May 1st 2012 8:58 am PT

IGN Launches on Xbox LIVE

Today, IGN launched on Xbox LIVE  bringing customized entertainment designed specifically for the gaming community by IGN Entertainment. The IGN app is available to Xbox LIVE Gold* members in the U.S., and includes the following features:

  • Game previews, reviews, guides and gameplay videos.
  • ‘Instant access’ to game help walkthroughs and IGN’s extensive catalog of popular shows, including “The Daily Fix,” “Strategize,” “Weekly ‘Wood” and more. 
  • Live streams of eSports events and content from the IGN Pro League, as well as inside access to events like E3.
  • Movie reviews and exclusive trailers.
  • Facebook sharing through Xbox LIVE.

*Xbox LIVE Gold membership and/or additional subscriptions/fees may be required. Kinect functionality available with select Xbox LIVE content and varies by feature and country. For additional details and availability, see

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Anonymous

    I normally understand why video apps are limited to certain regions, I really do, but I can’t come up with a single reason this one should be US only.

    • Anonymous

      We’re working on it.

      • Anonymous

        Sign into a US account if you have one, download it sign back into UK account. It’s a bit laggy when using the interface but it loads videos perfectly fine. It just has US adverts at the start of videos ;-)

    • Anonymous

      Indeed. Their website isn’t region locked to the US.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! This is awesome…will definitely download it.

  • Lee Mawdsley

    I guess licensing yet again means the rest of the world again, lucks out.  It’s no wonder people will use alternative methods.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’ll fix the wp7 app now.

  • Anonymous

    This is cool. Do you think XBox Magazine will get an app?

  • theConstruct

    You can’t spell ignorant without IGN.

  • Tyler Pinder

    it’s not about licensing, U.S just thinks that they are superior to the rest of the world.

    • Karl Cramer

      Wow. LOL. So you don’t think it’s bureaucracy or red tape of international regulations? They don’t want to do business and make money with you just because they want to feel superior.

      • Anonymous

        According to the MLB, who also restrict their app to just a few territories, the restrictions are imposed by Microsoft themselves!!! Like I say, that’s according to the folks at MLB.

        • Karl Cramer

          So PlayStation and Roku do the same thing because why? Or is the more likely explanation legal red tape, approvals, and pre-existing rights.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, but the fact it’s on Apple TV blows that one out of the water. Along with the fact that MLB have never claimed their app isn’t available because of legal restrictions. Neither have Microsoft, who blame MLB. They’ve simply chosen not to do so.

          • Russell Gorall

            MS fanbot.

          • Karl Cramer

            Or I think like a reasonable adult.

      • Michael Petty

        IGN is worldwide, anyone from any country can access the IGN website on their pc, why should we be not allowed to now because were trying access IGN on a console instead of a pc? it’s just more BS from MS.

        • Karl Cramer

          You kids need to take an Intro to International Business course. It’s eye-opening how difficult it is to conform to regulations most people in their own country aren’t aware of.

    • ryan davis

      That’s because we are.  Although we do have love your sister, Lucy.

      • Synthetic Generation

        Ughhh No; your country is actually one of the worst places to live in right now.

        • Chris Reed

          I think Somalia, Afghanistan and North Korea have something to say about that

          • Kairu

            I don’t think countries can speak.

          • Monsterous Rage

             just like an American to say its better then Antarctica and Afghanistan, how about comparing yourselves to the UK or Canada. then we paint a completely different picture.

          • ryan davis

            Canada. HAHAHAHA

    • ryan davis

      That’s because we are.  Although we do have love your sister, Lucy.

  • Anonymous

    We want this in the UK!!

  • Paul Barnett

    No conflict of interest here. Nope. None whatsoever.

  • ryder4life22187

    stupid stupid who uses IGN for game reviews anyway

  • Jordan

    So all the Xbox 360 exclusives are going to get good scores now?  :/

    • Kasey Moore

      All 2 of them.

  • Anonymous

    IGN has become a serious joke of a website. They’ve been in the tank for any publisher willing to give them money for review scores. Bad idea. Bad.

  • Erik

    USA, USA, USA, USA – so boring! Why the heck you can’t launch same services in UK, ROI, australia (english countries) too???? Little bit boring that Microsoft offers so big support only to USA customers..

  • Don’t Really Care

    Your opinion matters, especially when you share that opinion in the comments section of an article about IGN on an Xbox blog on the internet.

  • Don’t Really Care

    IGN is garbage, who cares?

    Bad reviews + hyperbolic blogs fueled by rumors.  Its like they’re run by a knitting circle of 70 year old Jewish and Korean women.

  • Dmitry Zolotov

    Just lock the marketplace for people outside of U.S., why bother. This is unbelievable. And we pay the same price as american users do.

  • Randy Ramsgate

    so australia gets no inside xbox and no ign. smart move.