May 30th 2012 9:51 am PT

Where to Watch the Xbox E3 2012 Media Briefing

On Monday, June 4th at 12:30p ET/9:30a PT we’ll kick off E3 2012 with the Xbox 360 Media Briefing. For the first time ever you’ll be able to watch the briefing streamed directly to your Xbox 360 over Xbox LIVE. In addition, Spike TV will also be airing the briefing live. If you are hanging out on Facebook, you’ll be able to watch the stream over there as well. Won’t be near your PC? Then point your mobile browser to where they’ll have a mobile version of the stream hosted.

If you are near your computer, you’ll also want to hit up where you can watch the stream as well as participate in an interactive chat with other viewers that I’ll be hosting along with Julie Alexandria.

Regardless of how you watch it, it will be presented live and commercial free. Plus if you miss it…you’ll be able drop by after the briefing to watch a replay.

Following the briefing, watch the Xbox 360 dashboard for video coverage directly from the show floor.

Update: The streams will be available in all regions.

An Xbox LIVE Gold membership will be required to watch the stream on the console. Anyone can watch it via

I’ll also be posting from the show floor to Twitter and Google Plus:


Google Plus:

E3, Events, Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Daniel Lawson

    will I be able to watch it on my WP7.5?

    • Dan Kelleway


  • Joel

    And from which of these services will it be streamed in HD?

  • レイブ・シンプソン

    For the live over Xbox Live, I wonder if there is need for Gold Membership

    • mcmax3000

      That’s a good question.

      Would be stupid if it does, because it’s effectively a 90 minute ad for Xbox & Xbox Live that you’re watching.

      • The Dukenator

        Its using the Xbox Live Event Player app from before, so I’m not sure if it does require Gold to watch.

  • Russell Gorall

    *Hoping for a 720 announcement and not the $100 SKU with no disc drive.

    • Tuxx Wat

      $100 Sku is better than 20 min lame kinect speeches but yegh we all want to hear about new hardware for sure! Bring on the 720!

  • dibils

    will the stream on xbox live be HD?? if not then i’ll stick to my GTTV coverage thanks

    • Major Nelson

      If your connectivity allows, yes. It will be in HD.

      • dibils

        nice! plz tell me this isnt U.S only. i am in the UK and have a 100MB fibre optic connection so if its available i should be able to get HD stream :)

        • dibils

          nvm just saw the last line in the post “Note: The streams will be available in all regions.” :D

  • Kasey

    I hope Microsoft focuses more on core games. Last years E3 was abysmal to say the least.

  • ElektroDragon

    Hmm… they are really ensuring a lot of avenues to be able to watch this press conference compared to previous years. Surely they can’t be doing that just to announce Halo 4 and more Kinect games, can they? Maybe it means Xbox 720 will be announced after all?

  • twisted_poke

    Will this be available on the console “on demand”. Meaning will i be able to watch the briefing in its entirety in the evening after work or will it only be available live as it happens?

    • the Tech Dino

      I would also like to know the answer to this.

    • mcmax3000

      I just saw someone from Microsoft say on Twitter that the replay will be available on the console a few hours after the briefing is over.

    • Hugoku

      The E3 video archive is usually available later in the day.
      Can’t usually see this at work (just live blogs) :p so this is how I get my visual fix.

  • StrikeSudden

    I will be watching. Just disappointed not revealing the new xbox. I was so hopefull

    • Tuxx Wat

      Me too, I watch E3 every year and the last two have been very dispointing “new hardware wise”.
      It was nice microsoft keeping the “new style black 360″ a pretty good secert up till e3 a few years back… perhaps they will have something nice (new hardware) to make us excited about gaming again

  • Tuxx Wat

    Dear Microsoft: Please stop spending soooo much of the E3 Keynote on Kinect! I know you’ve been working extra hard to get some of the wii casual demographic but the wii is NOT hot anymore.

    Please atleast tease some new hardware (xbox 720) to be excited about. Its fine if you want to release a 3rd verson of the 360 in sub mini form for video on demand or little live games but new hardware is what builds gaming excitment… not firebreathers or circus dancers.

    Also consider talking up Windows 8, I know the app store will feature some xbox live games.

    PLEASE NO 20 MIN SPEECHES on how your making cookie monster games or kids who are proud of their Dad for making a “LAME GAME FOR THEM”…. Please dont forget us hardcore gamers…..

  • Tuxx Wat

    PS. Microsoft please address hardcore gamers as “hardcore gamers”… not “core” …. the term “core” was coined from Nintendio trying to “play down” the idea of “hardcore gamers” to promote the wii.

