April 17th 2012 9:00 am PT

From April 19–23rd Xbox LIVE Entertainment Apps Unlocked

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the latest entertainment apps on Xbox 360, now is a great time because Xbox is unlocking their Xbox LIVE subscription service from Thursday, April 19 through Monday, April 23 – no Xbox LIVE Gold membership required for this time. Through this special promotion, anybody with an Xbox will be able to use and enjoy all of the customized entertainment app experiences featured on the Xbox LIVE service.1

In addition: Hulu Plus2, Netflix3 and EPIX4 will also offer free trials to new users as part of this promotion to Xbox owners in the U.S. from Thursday, April 19 through Monday, April 23. So head on over to Xbox LIVE to watch your favorite TV shows and movies from Hulu Plus, Netflix and EPIX – no Xbox LIVE Gold membership or service subscriptions required.

List of apps that are unlocked by region will vary, so check your Xbox 360 dashboard in your region for specific details. For example, here is a list of apps that will be unlocked in the U.S.:
•    CinemaNow
•    Crackle
•    Dailymotion
•    EPIX4
•    ESPN
•    HBO GO
•    Hulu Plus2
•    iHeartRadio
•    Last.fm
•    MSN
•    Netflix3
•    Syfy
•    TMZ
•    TODAY
•    UFC
•    Verizon
•    VEVO
•    Vudu
•    Xfinity TV on Demand
•    YouTube

For a full list of worldwide apps unlocked1 for this promotion and for more information, please visit www.xbox.com/EntertainmentUnlocked.

Fine Print:
1No Xbox LIVE Gold membership required. Subscriptions/fees may be required.
2Customers who attempt to access Hulu Plus, will actually receive a 1 month free trial.
3 Netflix will only be “unlocked” or free for customers who have not previously used Netflix’s one month free trial. Content will be free to new customers only.
4 Subject to TV provider restrictions.
Multi-player gaming will not be unlocked in this promotion

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • http://twitter.com/SMG_823 Steve

    wow pretty sweet even tho a couple of them cant be used through my iso

  • tabicat

    One thing I dislike about using Netflix on my Xbox is that my family members have to log into MY gamertag in order to watch Netflix.  Why can’t the Xbox just notice that there’s a Gold account on the system, and use that transparently?

  • http://sevenupdate.com sevenalive

    This is how it should be, unless I am wrong, these servies don’t rely on xbox live for anything so I don’t see why locking this to gold is needed besides mo money. Nobody is going to buy gold to watch netflix on the xbox, they will just use their TV app, Bluray app, or hook up their PC to a TV. The only reason people buy gold is to play Multiplayer games, so if someone doesn’t want to do that already, they aren’t going to buy gold.

    Here is a question I really want answered.
    Why does the xbox need to spin the disc when I am going back to the dashboard or launching an app or a GoD game. It shouldn’t need to spin the disc unless I want to play the game on the disc, not when launching a XBLA game. Seeing how my xbox put a ring through my BF3 disc last month, I have to eject my disc now all the time.

    Please fix this in the dashboard update. The disc should be read 1 time, then the game info should be cached so between dashboard loads it knows what game is in the tray without spinning the disc every time I want to do something.

    • http://twitter.com/sgttsmitty Adam Smith

      “Nobody is going to buy gold to watch netflix on the xbox, they will just use their TV app, Bluray app, or hook up their PC to a TV.”

      I have Netflix on my TV, PS3, Macbook Pro, Windows Laptop, blu-ray player, and my cell phone, but I ONLY watch it on my Xbox.  I prefer the Xbox app way more than any of my other options to watch.

      That being said, I do agree that I doubt anyone would purchase a gold sub JUST to watch Netflix, but as you said, the MAIN reason people buy gold is to play online.  It would be nice to be able to use all of the services without Gold, but I think they are nice bonuses to us who are going to purchase a gold sub anyway.

    • lahcoe

      I strongly agree with this excellent comment.

      What makes the spinning-disc problem especially annoying is that (on my Xbox 360 Slim, at least) the spinning is so loud and lasts for a ridiculous amount of time!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000986265292 Jeff Rozay

      Simple solution install your games to your Hard drive or disable the games auto-start in the settings

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T7LOQAEEWPFE7UBMQGVCTNELQI huck

        simple reply, wrong…

  • http://twitter.com/Navarin Rooftop Run

    Meh, I don’t feel my gold membership is paying for these anyway. Or indeed much else lately. Sort it out.

  • http://twitter.com/sgttsmitty Adam Smith

    This is cool.  It’ll give me a chance to try out Hulu Plus again.  When it first released I tried it but wasn’t impressed with the limited amount of shows.  I just signed up for Netflix, and if Hulu+ is any better than it was, I might sign up for that too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=527100607 Dan Clarke

    It would be great if all of these came with Xbox live as my cable company doesn’t support HBOGO or watchESPN yet..

