May 29th 2012 12:13 pm PT

New Xbox Entertainment Apps; Xbox LIVE Gold Unlocked 6/1-6/3

Exciting news today, as newly launched, customized entertainment apps are available on the Xbox LIVE service1:

Amazon Instant Video. United States
With the Amazon Instant Video app on Xbox 360, you can access any movie or TV episode you’ve previously rented or bought from Amazon Instant Video. Amazon has more than 120,000 titles, including new release movies and next-day TV shows. In addition, Amazon Prime members can watch thousands of videos on the Xbox 360 at no additional cost to their membership..

Antena 3. Spain
All the TV shows, all the programs and all the characters of your favorite series can be found on the Xbox Antena3 app. You can follow and enjoy all your programs when you want and how you want.

MLB.TV. Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan
With today’s MLB.TV2 expansion, fans around the world in 26 countries can now designate their favorite teams to ensure the live games, recaps and highlights they care about most are at the forefront each time they turn on their Xbox. International audiences are able to watch every regular season Major League Baseball game without blackout restrictions live in HD with MLB.TV. That’s 2,430 games live or on-demand—almost 100 games per week during the regular season, right on your Xbox 360. And with Kinect, you can even play, pause, and rewind the game with your voice or a wave of your hand.

MUZU.TV. Australia, New Zealand
MUZU.TV1, love music love video. Over 40,000 music videos at your command using the power of Kinect. Videos and brand new releases from the world’s biggest and up and coming artists, great music videos from every decade, and the latest music news and interviews.

We’re also unlocking our Xbox LIVE Gold subscription service in various regions from Friday, June 1 through Sunday, June 3 – no Xbox LIVE Gold membership required for this time. Through this promotion, anyone In the U.S., Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Chile with an Xbox will be able to enjoy multi-player gaming experiences featured on the Xbox LIVE service.

Additionally, in the U.S. only, the below customized entertainment apps will be unlocked3:

  • Amazon Instant Video
  • IGN
  • Manga Entertainment

1Xbox LIVE Gold membership and/or additional subscriptions/fees may be required. Kinect functionality available with select Xbox LIVE content and varies by feature and country. For additional details and availability, see

2MLB.TV Premium Subscription, along with an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership, is required for live and on-demand game content and other features. Kinect functionality available with select Xbox LIVE content and varies by feature and country. For additional details and availability, see

3No Xbox LIVE Gold membership required. Subscriptions/fees may be required.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Sandro Milhano

    We need more apps in portugal.

    • ikari_paul

      agree… its a shame that we pay for a gold subscription, and dont have access to a fraction of the same services that are provided in the US & UK. Microsoft could work a tiny bit harder to get us at least a couple of them. In this state, dont think ill renew the Gold subscription. just not getting my moneys worth

  • hojsn

    Hi does everything MS does seem to be so US-centric? :-S

    • Tyler Beale

      Of course! Microsoft is an American company, after all – so it would make sense to launch their products and services in their homeland first.

      Just like how Namco Bandai releases Tales games in Japan first.

      • Stephan Tenspel

        But those apps never come to europe countries like belgium holland or austria, we have a awful video marketplace, twitter and facebook,and microsoft killed inside xbox so

    • John Doen

      Clearly you didn’t read OP as nearly all of the newly released Apps this week are for NON USA Xbox LIVE Regions.
      Then again, a lot of the USA Xbox LIVE Region Apps are US-centric because the content providers for these Apps are US-centric. Same goes for the Apps that are NOT available in the USA Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
      A company that doesn’t have it’s content available in (___insert country here___) isn’t going to release an app for an Xbox LIVE Region such as (___insert country here___) where they do not provide service to.
      For example, there’s NO Netflix App for Anatartica because there is NO Netflix Service in Antartica. Then again, there is no Antartica Xbox LIVE Region.
      This isn’t rocket surgery.

      • ikari_paul

        derp? watch it. arrogant know-it-all’s like you are unfortunately a plague online. i advice you to bring it down a notch or two, your not better than anyone around here. considering your playing the “inteligence card”, at least provide better examples. its pretty obvious that M$ cant provide netflix in a region, unless its content has been licensed to that region, but M$ could at least make an effort ( at least try), strike deals with European content providers… hell, youtube. we have nothing whatsoever over here. and the problem is that we pay more for Gold. in this state, its pretty useless to subscribe.

        • mcmax3000

          “its pretty obvious that M$ cant provide netflix in a region, unless its content has been licensed to that region”

          There are a lot of people that whine to Microsoft because apps like Netflix (or more recently, HBO Go) aren’t available in their region, so no it’s not that obvious. It should be, but it’s not.

  • ProWarrior9

    We are in the middle east! and there a huge fans for xbox but no support please support xbox live features with a middle east country

  • MacUser1986

    Hey Major when is the GameSpot app being released?

  • Alice Lockhart

    I would like to have your channels (I’m mexican) ='(.

  • Agantes

    In Chile we pay the same or more for services but do not have any special service,just netflix. We do not understand the reason we can not access this in something asbasic as it is youtube. Deliver more services or lower the value of Xbox Live Gold!stop the abuse now.

