April 24th 2012 6:26 am PT

Demo: Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon's DogmaContent: Dragon’s Dogma Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Whet your appetite with a taste of the high fantasy, open world action that Dragon’s Dogma has to offer in this demo. Battle as an Arisen of the past or rid the countryside of a fearsome magickal beast — the choice is yours. Use the robust character creation tool to customize your Arisen and main pawn, play them in the Countryside Quest now, and import them into the full game later. From height to hairstyle, eye color to nose shape, mold your heroes as you see fit.

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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • http://twitter.com/monkeytommo Thomas Ryan

    Awesome, wasn’t expecting a demo for this… Don’t ask me why!

    Really looking forward to trying this out, thanks Major.

    • Anonymous

      It was announced like a month ago that a demo was in the works, then about a week ago, they said the demo was going to be available a week from then. So yeah…use the internet more! lol

      • Lee Rayson

        Not everyone spends there lives on the internet, just saying

        Played the creation part the demo seems decent will try the rest bit later. even if i like the game i wont get it day1 because Ghost Recon is the same day.

        so ill get it in August since it be a slow month unless they milk it with on Disk DLC

        • Anonymous

          I have a device called a smartphone…I use it when I’m out. And anyone that’s even remotely a gamer would have known. Damnit!

          Just sayin’. lol

          • http://twitter.com/monkeytommo Thomas Ryan

            Haha… Classic. Like Lee Rayson said, not everyone spends their lives on the internet or even *gasp* their smartphone! 

            I tend to read my kindle when I’m ‘on the road’. 

            Oh, and sorry EvanTheGamer for being so behind with the times! haha

          • http://twitter.com/DavidDDavidson5 David D Davidson



          • http://twitter.com/monkeytommo Thomas Ryan

            Yeah, I read books and play video games. Sorry that you were so insulted by my hobbies that you thought it prudent to ‘take the piss’. :D

          • http://twitter.com/GaussBb Bradley

            “Go away troll, no one likes you.”

          • Lee Rayson

            So if you dont have a smartphone  your not a gamer? thats stupid to say like your gamertag Myst3r1o.

            You Lol a guy because he didn’t know a demo was coming for and RPG 

             Fact is they are rare and few in the first place.

            Since you like your comments to finish Lol here’s one just for you Lol.

      • Anonymous



    capcom can lick my crack. bunch of scammers 

    • Anonymous

      Go away troll, no one likes you.


        capcoms the troll not I. 

  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah…can’t wait to give this demo a whirl!!

  • Anonymous

    Yep, try the demo and then get the game next year sometime for about $15! Or, wait for Capcom to release an updated version so you don’t get burned as an early adopter. Lost Planet: Colonies Edition memories…..

  • Anonymous

    The demo made me hunger for more, so this game is definitely on my radar now.


    mvc3 flop, umvc3 flop, ssfivae flop,dr:otr flop, dark void flop, lost planet 2 flop, sfxt flop,re:orc flop. should I carry on? capcom used to be my favorite company when I was a kid (20+ years ago) and as I got older I realised all they do is scam people by releasing the same game(s) over and over and over and……. capcom is a joke and have no loyalty or respect for the people who put food on their tables. every company that does the same should be boycotted. console makers and game devs get away with ripping us of all the time & get away with it. the gaming industry has become a joke. 

    • http://twitter.com/DavidDDavidson5 David D Davidson

       Welcome to the real world.

  • http://twitter.com/williamronholm Anonymous

    I liked the demo a lot but as usual I’m reading about a lot of negativity towards this game, I might pick it up or wait until it’s a bit cheaper.

  • ElektroDragon

    Had high hopes for this, but…. ugh.  Phil Fish is right. Japanese games suck.  They could never hope to create something as great as Fez nowadays. I guess I should not be surprised after Capcom’s previous travesty, Azura’s Wrath.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V54RJEWIQ2ADTF3SHHYKF5DDIQ Shaggy

    Demo was good, but I have a feeling this will have the bulletstorm effect where everyone buys it for the resident evil 6 demo and the price of this plummets really fast.  As a result I plan on picking it up under 20.

  • Javier Segura

    Loved the Demo! The pawn and companion system is awesome!