April 24th 2012 5:02 pm PT

Win a copy of Madden NFL 13 and an autographed jersey


The Madden 13 Cover Vote is this week (you did vote…right?) and my friends at EA have sent me some cool autographed shirts to give away to celebrate the fun. I’ve got two autographed jerseys to give away: One from  Rob Gronkowski and the other from Darrelle Revis. How do you win one? Keep reading:

Here is the scenario:

It’s 4th and Goal from the 9 yard line with 3 seconds left in the game.  Gronk is matched up with Revis Island, what happens?

Now it’s up to you to tell me in the comments below what happens next. Also, don’t forget to tell me which jersey you want to win. PLUS: each winner will also snag a copy of Madden NFL 13 when it comes out later this year.

From all those that enter, I’ll choose 2 random winners (one for each jersey/copy of the game) from the comments below and notify them via email/DM by this Friday at 3p ET/12n PT. One entry per person please.

Good luck

Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Steven Hughes

    Brady takes the snap and rolls to his left meets coverage and then scrambles to his right releasing a long bomb to Gronkowski who pulls it down amidst the outstanding coverage by Revis, who tackles Gronkwoski and gets dragged into the endzone as Gronkowski slams the ball down after making sure Revis is OK. :) Yeah Gronkowski jersey please.

  • Edgar Correcher


  • John Arnone

    Gronk runs a slant, Revis back steps and loses pace for Gronk only fumble and Revis recovers.
    Revis jersey  :)

  • Anonymous

    Brady takes the snap, Gronk get jammed at the line by Revis and stumbles. Revis spins off and sacks Brady causing a fumble. Revis then picks it up and returns it for a touchdown.

    I would like the Revis jersey.

  • Anonymous

    come on.. you know Revis will intercept it on the one yard line and take it to the house with a 99 yd return for a TD (after Maybin hit Brady and flattens him for an attempted sack reinjuring Brady’s foot – just to make Patriot fans feel better) :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/dmfawaz Danny Fawaz

    Gronk slants and Brady gets it to him no problem, Touchdown Pats! Gronks jersey please!

  • http://twitter.com/Chisox4ever Bryan Holloway

    Brady throws to the back of the endzone.  It’s a jump ball and Revis comes down with it.  He takes off breaks a tackle at the 5 crosses the 10 and breaks another tackle.  It’s a foot race as he crosses the 30, 40, 50 he could go all the way touchdown.  Another pick 6 for Revis.  Revis jersey please.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VQWJBG3W6LMXAST3SP6GFVWQH4 BradyG

    Brady takes the snap, and Gronkowski runs a quick slant.  Brady throws a quick pass to Gronkowski, but the pass is high and off-target.  Gronk is able to make a very quick correction and leaps to make a one-handed catch!  Unfortunately Revis is right with him the whole way and pulls Gronk down immediately.  Gronk is dropped to the ground at the 1/2-yard line.  Jets win!  Revis jersey please!

  • Anonymous

    The mighty Jets defensive line faces up against the Patriots for one last scrimmage. Brady gets his hands on the ball and falls back, looking for an opening. Gronkowski maneuvers his way into the end zone, with Revis covering him like the sweat on a farmhand’s brow. 

    Brady throws a wounded duck, taking the breath from every set of eyes in the crowd. Halfway to its target, the ball hits a green beam of light coming from beyond the field, and explodes in a cloud of pigskin and gamma rays. Quickly, the air is swarming with silver and black cigar-shaped saucers. It’s an invasion!

    Revis and Gronkowski take their eyes off the sky just long enough to nod to each other – they knew what they had to do. Ripping his helmet from his head, Gronkowski takes a knee and presses a button hidden behind his face mask. Behind the screams as panic ensues on the field, the faint sound of a 3.7 litre 288 horsepower engine carries over the crowd, growing louder by the moment. 

    Crashing through a side-gate comes the 2012 Buick Enclave, complete with an exclusive QuietTuned leather interior. The Enclave screams through the madness, stopping just short of Revis and Gronkowski, thanks to its 4-wheel anti-lock braking system. As the power-window falls on the driver side, Revis and Gronkowski are greeted by their fellow crime-fighting partner, Tiger Woods. “Get in quick, boys!” says Tiger. 

