March 27th 2012 7:31 am PT

Comcast XFINITY TV, HBO GO and MLB.TV now available on Xbox LIVE

Today three major entertainment apps are now available for Xbox LIVE Gold members – Comcast XFINITY TV, HBO GO and MLB.TV, all with Kinect integration. Here are the highlights.

Comcast launched the XFINITY TV on-demand service on Xbox 360, bringing its huge library of when- you-want-it entertainment to a console for the first time, including the new Streampix library. With Kinect, you can control it all with your voice or a wave of your hand – however you like

on Xbox 360 launched their entire catalogue of live and on demand original content – that means every episode of every show, from the latest hits like Game of Thrones, to older favorites like The Sopranos. With Kinect, you can voice search the entire HBO catalogue.

MLB.TV transforms sports entertainment by providing live and on demand games in HD, coupled with exclusive personalization features only found on Xbox 360 – jump between the action via the Mini Guide and watch two games at once with Split Screen. With Kinect, you can pause and rewind live games and highlights using just your voice and motion controls.

So there you have it, a huge day for TV on Xbox – starting today Xbox LIVE Gold members who subscribe to Comcast’s XFINITY TV and Internet, HBO and/or MLB TV  now also have enhanced access on Xbox 360.

Press Release, Video, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • InsertBlueCheckHere

    Now if only HBO would give an online only subscription service.

  • Mark Flores

    i Dont see xfinity app available. it still says email me when coming soon. Im in California

    • InsertBlueCheckHere

      Same here.

    • Anonymous

      Same here in Utah…

    • Josh Patsey

      i don’t see the xfinity either

    • Anthony Poe

      Search ‘xfinity’ through the bing search

  • John Doe

    Poland pays for xbox live gold as Americans and have nothing! Only can play multiplayer!!!

    • Руслан

      Dont care – in Russia the same situation. Only USA prices x 2.5, no voice recognition, no applications, but more plenty avatar props…

  • Jimmy Gee

    What regions? Switzerland?

  • Daniel Jacobsen

    Not seeing the Xfinity app either.


    you should state its only available for those in the “home nation”. there isn’t enough being done to support xbox/live users in other regions.

    • Chris Gomez

       So dumb… it’s not like Msft owns the content.  Unfortunately, content ownership is king and all Msft can do is beg content owners to let them stream the same content I can get by using my cable remote but hopefully I buy into advanced features.  It’s really too bad because Msft is on to something here, but the kings aren’t letting them (for example) bring HBO content to non-subscribers or MLB games to people who just care about baseball.  If Msft could do this we’d be so much closer to a la carte programming where you don’t have to pay for channels you don’t care about.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much common sense really, why would you pick up TV channels from another country? Not much being done to support other regions? Depends on where you are from, the UK has got lots of support (BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Demand5, Netflix, LoveFilm, BlinkBox and loads more) .

  • Kyle Groulx

    So HBOGO isnt compatible with Comcast users? Furthermore, I am having the same issue and have no location on my dashboard prompting me to download Xfinity. 

    • James Matthews

      HBOGo is included with Xfinity.  So if you are a Comcast customer you have to wait for the Xfinity app.

      • Ruben Torres

         Are you sure about that?  Aren’t HBOGO and Xfinity two separate apps?  I’ve got Comcast and my Xfinity On Demand offerings vary differently (HBO on Demand) with what I can see thru HBOGO.  On Demand has a few select episodes while HBOGO can have entire series runs.

        • James Matthews


  • Bennijin Turbo

    Have a look and see if you can dig up any information on ITVplayer for the UK, will you please Major? We already know it’s coming, just some confirmation would be nice.

    • Lee Rayson

      Is it coming? it thought it wasn’t because ITV want to charge for it

    • Anonymous

       it’s just says that it is supposed to launch on the 360 before the end of the year

  • Chris Gomez

    I wish Msft could bring us the beginning of a la carte programming.  In my house we like ESPN and sports programming, but we don’t need the 800 other channels.  If we could only say “yes, we’ll use our Xbox and even pay for that programming alone” we’d do it in a second.  However, the content pipes would just make sure TV is a simple $10 add-on to Internet  (in many packages, it basically already is), so the only way we’re going to break free is multiple pipes… that means some kind of wimax.

    I wish the service Msft was providing here was worth something.  It’s not really THAT big a deal to be able to watch content on my Xbox that I just watch on my cable box (with rewind, skip, forward, record, etc).  I _guess_ party chat and Kinect are features, but they aren’t killer features.

    I am certain Msft already knows this.  I fear that once again Msft will be the innovator and someone else will figure out how to break the content monopoly and be the winner, and we’ll say “Oh our Xboxes did that!” but who cares because everyone else has iCable.

