May 7th 2012 8:22 pm PT

Win It Before You Can Buy it: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

The highly anticipated title Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday and I have your chance to win a copy first and free. All you need to do is leave a comment below (Sign in using your Twitter account – OR leave your twitter user name in the comments) and let me know what you are looking forward to building in Minecraft. THEN be sure you are following me on Twitter. (Click the button below to be sure)

After 6p ET/3p PT on Tuesday, May 8th I’ll randomly choose 10 Winners and DM them a code for a free copy of Minecraft:Xbox 360 Edition that you can download and play immediately before it goes on sale Wednesday morning.

That’s it. Pretty simple. Good luck!

Comment below (not on Twitter) with what you want to build in Minecraft
(Use your Twitter account + be sure to follow me on Twitter)
(Maybe win and) Play Minecraft:Xbox 360 Edition before everyone else
Watch your friends be jealous

Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • ColtRL

    Im looking forward to building sky fortresses and hidden buildings!

  • Ryan Pettit

    I want it because tomorrow is my Birthday and pretty much to play with my friends and create havoc!

  • drayton florence

    i just would like minecraft. my goal is to build the buffalo bills stadium from top to bottom in every last detail.

  • John Tiplady

    Finally here on xbox! Im going to buid my Jurassic Park island that i made on the pc version!

  • Loading…

    I just wanna build

  • Garrett Moyer

    I would build a house for 8 of my friends to hang out in.

  • Mad Gamer

    i will build a tunnel that leads to the center of the earth and make creeper BBQ. want to join?

  • Liam Dalton

    Ill be making a huge village. MINECRAFT!!!!!!!

  • Adam England

    I would build a Huge Creeper, A Battlefield 3 Army Guy, and a Nyan Cat Statue! :)

  • steven

    i would build a replica of NYC

  • Ricardo Cordero

    Pick me pick me …

  • Punter

    I’m gonna build a giant homework destroyer so that I have more time to play minecraft!!!

  • reno2013

    I want to build my own city

  • steven

    i would build a huge xbox 360

  • Alex Harrop

    if i had a dollar for everytime i built something awesome in minecraft id have 100 dollars! i wanna build a major nelson shrine then id have 101 dollars

  • Mark

    I wanna build a statue of larry because he is such a cool guy.

  • steven

    i would build a f*ck you last stand museum

  • yourshames

    I wanna build a lava fortress!

  • Robbie Vivian

    I will build everything I can think of!! The world of Minecraft is never ending and so my building ideas will be never ending too!! :D

  • andy wotherspoon

    a giant sandcastle complete with moat

  • Colin Moore

    I’d (try) and build something train related for my son.

  • Felix He

    I will build Halo!


  • steven

    i would build a cod multi player map

  • Punter

    Im going to build a giant homework destroyer so that I have more time to play this wonderful minecraft!

  • steven

    i would build a sports stadium.

  • Lachlan Hannam

    A Giant deformed cow

  • Luuk van Oostrom

    I’d built a giant Mau5head I could live in.

  • thoruen

    @Jay_M_Stone I didn’t realize your site only works in IE and not Firefox. That SUCKS.
    I would build a castle worthy of Princess Buttercup.

  • Womblemania

    I heart 8 bit zombies.

    But I heart freebie Mincraft even more.

    Think of the children, let me play, I want to live!!!

  • Bry


  • Ricardo Cordero

    If I could just win. I have to use my “MINE”

  • steven

    ok i may have said i will build alot and trust me i will but it just may take a

  • Ricardo B

    Roughly 1/400 chance of winning?! I’m in! @FlakeyMusician

  • Gabriel Knight

    2 minutes left! *Phew*

  • Arthur Garcia

    I’m building the Stark Tower.

  • Joseph R. Pruitt

    Please pick me Mr. Hryb, I plan on getting a copy for my fiancee’s sister for her birthday and money is tight. This would be very helpful. Thanks so much for your time and consideration.
    -Joseph R. Pruitt, L1T1, Telenetwork
    A.A.S. Computer Information Systems
    “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  • Alex Harrop

    random things! like, a monkey driving a sports car while sucking on a turd :S

  • Christopher Glancy

    I want to build wayne mansion and the Batcave because Batman is the best superhero in my opinion

  • Paul Henrick

    I want to build some kind of giant dog that i jump around on. Massive dog for the win!

  • steven

    i would just be me and build amazing stuff

  • Michael W. Fender

    I’d build one of the Wild Things in memory of Maurice Sendak. RIP

  • steven

    i would build a creeper free city

  • Paul Devlin

    A really nice cupboard, perhaps with shelves.

  • Gabriel Knight

    OOPS! A Castle! Ima build a castle!

  • Martin Barajas

    I would want to build a microsft building and widows 8 !

  • Andrew Buchanan

    The bell-end to end all bell-ends.

  • Sam Bateman

    Whatever I want, the sky’s the limit

  • Ricardo Cordero

    I meant to say mine- powers…. : {

  • Alex Harrop

    id build the next ice age! :D

  • Tanner Brazil

    I would make a glorious castle of gold blocks