  • http://twitter.com/billymagnum BillyD


    • http://twitter.com/Navarin Rooftop Run


  • http://paranoimia.co.uk Paranoimia

    Here in the UK we get to sample the joys of 4OD, Demand 5, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, among others. Woo-hoo!

    In other words, we get to use numerous free services for free for a few days, just for a change. Your generosity knows no bounds!

    I wonder how you can post these “offers” with a straight face.

    • Anonymous

       Lovefilm, Netflix, Blinkbox, Sky? Or do those not count?

      • http://twitter.com/Navarin Rooftop Run

        Those require an extra fee on top of Gold, there are free trials available but those are at the respective app’s discretion rather than Microsoft’s. Gonna give Netflix a one-month go myself soon.

        Also he did say “among others”.

      • http://paranoimia.co.uk Paranoimia

        Count for what, exactly? There’s certainly no value in them.

        I’m already a subscriber to LoveFilm and Netflix, which I can use elsewhere (PS3, PC, phone, internet-enabled TV etc.) without requiring any further subscriptions. I subscribe to Sky Sports and Movies through Virgin Media, so I can watch them through my TV/V+ box with no need for a Live subscription, or an Xbox for that matter.

        LoveFilm and Netflix offer free 30-day trials anyway, which you still need to sign up for to take advantage of this “offer”. BlinkBox is free to register, a lot of the content is free, or you can pay for other things you may want to watch.Similarly, for Sky Player, the Xbox app is only of any use if you have a subscription with Sky directly – and if you have one of those, chances are you have the necessary box under your TV to view it – you don’t need an Xbox.

        For all of those services, the usual Live subscription required to use the apps is nothing more than an extra, unnecessary expense; a second charge which you don’t need to pay anywhere else to use the services.

        Just as an example – is their any point in starting a 30-day Netflix trial during this “offer” when (presumably) once 24th April arrives, you can no longer use the app unless you subscribe to Live? If you’re interested in Netflix, why would you not just sign up for the trial anyway via the website, and use it for the full 30 days on your PS3/PC/phone/internet TV at no extra cost?

        It’s not like Microsoft are doing you a huge favour here by giving you a window of access to these services at their expense. They’re just temporarily removing an additional access fee which shouldn’t be there in the first place. These services don’t add value to Live – if anything, Live removes value from these services, because the subscription adds to the cost of using them. If you already have Gold, fine – but if you don’t, none of these services are a reason to sign up.

        The free services (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.) should never be behind the Live paywall anyway. As for the subscription services, if they were included in a Live Gold subscription with no extra costs, or if you at least got a worthwhile subscription discount for using them through Live, then yes, it would be great value.

        As it stands, all this “offer” does is demonstrate just how much FREE stuff Microsoft are getting away with charging people to use; or, in the case of subscription services, giving you an extra fee to pay.

        I’m not sure what’s more depressing – (a) that a company can get away with charging for access to otherwise free services, (b) that they can then offer temporary free access and use it as a promotion, or (c) that people are actually stupid enough to fall for it, and consider it a bonus/generous offer. (For clarification, that last point is a general comment, and not aimed at you, Dr4gOnsFuRy.)

    • Anonymous

       Sky is certainly not free and in the official video add campaign it showed f1 and sky sports as being unlocked if that mean espn is unlocked too then i get to watch jon jones and rashad evens free of charge thats worth it on its own

  • http://live.xbox.com/en-US/MyXbox/Profile?gamerTag=FinderKeeper FinderKeeper

    I really wish Time Warner would reach an agreement with Microsoft so I could finally watch ESPN 3 on the Xbox. It’s been about a year and a half since the app first came out, and though I can watch ESPN 3 on my computer, something is still holding up the Xbox side of things.

  • Anonymous

    Above are listed some of the entertainment apps available on xbox. Few of those are available in the uk. When will the likes of HBO and ESPN be available in the UK? Why are we always the last to get these apps? Surely the xbox live community should get these apps and updates at exactly the same time. I am fed up being the last to get things behind the US and everyone else.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Josh-Lethbridge/100000493876187 Josh Lethbridge

       Dude your not the last,im in australia and were pretty behind the US and UK.There is alot of other countries that dont even have half of what ive got,so stop your bitching and get over it.The US always gets it first,this is how it will always be.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T7LOQAEEWPFE7UBMQGVCTNELQI huck

         i agree completely, but do u have to be so accepting of it?

  • http://twitter.com/Rojobear24 Aaron Gomez

    YES YES YES!!!

  • Richard Olson

    Yep, same in Sweden, both The fruit company and Microsoft neglects the Swedes on new tech and services despite the fact that Sweden is second in early adopting new tech after Norway. 
    Unfortunatly were only 9 million so I guess where are a small market but still, a perfect market for trying out new tech.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T7LOQAEEWPFE7UBMQGVCTNELQI huck

    wat a joke…

  • Anonymous

    The Hulu site is still only offering a one week trial. I can’t find a month long option. Oh well. Sticking with the cable box for now.