May 29th 2012 9:35 am PT

Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle

Today we’re announcing the Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle. This bundle, available at participating retailers in mid-June, will be available for a MSRP of US $299 and includes:

As you can see for $299, it’s a pretty good value if you are looking to pick up a console. I’ve got a few more photos of the bundle on my Flickr stream

Update: The bundle is now available for pre-order

Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • BuBBeR

    This comes with one standard wireless controller right?

    • Major Nelson

      Correct. The bundle does include a standard wireless controller and the wireless wheel.

  • OleanderX

    Not bad. I need a new one for Halo 4.

    • toohats

      Are you going to wait for a Halo 4 bundle? I adore my Halo: Reach Silver Console. I wonder if the Halo 4 will have hard drive larger than 320gb…

  • Mythical Wolf

    “It’s all about the money, money, money!”

    • John Doen

      Exactly, saving money through purchasing a bundle.

  • Mclean Oshiokpekhai

    When’s the bundle coming out?

    • Major Nelson

      Pretty sure I put that in the post.
      Yup. I did
      ‘This bundle, available at participating retailers in mid-June…’

  • ElektroDragon

    HARD DRIVE TOO SMALL. No bundle should come with less than the 320GB, and even that is cramped. I had to put a 700GB in my PS3.

    • JasonGW

      I’d like to know what you’re doing that you think 250GB is too small :). I’m still using my 250 from 2 years ago and have well over 100GB free. My 120GB PS3 still has 80GB free, too :p. Between streaming video and cloud-based game saves, 250 is more than plenty for the vast majority of users :)

      • ryder4life22187

        for starters maybe we just buy more dlc and XBLA games than most ppl i have the 250GB and i had to delete all my Xbox 360 installed games to make room and now i only have 49GB left and only had it for a year

        • JasonGW

          I suppose. I buy a LOT of DLC and very little of it takes up much space on a per-piece basis. As for my installed games: I install the game for as long as I’m playing it routinely, and as soon as it’s finished and goes back on the shelf, I simply uninstall it. There is no point in a game I’m either not playing or rarely playing taking up space on my hard drive :).

          In any case, those of us who can’t live with 250GB are in a tiny, TINY minority :)

  • Arturo Lugo González

    For a racing aficionado, which controller gives an overall better experience? This one or the one with motion feedback?

  • Anthony Nichols

    Does it come with a Wireless Controller too?

    • Anthony Nichols

      I guess I glanced through the answers too fast before posting…

      Major Nelson: Correct. The bundle does include a standard wireless controller and the wireless wheel.

  • Kelvin McGill


  • Neftali Rodriguez

    Damn! That is actually a very good deal.

  • Merchandise 7X

    Can you actually navigate the menus in Forza 4 with the Wireless Racing Wheel now?

    • mcmax3000

      It has face buttons, and a d-pad, so you should be able to navigate menus with it.

      • Merchandise 7X

        Forza 4 (at the time I bought the wheel, before I returned it) required the LB and RB buttons to navigate the menus. The wheel only has the triggers, not the shoulder buttons. I figured a title update would eventually fix this, but I haven’t heard official news about it.

        • John Petraskie

          just switch to the regular controller if your not racing, then switch back when you do. I do this all the time.

  • Russell Gorall

    That would be somewhat worth getting just for the racing wheel. I find the controller kind of weird to use, almost seems like racing developers develop for racing wheels?

    Not that it makes sense for a $300 console six and half years after launch!

  • Robbie

    Will this be available in Australia and at what price?

  • Dustin Harper

    Nice. I love racing games, and the wheel looks pretty nice. :)

  • Quin2013

    Anyone know if game stop will carry this when available? Cuz I’m ready to trade in my 2yr old xbox 360, stat.

  • Darren Howlett

    WIth all that Purple at the bottom of the ad, it must have kinect for head tracking in Forza.

  • Dr4gOnsFuRy

    This bundle already happened in the UK when Forza first come out, plus it was cheaper.

  • hazy

    Loads of unsolved abysmal wheels so let’s bundle them in with the console so no-one notices.

  • hazy

    What was wrong with the old wheel? Holding a lump of plastic in the air is a nonsense way of controlling a racing sim.

    • Ryan Spooner

      As is trying to balance a wheel on your knees while steering frantically. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

      • hazy

        I have. You may as well be holding a plate. There’s no feeling and certainly no feedback.

  • hazy


  • piersandro

    $110 value? In Italy the Forza 4 + Wheel bundle is available now at 49 euro.

  • Sanford Hall
  • Ryan Spooner

    I still find it laughable that they only include a composite cable and
    scart block in the box with new consoles. An HD console that is
    incapable of outputting in HD out of the box. Laughably


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