  • Volitar Prime

    Are any of these video apps 1080i (or p) with 5.1 (or better) surround sound? I am so disappointed that HBO Go is only 720p with 2 channel stereo sound.

  • toohats

    YEA!!! Amazon Instant Watch Video! Thank you all so much – Now I can smoothly stream my Doctor Who and Dexter! (without going through my PC and snagging.) Bravo!

  • Almageddon

    Just more clutter! YAY o/

    Can’t stand the fact that the 360 has turned into a media center! Oh and btw Major if you ever still read these posts, please pass on to the relevant dept that they need to sort out the dashboard again because its slow and a mess!

    • Doug Wilson

      I Love that it’s turned into a media center! I’m going to buy a 2nd one so that I never have to turn on my bloody PS3 again!

      Now if only it would play Blurays…

      • Luke Es | sE ekuL

        Can sell you a shiny HD-DVD drive if you’d like… ;)

    • Luke Es | sE ekuL

      That’s hilarious, considering one of the top uses for the original Xbox was the open source XBMC project until… oh gosh… two years ago YESTERDAY. That’s when they stopped supporting the hardware in order to evolve the service. (Sound familiar, eh? ;)
      Consoles being media centers isn’t ever going to change, because the majority of consumers have a bigger TV than a computer monitor.

    • Major Nelson

      I read all the comments. And I’ve sent a link to this thread (and your comment) to the right people.

      • Almageddon

        Thank you sir, its very much appreciated that you did that but its even more nice to see you posting!

        • Major Nelson

          No problem!

  • CursedDragonite

    what abt the uk will they get a free weekend of gold aswell ?

  • Jim E. Rustler

    Oh Microsoft you are so good to us with these crapps.

    The Xbox 360 is a games console. It is used to play videogames. Stop overlooking that, please.

    • Luke Es | sE ekuL

      Please explain how they are overlooking anything.

    • Iskandar Dzulkarnain

      Technically, it’s called an “Entertainment System”. Games is one of the forms of entertainment.

  • Casey Wheeler

    amazon sound is horrible, i have my tv at 18 on my roku and blu ray player and it sounds perfect with hd video, even at 26 I can barely hear it, i’ve never had to go above 26 for anything on my tv. so its basically useless. fix it or stop adding all these video apps, this was the last one i really needed to get rid of my roku player, but just like the new netflix app you released it way to soon.

  • Attila Buturla

    I am very happy to see this app. I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to ditch my cable and get all of my TV/Movies/news/sports via the Xbox. And of course I still want great games too. :)

  • Ashley


  • jc0196

    more apps and support in hong kong! :(

  • fsdfg dsfds

    How about putting more codecs on xbox rather then stupid social media crap>?
    At least make the xbox play 5.1 audio h264/x264

  • RicardoDawkins

    Yay!!! Free Gold weekend…thanks!

  • Sascha Zeisler

    “U.S. only”, “U.S. only”… What is available in Germany is ridicolous! We are still waiting for for years!! What about Amazon’s Lovefilm? Still Not there. When I look at my friends’ dashboard in the U.S., ther are worlds between what is offered there and what I see here in Germany.
    A little more effort for us? Please?

    Thank you.

    • Karl Cramer

      Your ire is probably better directed at German censorship laws. The Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons in particular.

  • Inaba-kun

    A few complaints about the apps-

    1- Many have still not fixed the black level issue. LoveFilm in the UK for example looks so washed out as to be completely unwatchable. It’s also in brutally compressed SD, which doesn’t help.

    2- Why is the Manga Video app, a UK company, only available in the US?

    3- Where is the Crunchyroll app?

    4- Why do the apps take so long to load? The total time from switching the xbox on having an app fully loaded and ready is absurd. It’s like going back to the 8-bit days.

    • Austers

      Stop moaning so much. LoveFilm is fine for me, also it’s harder to licence in the UK, apps for me take no longer than a few seconds.

  • gerblanski

    Why can’t we get IGN in the uk?
    And there is a problem with the loading times, Netflix takes close to a minute to load, it’s a minor irritation, but would be interesting to hear why. They also need to fix YouTube. Not only slow to boot up the app, but it’s slow to run, subscriptions don’t load 70% of the time, and searches are awful, as is browsing.

  • arkhunter

    Nice. I’ve been waiting for Amazon Prime instant video.

  • Zizics Fanta László

    any update for the Hungarian Market? no youtube or other kool apps… pfh

  • Joe Morales

    How long does the free Xbox LIVE Gold promotion last? I’m understanding from Friday June 1 thru Sunday 03, the Xbox LIVE Gold will be unlocked through phases/regions because I’m not seeing how/where to unlock that myself.

  • Esmond Sit

    I have to say that I feel for a lot of the commenters here who complain that the Xbox Live service is too US focused. Its not to say we want Netflix here where we don’t have Netflix or things like that but considering we pay the same amount of money as the American user, we feel almost cheated or neglected because we’re not getting the same amount of content and extras. Give us something or maybe charge a lower fee if we’re not going to get anything.

  • GT:AustRemp14

    This should happen again soon since I missed this