    Without hesitation, Revis and Gronkowski take his advice, and jump into the spacious backseat. With 39 inches of head room and 61.4 inches of shoulder space, both were as comfortable as they were prepared for what came next. 

    “Ready for this, fellas? Looks like we’ve got work to do,” Tiger says, as he slams on the gas pedal, bringing the four-wheel drive Enclave into action. Dodging lasers and cheerleaders, Tiger takes the Enclave out of Gillette Stadium and quickly finds the I-95 intersection. “We’re headed south, boys!” he says, pulling the Enclave into traffic. “We just need to make one stop.” 

    Before long, the team finds themselves in front of a yellow-trimmed house with a yellow-trimmed mailbox. “Hopefully the fourth member of our team is ready to go,” says Gronkowski.

    “I’m already here,” says a familiar voice. Peeking into the front seat, Revis and Gronkowski are greeted by the familiar smile of their former nemesis and newest partner, Lance Armstrong. “Man, that fool is quick,” says Gronkowski. “That’s how I roll,” says Armstrong, making the rest of his team groan with a pathetic pun. “Let’s hit it,” Armstrong declares with a wink. 

    Back on the I-95, Woods steers their chariot between cars and laser-blasted craters as they make their way south. Many hours later, after arriving in the Florida Keys and enjoying many strawberry daiquiris, the team basks in the warm sunshine, safe once again thanks to the 2012 Buick Enclave. 

    “That was close,” says Revis. “It sure was, old chum,” says Gronkowski. “By the way,” he declares, “I would have caught that ball, had it not been for those aliens.” 

    “Yea, I wonder what happened with all that,” says Revis, as he takes another sip of his daiquiri. They all share a good laugh, as the sun sets over the vast ocean waters, welcoming the twilight with a pleasant amber glow. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/DeWayne-Pierce/1828317713 DeWayne Pierce

     What a game.Brady step back…..he has time…..looking…looking, he fires for Gronkowski and iTS OFF HIS HANDS AND intercepted. Racing down the sideline is Darelle Revis. 50…40..30..20 Gronkowski still in pursuit from behind, Revis delivers a stiff arm. 10…5….TOUCHDOWN!!!! WHAT AN ENDING TO A GREAT GAME.

  • Anonymous

    Revis takes it TO THE HOUSE!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Kivette/100000682431443 Jason Kivette

    ok there is 3 seconds on the clock the Patriots have the ball on the 9 yard line , Brady has brought them to striking distance with an amazing drive but this is their last chance it’s 4th down and goal to go, Brady snaps the ball he drops back its a BLITZ!! He fires across the middle he has Gronkowski!!! He’s in its a touchdown!!!! Patriots win !! Patriots win !! Revis tried to jam Gronk at the line of scrimmage but Gronk sliced inside and was wide open, the Jets blitz left Revis one on one with Gronkowski and Brady fired it to Gronkowski for the winning score what a game!!… Later on the way to the locker room…
    ME: Mr. Gronkowski, ya need any help
    GRONK: uh uh
    ME: I just want you to know I think I think you’re the best ever
    GRONK: ya sure
    ME: want my coke…it’s ok you can have it
    GRONK: no no
    ME: really you can have it
    GRONK: (sigh) ok, Thanks(smiling)
    ME: see ya around
    GRONK: hey kid catch (he tosses me his jersey)
    ME: wow!!!! thanks GRONK

  • Anonymous

    Gronkowski runs a corner route to the back right pylon, Brady throws it up high enough that Revis can’t get it and Gronkowski comes down with it for a touchdown. The Gronkowski jeresy

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1116493842 Robert Steele

    Really, you wouldn’t call him “Revis Island” (not a nickname), you would say Gronk’s “on Revis Island.”  But, that itself would probably be unlikely as a CB matched up against a TE is generally a match-up nightmare for the smaller CB.  Thus, considering this unlikely scenario comes up, Gronk what muscle Revis out of the way and Brady would find him for 6.  Considering my snarky, condescending comment, I’m doubting I’ll win, but I’d love the Gronk jersey.  :-)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZJYVTF4RJ7MYC2EU2AU5QCHP4Y John