    • Karl Cramer

      Apple, Google, Microsoft, and many others would like to do this but, wishes aside, the reality is the channels we want are owned or partnered with the providers. You can thank deregulation for that.

  • Anonymous

    Now we just need an app for Max Go

  • Fernando Coli Viotto

    Is it applicable for other countries than US? Wondering if Brazil will ever get it.

  • Tyler

    This is false. Those apps aren’t available yet…

  • Chuck Yoder

    Time Warner, like DirecTV and some other providers, do not allow HBO Go on devices that connect to the TV – do some searching for the same problem with Roku boxes. It stinks and I’m tired of them!

    First no ESPN3 and now this! I’m tired of Time Warner’s backwards thinking but I like my Tivo better. 

    • Anonymous

      It really is also insane for it not be acknowledged as well. When greed is involved, I guess this is what happens to people.

  • Chuck Yoder

    Is it possible to hide the TV twist/tab since I don’t have Comcast or Fios?

  • Rudy Bien-Aime

    HBO Go is NOT AVAILABLE on XFINITY USERS….. what a waste of space

    • James Matthews

      HBO Go is included with Xfinity.

      • Rudy Bien-Aime

        if its anything similar to the Xfinity on demand website then…. its NOT HBO GO…. it falls short by a few 100 movies/tv series….

        • James Matthews

          There are currently 319 movies on XfinityTV HBO channel.  There are only 32 on HBO OnDemand.  As you can see one does not equal the other.

          • Thomas Carter

            No, it doesn’t have all episodes of all series. Look at The Wire or Sopranos. 

        • James Matthews

          There are currently 319 movies on XfinityTV HBO channel.  There are only 32 on HBO OnDemand.  As you can see one does not equal the other.

    • Mark Flores

      agreed, makes no sense to allow the app to be available without the number one providor in the country not being compatible. I mean i couldnt even imagine making the go ahead decision without time warner/comcast users being able to use it. lawl 

      • James Matthews

        Comcast customers will have access to HBO Go content through the Xfinity app.

        • Matt Horn

          Stop saying the same thing, this is FALSE. 

        • Anonymous

           James Matthews is lying again.  I’m using the xfinity app right now.  All sorts of series episodes are missing.  Only the same old on demand selection.

    • A.j. Gamble

       XFINITY should be renamed XLIMITY bc they feel all high and mighty by limiting our access to content we’ve already paid for!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so tired of Comcast’s jewish policies of not allowing us access to HBO’s services that we PAY FOR! WTF! What’s the point of this? I can watch HBOGO on my Droid, Laptop, and PC on THEIR NETWORK, so why not on my XBOX? If I had another option for cable, I would use it but where I live it’s the only option and DISH/DirectTv is spotty. F U XFINITY!

  • Chintu Patel

     DirecTV  can use hbo on xbox 360 it working 

  • tater

    Brighthouse is a s#$t company.  espn3 still doesnt work on their network.  nice of xbox live to continue to offer us options only to have our isp’s CONSTANTLY drop the ball. 

  • tater

    Brighthouse networks is the same deal.  Lousy companies.  

  • Major Nelson

    I know that some people may not be seeing the apps or are having issues. The engineering teams all all sides are working on the issues.

    • Anonymous

      Is it supposed to be available in the UK (as in the original press release)?  Recent info on the MLB site indicated only US and Canada.

    • Anonymous

      Still no dice here for me with the Xfinity app, only error codes :(

  • ElektroDragon

    Thank you Frontier, for not only blocking me from Verizon FiOS, but also from HBO Go.  I HATE YOU FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS!

  • Jim Whaley Jr

     No surprise there…TW still doesn’t support ESPN on the 360.

  • Eddie Smith

    It is appallingly unfortunate to see Comcast not supporting HBO GO out of the gate. Although I hold my breath til April 1st as that is when these apps were originally going to be released so perhaps Comcast and others were not ready for this early release. As evidenced by the absence of the Xfinity app for many people.

    • James Matthews

      The Xfinity app includes HBO Go for Comcast subscribers.

      • Anonymous

        James Matthews is lying.  I’m using it right now.  No HBO GO content for the xbox360 Xfinity app.  Just the same old on demand selection.

  • Bennie Jones

    why comcast is not under the provider the hbo app have more stuff then the xfinity site will it be add it?

    • James Matthews

      If you are a Comcast customer please check and sign into the XfinityTV  website.  You will see that they offer everything that HBO Go offers.  Don’t compare it to HBO OnDemand on your cable box.

      • Ruben Torres

         I have this working on my Xbox now.  It was not listed as a direct download on the dashboard but a quick ‘bing’ search on the console brought me to the Marketplace download.

        I am a Comcast customer and have used HBOGO on my laptop and what I’m seeing thru the Xfinity app. is vastly different than what is offered thru HBOGO.

