April 6th 2012 5:38 am PT

Arcade: Anomaly Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone EarthContent: Anomaly Warzone Earth
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: The award-winning Anomaly Warzone Earth comes to Xbox Live Arcade, with loads of exclusive XBLA content! Experience the innovative Tower Offense formula where you are the attacking side. Be captivated by a new approach to strategy designed specifically for gamepad. Take on the role of the Commander whose special abilities are crucial in the quest for victory. Manage your armor squad’s tactics – choose your formation and plot your course. Gather resources for new units and upgrades. Jump into a variety of modes – story campaign and two Squad Assault Modes. Become the strategy master by solving puzzles in Xbox-exclusive Tactical Trials levels. Enjoy extraordinary mixture of strategy and action packaged in great visuals and atmospheric sound!

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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had this one for a few days. Absolutely outstanding.concept and strategy. If the demo is the first level though, well, no. The first two levels are clumsy, but everything after that is brilliant. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wujek-Grga/100000934712651 Wujek Grga

      The demo walks you through first 6 levels. I know 2 first ones are bit slower when it comes to pace but since we are introducing pretty unique gameplay mechanics, the tutorial has to explain it well, step by step. Otherways, people have had problems with successfull playing in latter missions (what was found out during the tests, of course)

      • Anonymous

         Awesome. My concern with the first level is that the blobs drop and there’s almost zero time to redirect the troops. I didn’t so much learn as wonder what I got myself into. I had to rely on checkpoints and memorization to get through. Everything after that has been nothing short of spectacular, so it’s absolutely worth sticking with.

  • Hugoku

    I’ve been enjoying this one on my Kindle Fire, but i’m not sure if this would warrant an XBLA purchase. Will try the demo.

  • Anonymous

    arcade releases on friday ?

    • ElektroDragon

      It’s called Anomaly… get it?

  • http://twitter.com/boeboelord Boe2

    Well well, I got this on android. Nifty game :)

  • Anonymous

    I am fine with these Friday releases,not really sure why you set it in stone so to speak why games had to come out on Wednesdays anyway,bring a new game every day of the week if you want :)

    • aStrangeDisease

      Where does it say that games need to be released on a certain day of the week and why would anyone care?

  • ElektroDragon

    Well, a Friday arcade release is certainly an Anomaly.  This couldn’t wait till next week?

    • http://twitter.com/SamboTaylor Sam Taylor

      Why are people so hung up on the fact that this has come out on a Friday? It is not the first time that it has happened, nor will it be the last.

      Seems like a good game.

      • http://twitter.com/Navarin Rooftop Run

         I believe Fez is a Friday launch too. Not sure why they’re doing it, but I don’t mind.

    • http://twitter.com/TrashMKX Chris

       Why wait till next week?

      • ElektroDragon

         Because people are used to both Live and PSN  updating only on specific days.  If they stopped that practice, not only would it raise costs on their end, but people like me would find it much harder to keep track of new releases.  No set schedule = chaos.

        • Anonymous

          Chaos? Wow…

  • http://twitter.com/Navarin Rooftop Run

    Friday releases are great and all, but we still have some games coming to that other network the Tuesday before Arcade Wednesday.

    I think you need to get more of these games releasing the Friday prior, like Simpsons Arcade did.
    They leapfrogged you, now do it right back!

    • ElektroDragon

       Except that creates chaos and everyone suffers in the end.  Best idea would to have both networks agree that Tuesday was new release day (traditionally has been in the retail media world), and leave it at that.  None of this leapfrogging junk.

      • http://profiles.google.com/thief000 J.A.J.G. Thiéfaine

        No, just release downloadable games on monday, the beginning of the new week.
        Same thing should happen with the Deal of the Week, all of it starting on monday.
        Gone would be the confusion…
        The rest of the week can be filled with videos, gamerpics, themes, etc.

        Don’t know if they are doing these friday releases to balance out server loads or anything like that.

        • http://twitter.com/Navarin Rooftop Run

           Funnily enough Deal of the Week used to launch on a Monday. I think it was eating out of Tuesday DLC sales or something.

      • http://twitter.com/Navarin Rooftop Run

         Tuesday? Funny, where I’m from games release on a Friday. ;D