    Ohhh this is easy, Gronkowski on a slant brady nails him at the 3. Reevis trys for the pick but can’t get to it then attemps to make a tackle but gets ran over grabbing at gronkowski ankles. Touchdown!!!   Gronkowski jersey.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=788173628 Richard Davis

    4th And Goal from the nine yard line…Brady and the Pats break out of huddle and move to the line. The Pats are showing showing a  Gun 5 WR set. Only time for one last throw that will decide the Patriots season. The Jets realize that Gronk will potentially be the target on this play so Revis is assigned to cover Gronk while Cromartie moves up on Welker. As Brady is calling the play, Gronk And Revis lock eyes…each one knows what’s on the line for this last play…If Revis shuts down Gronk, the Jets Are AFC East Champs…If Gronk and the Pats score…they will be heading to the playoffs as AFC champs. The staredown continues as both are determined to help their team secure a playoff spot after the long, hard fought season.
    HIKE! are The first and last words Gronk and Revis hear as they begin their routes. Gronk moves up a few yards while having a brief scuffle with Revis…Gronk tries to create some seperation by faking inside and quickly movin outside to his left, Revis does not bite and is quickly on his heels. Brady pump fakes but sees no one open  and has to scramble from the pocket. Gronk quickly sees the trouble he is in and attempts to jet it back to the inside on a slant route. Revis is still on his heels…tough making the slant route put Revis a few inchs behind him. Gronk looks to brady, who is currentyly scrambling and calls for the ball. Brady quickly stops and throws the ball up and is quickly brought to the ground. Time suddenly slows down for Revis and Gronk. Each watching the ball headed in their direction….for both men their is no noise…the sound of the audience, cameras, their teammates laying into eachother…Instead the only sound they hear are their heartbeats. The ball is closing in…Gronk and Revis Leap into the air…This is it…The entire Season comes down to this one catch. Revis stares at the ball as it is heading toward him, his eyes open wide as it hurls toward him. He has a play on this ball and stretches upward to catch it. He quickly looks up as the ball hits his hands and Excitement goes through his mind for a split second. That second is dashed when he realizes the hands on the ball is not his. Instead the ball passed over his hand by inches and it is Gronk who is holding the ball. Both men finally land With Gronk the Victor. Gronk looks at his hands and is bewildered he has the ball. The silence, the heartbeats come to an end…And as he looks up…He sees and hears the roar of Gillette stadium and his teammates…who are quickly running to congratulate him.
    In his celebratory fashion, he Gronk spikes the ball…the Final spike of the regular season. He looks up and see’s Revis walking away, Revis turns around and eyes lock for the last time. Gronk nods to Revis and Revis nods out of respect and can be seen saying “Go get that ring kid, you deserve it”.

    As a Die hard Patriots fan for the last 26 years…I would love The Gronk Jersey :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HE3YA3SJVSTERSWY7743R2I62I Michael

    Gronk gets the ball and starts to run at Revis when all of a sudden Gronk hallucintates and Revis becomes a clown which makes Gronk scream and throw the ball at Revis who catches it and runs for the touchdown. Gronk jersey please.

  • http://twitter.com/I_am_Nevets Steven Mack

    Brady Throws a bullet to Gronkowski right in the middle on the endzone as Gronkowzki jukes and tricks Revis. Gronkowski makes a great catch and of course does his famous Gronk spike as his teammates rush him and they beat the Jets in the playoffs to make it to the superbowl!!

    Gronkowski Jersey please! Thanks Major

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DWMLGF7BK2U2KTU5C6A75J4YDM Laurie

    Brady drops back, scans the field for his receivers. See Gronkowski heading toward the back corner of the endzone with an obvious height advantage over Revis. He fires a bullet high and out of the reach of Revis, and Gronkowski makes a miraculous one handed grab for the TD.