        • James Matthews

          I wouldn’t say vastly different.  There are a couple of series missing.  No Deadwood damn it.  Oh well, I’m still quite satisfied.

          • Matt Horn

            It is VASTLY different. HBO GO offers every episode of most of it’s shows. The XFinity app has exactly what the cable box has which is roughly 3 to 10 episodes of the most recent season of only the shows that are currently running. You keep replying the same thing to everyone James, but you have no idea what you are talking about, sorry.

          • John Harris

            Not True.  If the Xfinity app is the same as that on iPhone/iPad, then under the ‘play now’ section it has every episode of every season of all HBO shows.  I watched the entire series of the Wire this way.  So YOU don’t know what you are talking about.

          • Anonymous

             John Harris is full of it.  I’m using the xbox360 app right now and there is NO hbo go content.  Only the same old on demand content. 

          • Matt Horn

            John Harris, not sure how I could be the one talking out of my a$$ when I was sitting there looking at the phucking XBOX app when I typed that. If arguing with no knowledge is what you people consider to be informed then we are in trouble.

  • Andrew Anthony Aubin

    No Time Warner Cable?

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to get HBO Go before Game of Thrones season 2 premiers, I’m going to look into it.

    • Andrew Anthony Aubin

      That’s the main reason I finally decided to get Xbox Live.  I’ll be pretty bummed if I paid for a year subscription and can’t use HBO Go.

  • Moni Ghaoui

    What about the Netherlands?? I thought I saw somewhere that MLB.TV would be available there. Anybody know when it will be available in the Netherlands?

  • Mark Stone

    ok, so when will the AT&T app be released, I want to dump my settop boxes.

    • Anonymous

      You can contact AT&T Uverse Support and order the kit.  It includes the media remote, as well as software.

  • Ruben Torres

    It is a Comcast policy that they DO NOT allow HBOGO access thru set-top boxes.  Other providers may allow this but they are NOT one of them.

    I’m a Comcast customer and have only accessed HBOGO thru my laptop.  Far more content on HBOGO than what is provided thru the Xfinity app.

    • Anonymous

      Damn what a let down. Guess it’s back to laptop and using tv as a second monitor for hbo go…

      All this build up and hbo go doesnt work. It would have been fine if the content was available on xfinity app but its pitiful. No full seasons of past shows? Whats the point? This is the same content available on the web and your box.

      • Sam S

        ALL the content that is in the HBO GO app is in the Xfinity App… so not sure why a Comcast customer even needs HBO GO app

        • Anonymous

          This is clearly not true to anyone who has a set of eyes.

        • Anonymous

          Have you even seen the app? There is a pitiful amount of hbo content. Hbo go on my ipad or laptop has way more.

  • Eliot Clay

    HBOGo does NOT support Comcast Xfinity?!?!?!? I know they have their own app, but for someone who is currently living away at home that is an unbelievable disappointment considering I can’t use the Xfinity app either because they require the Xbox to be hooked up to thei specific network. Shame on you Xfinity/Comcast; for the amount of money people shell out for your service you think you could throw us a bone…

  • Andrew Anthony Aubin

    Just got done talking with Time Warner’s support.  They said that it will be available in “the next few months.”

  • Alex

    I have Comcast Internet but it turns out you have to have both Internet and TV to use the Xfinity app. To do that would cost me another $60+ a month! And I’d still be unable to use the HBO app! That’s outrageous!

    Thanks, Xbox, but these apps are a joke!

    • Ruben Torres

       You should inquire about promotional bundles.  When you subscribe to only one aspect of Comcast it sometimes has you paying more than if you bundled it with another service.  I seem to recall a TV/Internet bundle for around $80/mo.  maybe less.  They offered 6-month and 1-year terms.  At the end of the term just call to ‘cancel’ and they usually offer you another discount to keep you as a customer.

      • Alex

        That is with a bundle. I split a good non-contract deal we got on internet with two housemates but they don’t want TV so that cost would all be on me if I wanted to get it just to use the Xfinity app.

        Not to mention that seeing as how our cheap internet is fairly strained already I’d almost certainly have to upgrade that as well, so even more money just to use one app. I’ll pass.

    • Alex

      The entertainment industry wonders why people pirate stuff…jeez, I don’t know. Could it have anything to do with the fact that they treat consumers like trash and constantly try to nickel and dime them to death for junky services…?

  • Philip Kuna

    soooo where’s the comcast app? i don’t see it on the app market place

    • Alex

      You have to search for it using Bing search all the way to the left on the main dashboard.

      You must have both TV and Internet through Comcast for it to work.

  • Bruce Adams

    No  Xfinity? Comcast still blocking HBO go? Damnit.

    • Anonymous

      You must already subscribe to HBO in order to use the HBO Go app.

