May 17th 2012 12:32 pm PT

HBO GO on Xbox 360 Now Available for Time Warner Cable Customers

Starting today, Xbox LIVE Gold members in the U.S. that are also Time Warner Cable and Bright House customers will be able to access their favorite HBO content on their console.

HBO GO on Xbox 360 includes the entire HBO catalogue of live and on demand original content – that means every episode of every show, from the latest hits like “Game of Thrones,” to older favorites like “The Sopranos.” With Kinect, you can voice search the entire HBO catalogue.

We’re excited Xbox owners that are Time Warner Cable and Bright House subscribers will have access to even more of the entertainment they want, all in one place.


Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Chuck Yoder

    Now if we could only get ESPN3 on Time Warner on Xbox then we’d be all set. It’s been working on for years now. I like how it says “Check back for regular updates”.

  • chintu

    espn 3 come on

  • Mythical Wolf


  • Hugoku

    This would maybe be exciting if we had these in my country.
    With all these media additions to the service I feel we really need another tier for XBL.

    I don’t get much out of this to be honest, and would rather just get the core XBL experience (online play, party chat, matchmaking, etc) at a lower price point.

    • D4gOnsFuRy

      Why would you have HBO if you’re not from the US? You’re not meant to get much out of it as it is not intended for you.
      Countries get their own exclusive content so there is no need to complain. I

      • Inaba-kun

        It’s more a case of, the US gets most of the content, and the rest of the world gets the few scraps that remain. I live in the UK where needless to say, if we want watch HBO content we have to make alternative arrangements, all of them incredibly expensive and mostly in standard definition. Hardly surprising The Pirate Bay is so popular.

      • Hugoku

        That is precisely my point.
        The “exclusive” content we get is just scraps. Yet we pay full price for an XBL subscription. And that’s why I think another tier of service is needed.

      • BigBernard

        Xbox Live anywhere apart from America is garbage. There’s so much stuff we don’t get. We can complain as much as we like thanks….

    • fried_egg

      great point. I dont need a second cable box, so if xbox continues to load itself up with tv channels i dont want to pay for, then I will ditch xbox, not my cable box.

  • David Godoy

    And still no ESPN on XBox Live for Time Warner Cable customers. The service has only been available to most people for almost 2 years.

    • mcmax3000

      That’s up to ESPN & Time Warner to make a deal.

      • David Godoy

        Watch ESPN is already available to watch, online, through their website for Time Warner customers. They just refuse to let you watch it on the Xbox.

  • Anthony

    rogers cable in canada should make a deal. canada gets left out of everything :(

  • David Smith


  • JS Beckerist

    When is ESPN3 going to work for time warner customers?

  • Jason Schwanke

    Optimum (cablevision) won’t give the west HBO GO but they gave it to the east.