    Gronkowski Jersey please :D

  • http://twitter.com/Berzirk CB

    Brady throws a jumpball to Gronk, Gronk pushes off to get open, and it slips through his fingers…but…there’s a flag on the field. Someone sneezed on Tom Brady after the ball was thrown. Personal foul, half the distance to the goal, automatic first down. With no time left, Brady throws to Gronk on a quick out, who again pushes off, catching the ball, touchdown. Revis shirt please!

  • Anonymous

    Gronk goes out 12 yards and curls back, Brady hits him with a pass. Revis was no where on the play. First down again……

  • http://twitter.com/Tyler1291 Tyler Stewart

    Revis tries to play some bump and run on gronk, but easily will get pushed aside because of his size. TD for gronk. I would love the Revis Jersey

  • Anonymous

    Gronk is given the ball and believing he is invincible runs straight toward the island.  Revis seeing an opportunity to firmly establish his dominance slams him so hard he does what no scientist has ever been able to do, he proves time travel is possible. Gronk wakes up to George Halas kicking him in the face for appearing out of nowhere in the middle of the field and costing the Bears a championship game.

    Gronk please.

  • http://twitter.com/BenRSparrow Ben Ramone Sparrow

    Brady Throws a bullet to Gronkowski right in the middle on the endzone as Gronkowzki jukes and tricks Revis. Gronkowski makes a great catch and of course does his famous Gronk spike as his teammates rush… 

  • Dwayne Sandoval

    Brady throws the ball to Gronk on short pass inside the 5. Revis saw it coming and overshoots the pass and just cries face down on the field. While Gronk dances into the end zone re-injuring his ankle only to have the whole jets stadium laughing at his stupidity.
    Revis Jersey please

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-F-Wells/1370082239 Andrew F Wells

    Gronk catches pass to flat. Revis meets him there. Resulting explosion hurts only Calvin Johnson. Madden Curse cycle complete.
    – #87 pls :]

  • Benjamin Starnes

    It’s 4th and Goal from the 9 yard line with 3 seconds left in the game.  Gronk is matched up with Revis Island, what happens?

    Tom Brady takes the snap from the shotgun formation and eyes Aaron Hernendez breaking left off the line, looking  Revis away, keeping him honest and out of coverage, when he notices the Gronker cutting left from right into the back of the endzone, lobs the ball up where only the 6’7″ Gronkowski can catch it. Revis reacts a split second too late and crumples underneath the Gronk’s imposing frame. Touchdown!! Patriots lose anyway and the Carolina Panthers win the superbowl behind Cam “Superman” Newton!

    If chosen as a winner I would really appreciate the opportunity to choose Rob Gronkowski’s jersey.

    Thank you Major Nelson/Larry!!

    [email protected]

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/73WP6M2EZD4OSLQTWPFY7RNMLU TheSasquatch

    Gronk runs to the end zone, turns and makes an easy catch while Revis bounces off of him and looks the fool.  Game, set, match.

    Gronk’s jersey for the win, please.

  • http://twitter.com/Fade2Slack Christopher Rader

    Tom Brady tosses a fade route to Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski makes a spectacular catch, but is pushed out of bounds by the more experienced Revis who shows he doesn’t have to be a ball hawk to keep someone on Revis Island. Brady sits, shocked, and wonders why he didn’t throw to an open Wes Welker.

  • Anthony Lasala

    With the clock winding down and 3 seconds left on the 4th quarter Rob Gronkowski moved from the tight end set to wide receiver. On the other side Darrelle Revis is eyeing  on the Gronkowski. 5, 4, 3, ball snapped Rob Gronkowski burst, shed a blocker and ran slant left. Revis ran full speed towards Gronkowski but was little too late as Rob caught the ball in the end zone and tied the game at 20 a piece. 

    Jersey #24 please. 

  • Anonymous

    Brady goes play action, throws to Gronkowski, Just through Revis’ hands. Gronk runs it in for the TD. Revis Island is now landlocked.