  • Ziad Abou Arraj

    is it available world wide or just USA??

    • Anonymous

      These are all US services.  It’s possible MLB.TV and HBO Go might be available in other territories, but I would think only North America (Canada & Mexico).

  • Rudy Bien-Aime

    Xfinity is NOT showing up in the app section….. but I did a search for it in BING SEARCH and it there… ENJOY if you haven’t

    • incphi

      Nothing came up for me in bing search, but immediately afterwards the missing xfinity app was sitting in marketplace next to fios.  Odd, but likely coincidental.

  • Brian Diaz

    Anyone have any news on Bright House Networks (BHN) ??

  • Justin Jerles

    is hbo go free?

    • Brandon Sigg

      No, you have to be a subscriber to HBO through a cable company to use it. 

  • Anonymous

     Does anyone know if Xfinity can be on multiple consoles? Because there is an Xbox in my bedroom and the living room.

  • Anonymous

    less than 60 seconds into watching my first show with Xfinity app and my Xbox completely locked up, nice!

  • Synthetic Generation

    Garbage apps, i’ll stick to my Cable provider thank you very much.

  • Synthetic Generation

    Garbage apps.

  • Synthetic Generation

    Garbage Apps

  • Jeremy Shelley Mudd

    will hbo go be coming to comcast for the xbox

  • Synthetic Generation


  • Synthetic Generation

    Garbage apps

  •!/BeeDizz BeeDizz

    Finally an app I’ll use. HBO Go might make me cut my 360 on again. I’ve been losing interest in gaming thanks to Microsoft and developers nickel-and-diming  me to death.

  • John Walker

    Basically if you have xfinity at home but your away at school your f*cked when it comes to xbox live with both xfinity and HBOGO. So thanks microsoft for making us wait so long after verizon just to be disappointed anyways and thanks comcast for nothing. You could atleast buy me dinner if your goinf to f*ck me. 

  • JAG

    I want WWE Network on XBOX LIVE. WWE Network delay again until Nov. 23rd

    • Eric Starr

       I would also enjoy a WWE network.  I’d love to be able to watch classic matches on demand. Can’t stand that UFC stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Am I mssing something?  Why does the Comcast XfinityTV app matter when it only works if you have a Comcast account?  If I already have a Comcast account I can already use ON-Demand and see the same content directly from my Comcast Set-top box….why would I want to use my XBOX to view content I already have access to directly?  Can somone edumahcate me?

    • Tim Tringle

      Really, your seriously going to ask that question? What is it with you people that ask things like this? Why do we need airplanes when we already have legs? Why shoud I use a computer, I can add numbers in my head!

      If people like you were in charge we would make no progress what so ever. Keep using your comcast box. Luddite.

      • Anonymous

        I get it… but why promote somethign as being of value when it’s not?  And your anology is ridiculous.  Air travel is signifcanlty more valueable than walking…unless you can’t walk.  What value is this providing other than watching the same programs I have access to on my TV through my set-top box on another TV with just my XBOX?  MOST have the TV and XBOX connected to the same TV as their cable box.  I would bet it reaches more than 80%. Therefore this MIGHT be a value to less than 20% of the market?    It’s cool and I’m glad theses are coming out…as it gives us greater flexibility…but I was hoping for more such as replacing my set-top box completly.  When I can use my XBOX to view all my cable channels.  One day I hope MSFT inlcudes an RF connector for a direct cable connection or support the DOA CableCard.  I know an Ethernet would work…but not in the same way.  I want my XBOX to be my Media Center and be able to work in the same way as a set-top box/DVR with an external eSATA drive. 

        • Some Body

          Exactly and I doubt Xbox and Comcast put this feature out because “it would allow them to have a 2nd TV without a cable box and access most of the Xfinity content.”  Funny how they didnt advertise it that way.

        • Andrew Jenkins

          you could always try using it prior to asking the question of whether it has value or not.  I have both services, comcast and xbox live gold.  I have a TV in my room that does not have cable or a cable box.  The other room has cable but a standard box.  I can now get HD programs on both and can sort through content with a much improved interface than my dvr.  All of this, without paying more for either service.  This is value added to me.  If it is not value added to you, then you don’t have to use it.

    • Anonymous

      Some people have more than one TV. This would allow them to have a 2nd TV without a cable box and access most of the Xfinity content. 

    • John Walker

      it would be great for people like me. I am a college student away at school and with my computer and my iphone i can watch shows on demand with my comcast account but if i could use my xbox that would be amazing. Id be able to cancel my HBO subscription. Since you need to be connected to comcast internet to use it, it becomes no use to me.

  • Geoff

    I can’t even log into the comcast infinity app…..always says the setup process has timed out….and then erases my login information so i have to type it again.  real great app here.