April 24th 2012 6:22 am PT

Games on Demand: Call of Duty MW3 for $39.99

Modern Warfare® 3Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is now available for direct download from Xbox LIVE. To celebrate, the price for the next week will be $ 39.99. Grab it now to take advantage of the special price.

Marketplace, Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • http://twitter.com/Navarin Jimmy Rustler

    There’s nothing special about that price. “Special” maybe, but not special.

  • http://twitter.com/chriswelch Chris Welch

    That’s a nice unannounced surprise. Can we also expect Battlefield 3 at some point? A competitor is getting it next week, and it’d be awfully nice to be done with swapping discs.

  • http://twitter.com/HTLoneWolf HTLoneWolf

    Why is EVERYTHING on GOD at such high prices?  Rip off.

    • Anonymous

       GOD usually gets posted right before a retail price drop. Happened with Red Dead Redemption – it’s a good way for MS to increase profit.

  • Anonymous

    $20 would have been a special price. $40 is pretty easy to come by with the retail disc these days. No Game on Demand should cost the same as a disc.

  • Anonymous

    Just look in your local electronics flyers. I came across MW3 for $30 in January. Also for: BF3, Tiger Woods 12, Saints Row 3, etc.

    Digital distribution at Microsoft is a rip off. No shipping, retail lease, or warehouse costs are associated with DD so the the price should be less, not more.

    MS, you are on a slippery slope. I have a feeling your next-gen console stuff will suffer unless you offer more competitive prices. This blog has been filled with these comments the last three years.

    Though things like Netflix are pushing you guys forward. That being said nobody wants to pay another $10 for on demand content they can already access through other means. eg, GOLTV, SkyNet, etc.

    • ryder4life22187

       or just go to your favorite stores here in phoenix MW3 is always $30 i agree tho what ever happened to Digital distribution would be cheaper as their is no manufacturing costs and costs of discs, cases and manuals.  Take note microsoft how do u expect ppl who want to pay that rip off price for GOD to use a 250GB to 320GB HD we should be able to use any size HD we want. More space equals more sales once my HD fills up completly i will no longer buy games on live will not be deleting anything

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Smith/1573837778 Bob Smith

    Please add Forza 4 to games on demand

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Smith/1573837778 Bob Smith

    Gears 3 got it 1 month ago Forza 4 came out 1 month after Gears 3 its time 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=731708027 Anonymous

    Wait till its a tenner, might consider it. Only play campaign since hate what they had done to the franchise.

  • Jeffrey Peeden

    So… it looks like this doesn’t contain the campaign the way I read the details.  Is that true?

    • Anonymous

       I don’t see anything that indicates it doesn’t contain the campaign. The info only talks about the multiplayer because that’s what sells games in that franchise but I have no reason from looking at that product page to believe that the campaign is not included in the Games on Demand version of the game.

  • Anonymous

    Considering Call of Duty games generally stay at or close to full price for a long time (my local stores are still selling Black Ops for nearly full price), I think this is a pretty decent deal, something that I’ll VERY rarely ever say about Games on Demand.

    That said, my interest in this game lies solely in seeing how the story from the first two Modern Warfare games concludes as I gave up on Call of Duty multiplayer with MW2 so even at $40, I’ll pass.

  • http://twitter.com/KingHippoz KingHippoz

    How about other games that deserve to be on there and Same day releases! The other console has them sometimes on big titles,

  • http://twitter.com/UNSCleric Rob

     I haven’t bought a CoD game since 2, but I would consider a digital download for $20.  This is laughable at $40.

  • Ed

    Or you can actually own the game on disk from Amazon for…wait for it…$39.99.

    But that copy, while less convenient, comes without these usage restrictions that apply to this direct download: “The item you are buying is subject to usage restrictions. You can use this item on the first Xbox 360 console that you download it with. Access to this item will also be granted to all users on this first console. If you transfer the item using a memory unit or other storage device, you will also be able to use it on other Xbox 360 consoles, but you’ll need to sign in to Xbox LIVE with your Xbox LIVE account on that console before accessing the item.”

  • http://twitter.com/Byyys Byyys

    Its selling for about $40 thats roughtly 30euro, in sterling its on sale for £30 again convted 37euro….
    so why is it 49.99 euro to buy?.. i will not be grabbin this “special price”. you kiddin me?!

  • Luis Martin

    is it only multiplayer or just campaign?

    • Jeffrey Peeden

      The response I got from @xboxsupport:

      “The GonD will have the single player campaign. It’s $60, so it’d be ludicrous if it did not.”

      Frankly I agree with them, but the omission on the writeup was enough to make one question it.

    • http://twitter.com/KingNothing922 KingNothing922


  • http://twitter.com/ruairionline ruairionline

    Or if you live in Australia it’s US$72.46. You stay classy M$

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1405699117 David McCullough

    I personally like Games on Demand in general. In the past I had a bad habit of selling my games after beating them only to find a month later wishing I had it to play. I understand the restrictions that there are when you purchase a Games On Demand. To me its no big deal. I like knowing that I can never sell the game and will always have it in my game library. That being said 40 buck…not a HORRIBLE price so I picked it up.

  • http://twitter.com/CHURROSQUEIMADO CHURROS