – that means every episode of every show, from the latest hits like Game of Thrones, to older favorites like The Sopranos. With Kinect, you can voice search the entire HBO catalogue.

MLB.TV transforms sports entertainment by providing live and on demand games in HD, coupled with exclusive personalization features only found on Xbox 360 – jump between the action via the Mini Guide and watch two games at once with Split Screen. With Kinect, you can pause and rewind live games and highlights using just your voice and motion controls.

So there you have it, a huge day for TV on Xbox – starting today Xbox LIVE Gold members who subscribe to Comcast’s XFINITY TV and Internet, HBO and/or MLB TV  now also have enhanced access on Xbox 360.

Press Release, Video, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Chris Wyer

    e: Xbox HBO Go blocked?Options
    03-27-2012 10:45 PM
    I am repeating what has already been said, but enough is enough Comcast.  HBO GO is rich with content, xfinity app is very weak indeed.  I can watch HBO GO on my tablet, computer and phone but not my TV???  I do not understand it,my phone,tablet and computer still uses the data plan from my house…. the tv would not use more data..  I pay a monthly fee to access HBO content… what BS..  I am hoping someone FB and makes this point viral and we get some numbers behind us.  Comcast needs a little smack down by the monthly consumers who demand HBO GO access by way of smart tvs and xboxs.

  • Scott Berryman

    I keep getting error 7002 and it says something about the servers. Anyone able to get this app to work yet?

  • Jeff Standley

    MLB app, and NHL app are better on the PS3 by miles. Why does the MLB app not give you the option to go to certain plays, scaores, outs, homeruns, like the PS3 app does. This needs to be fixed.

  • Matthew Berning

    That’s so stupid! At least after reading this I know not to even bother trying….My family has Verizon for internet and Comcast for TV, thus making both apps worthless…

    • John Walker

       if you have comcast for tv you should bundle it and get comcast for internet. comcast was actually voted best internet provider in the country or switch to verizon TV because comcast is being a douche.

      • Matthew Berning

        Might be a good idea. I’m in college though so I wouldn’t be able to use the apps here anyway. And my parents make the decisions for what providers we use for stuff, although I might be able to convince them. haha

  • Brandon M Croucher

    i guess here in canada all we’re gonna get is stupid MLB >.< like baseball is fun an all but HBO GO is what i was waiting for…

  • Eric Starr

    No love for Canada.  We get the lackluster version of Netflix, and now no HBO GO (and they wonder why people download tv shows and movies).

  • ElektroDragon

    So what company has the best, easiest sign up for HBO GO? Because that’s the provider I want to switch to for TV.  

    • Darrell Henley

      Direct TV

    • Anonymous

      DISH subscriber here. HBO GO looks and works seamlessly on my XBOX! HBO is $16 a month on my DISH bill and I’ve used HBO GO on several of my mobile devices and my laptop, but the UI is the best on XBOX. My girlfriend and I watched Escape from Alcatraz with Clint Eastwood last night and we were both impressed with the picture clarity. Since we both work at DISH, we’ve spent a lot of time in HD training, so we both can be pretty hard to impress.

  • Jeff Randall

    I already pay Charter $145/month. They want another $20/month to add HBO. No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    It would be awesome if whatever Time Warner is would take part. Paying for TV in the Information Age doesn’t make sense.

  • Anonymous

    Terrible….just terrible. Very disappointed with Xfinity/Comcast. What a bunch of crap, months of lies and build-up just to be taken for a ride. Xfinity app is seriously dissapointing. We want our HBO Go!

  • Anonymous

    Please join my cause on Facebook! Go to We Demand HBO Go!

  • Anonymous

    New Page on Facebook! Join the cause and let’s stick it in their FACE! We Demand HBO Go!

  • Mason

    so why is it that I, as a Time Warner customer, can watch HBO GO on my Ipad, but I can’t on my 360. this really sucks

  • Edward John Lehto

    where the hell is the AT&T UVerse update!!

  • Ryan Coy

    I would still like to see some constructive feedback on if this newly available feature. I just tried (again) this morning to login to the Xfinity On Demand Application on the XBOX and still no go….I am getting “You need to be an Xfinity Inet Subscriber to use this feature” error or I am getting “Servers are unavailable at this time error message”…..

    Major Nelson, Can you provide another update on the status of what is going on? Would like to know if this outage is widespread or only in certain areas etc.


  • Rabbitc Finklestein

    I still don’t get why only Gold members can get access to services that you have to pay a subscription for anyway.  I’ll wait for mlb on Ps3 or Samsung SMART thanks.

  • Paul Cedfeldt

    Really disappointed that there is no HBO Go for Comcast.  Really, really, really disappointed.

  • Joshua Groll

    Seriously, no HBO GO for Comcast??? What a joke, absolutely pathetic!

  • Micah Vandely

    Time Warner is the most backward company, I already pay for HBO, what threat is there watching it on my XBOX versus IPAD.  What do they want me to do rent another tv box?  Is that what they’re afraid of?  Don’t I pay enough?

  • Jaime Follows

    No HBO GO for Comcast subscribers??  Come on Comcast…get with the “program”!  I know, I know…a horrible play on words, but you get my point anyway.

  • Ω Jalil Purtow Ω

    How about an app that will stream E3 and other gaming stuff like that?

  • Vegeta

    How about DirectTV?

  • Laszlo Zizics

    no Youtube no HBO in Hungary…..

  • occasio gee

    Great app.  Not sure why people are complaining. If you understand how things work HBO will charge your provider so that you can get access to the app.  That means they will pass the cost on to you.  

  • Anonymous

    Where is AT&T UVERSE??