  • Brandon Rayner

    Gronk catches the pass and stiff arms Revis

  • http://twitter.com/doughboyee Dave Soto Jr

    With Seconds left, Brady snaps the ball and fakes a hand off to Danny Woodhead.  He bootlegs left and looks for Wes Welker streaking across the middle of the end zone.  Revis jumps off Gronkowski to cover the pass and tips the ball to the back corner of the endzone that he just left. Gronkowski jumps up and catches the tipped ball for a TD.  Pats win.  Gronkowski jersey please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.beverly Daniel Beverly

    Gronkowski Lines up in the flat , The ball is snapped, Gronkowski fakes a step outside then quickly cuts in to catch a slant over the middle for the score and the win!

  • Anonymous

    First off I want the Gronk  Jersey 2nd come on. Gronk comes off the line Brady throws up high and revis has NO SHOT. Touchdown.

  • http://twitter.com/twinkiebeyond Sacman and Throbbin’

    Brady takes the snap, stays in pocket for too long, then
    scrambles to his right.  Throws a bullet to Gronkowski.  TD.

    Gronk jersey!

  • Tim Wright

    Pats try and run a quick dump to Gronkowski over the middle but Revis picks it in stride for a 105 yard TD.
    Revis jersey.

  • Robert Milton

    sorry for repost.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=144900050 Bart Thomas

    Gronk scores with a hail mary
    Gronk jersey

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.teetor Mark Teetor

    Gronkowski makes the catch but Revis tackles him short of the goal line.

    Revis Jersey

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=728650258 Dave Packard

    Brady takes the snap, drops back, and ruptures his Achilles tendon.  Out for the remainder of the year.  Playoffs.  Colts nation rejoices!

  • Leslie Renee Jensen

    Gronkowski shakes Revis and heads to the corner of the endzone. Ball is in the air, perfect spiral. Revis ankles are toast as he watches from the ground at the 4 yard line. Slow-mo, angel-choir singing “Hallelujah.” Gronk has time to turn around completely and set his feet. Still in slow-mo, he crouches down to jump for the ball. His eyes light up while launching into the air. You can see him mouthing, “What the…” In mid-air he reaches higher than he’s ever had to reach. (Whoosh!) He reached to no avail. The ball was uncatchable, way too high. He falls ever so gracefully in slow-motion. Jets win! Gimme the Revis jersey!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7WJGHZKMN3Y76NDRUECHPSBG5M Jay

    The game is tied, New England’s Field Goal kicker (Stephen Gostkowski) was injured earlier in the game so the Pats must go for the Touchdown……..Meanwhile at the local Buffalo Wild Wings in Ohio I sit enjoying the game and a nice cold adult beverage having a hee haw of a time when I give the Bartender the wink to flip the switch……..Back at the Game Brady is in the gun and takes the snap…..Gronkowski is on Revis Island in the End Zone…….Brady throws the Fade……Back in Ohio the switch is now flipped…..Back at the stadium the Ball is in the air as the lights go out a spot light is on Revis Island, Strobe Lights Flashing, House Music Bumping, as the Ball Flies over their heads Gronkoski is doing his crazy post SuperBowl part dance.  We go to OT and I continue to throw back the cold ones at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Thank You Mr. Bartender.    Give me the Gronkowski Jersey

  • http://3guys1movie.com/ 3guys1movie

    Brady to Gronk ..TD.. Super Spike on Revis’ dome….  the hoodie is not happy about the celebration penalty….but with Sanchez at the helm for the jets… it does not matter.

  • Anonymous

    Brady drops back, gronk runs behind brady for a reverse trips brady who still has the ball, he stumbles on his feet heaving a rocket into the air only to be intercepted by Revis who runs it back fro a TD. Game Over, brady gets cut by the team and the Patriots supposed dynasty is officially over.

    Gronk Jersey.

  • http://3guys1movie.com/ 3guys1movie

    o and I want that Gronk, Yo Soy Fiesta, Jersey

  • http://twitter.com/BrianMcClowry Brian McClowry

    Rob Gronkowski makes a diving catch but before he can land in the touchdown zone, he gets pushed backed by Darrelle Revis and the touchdown does not count. Revis wins the game for the Jets! I would like the Rob Gronkowski jersey. Thanks for this opportunity! 

  • http://www.majornelson.com Major Nelson


    I am going to randomly choose two winners and contact them via their Disqus registration method.

    Thanks to everyone that entered!