    • Corellianrogue

      I don’t think Nintendo coined the phrase and I prefer core to hardcore
      since most people who claim to be hadcore gamers probably aren’t. So
      many people don’t even seem to know what the terms “casual” “core” and
      “hardcore” mean. Especially when you get idiots saying things like “You
      can’t make hardcore Kinect games!” since Kinect is probably the the
      greatest tool for the advancement of core/hardcore games since at least
      the Saturn & PS1 era which made development of 3D (polygon) games far easier than before and revolutionised the industry.
      Of course it doesn’t help when developers keep claiming that their new
      game “is the first core game for Kinect” when it actually had a few core
      games at launch and has many now. (It still should have a lot more by
      now though admittedly. But don’t blame Kinect itself, go complain to
      publishers/developers for not making even more core games, including
      Microsoft who should have taken the lead at launch.)

  • Tuxx Wat
  • Neftali Rodriguez

    Killer Instinct. I want a surprise this year.

    • fsdfg dsfds

      Ive lost all hope in Rare for years now, they even had to get a 3rd party in to port there own game perfect dark, worst dev on earth

    • r0ck

      heh, that isn’t the same Rare from the Nintendo days.

  • Sam Papadopoulos

    I wonder if “Note: The streams will be available in all regions.” means anywhere outside the us?

    • The Dukenator

      He means, “Don’t cross the streams.”

      Yes. It would be everywhere.

  • chintu

    in hd 1080p or 720p

  • Bradley

    Let’s play a drinking game.
    Whenever someone mentions “core gamers” in a sentence about kinect – take a shot.
    Whenever someone mentions “Innovation” when there clearly isn’t any – take a shot.
    Whenever they mention something along the lines of “To provide the best experience for our consumers” which is an outright lie – take a shot.
    We’ll all be plastered out of our skulls by the end of the conference. I guarantee it.

    • Russell Gorall

      What do we do when they mention one of the twenty multiplatform titles they for some reason will include in their show?

      • Bradley

        Do a keg stand. We’ll blame MS for our alcohol poisoning afterwards, and Larry for his incompetence with his job.

    • Sean Hayden

      Nah, let’s play a shooting game.
      Whenever someone mentions “core gamers” in a sentence about Kinect – take a shot.
      Whenever someone mentions “innovation” when there clearly isn’t any – take a shot.
      Whenever they mention something along the lines of “To provide the best
      experience for our consumers” which is an outright lie – take a shot.
      Your trust for Microsoft will be all over the walls by the end of the year. In other words, you’ll be saying how much better Sony is than Microsoft. I guarantee it.

  • Ales84

    We want new hardcore exclusive!!!
    Stop with kinect!!!

    • TheJoker360

      amen Kinect sucks. MS have abanonded its core fanbase.

  • SecondOne

    Finally thank you, why has it taken so long to do this, Ive been wanting this for 7yrs

  • Lee Rayson

    Major you say it be on xbox… is this all regions? an what we will just see and ad on the dasboard about it?
    Also major this version of Disqus is horrid

    • Major Nelson

      There will be an entry point on the dashboard.

      What don’t you like about Disqus? Be specific so I can share the feedback w/ them.

      • Lee Rayson

        The old way was a better layout, this new layout is quiet horrid. it like reading pages and pages of black text for hours. the old layout were each comment had it own box was much better to read.
        Also sometimes it seems to effect your site as it spans across the whole page from edge to edge.
        it should be in the old format with the features of rating up or down the comments
        Also i found the xbox live event app on the dashboard

      • Bradley

        LOL!! You’ll share feedback to disqus but you don’t share feedback we give you, to your team or w.e.

        • Major Nelson

          I do that all the time.

  • NextMemory

    I think that this does require Gold… I just let my Gold expire and I have an advertisement on the dashboard “$1 for 1 month” and in the description is “Plus, get exclusive deals and E3 coverage.”

    • mcmax3000

      Yeah, I saw it confirmed that the stream does require XBL Gold. Stupid, but it does.

    • Russell Gorall

      Only on Xbox do you need to pay to watch advertisements for the console…

      • Levi Freeman

        only on xbox you want to actually interact with the adverts. Advert for The Dictator gives you a, free theme, trailers, pictures. advert for Nike, free avatar prop, some interesting videos about scouting for new young football players, an interactive locker room which you can navigate with a wave of your hand, view nike products. these adverts are awesome.

        • Levi Freeman

          the ice cold beer with van dam is so funny actually click on the little tile to view it!

        • Sean Hayden

          Why would I want to interact with an advert?

        • Sean Hayden

          Is the the ‘in the best interest of the consumers’ they were talking about?

  • Peter M.

    New Gears of War game has been announced by gameinformer.
    I just hope this isn’t a kinect title.

  • TheJoker360

    Oh great another GOW, between this and Halo. Let the milking continue.

  • Russell Gorall

    Unfortunately, it is looking like Gears of War: Moar will probably be highlighted. Sometimes the MS conferences are like a flashback to 2006 with a bunch of people onstage pretending to enjoy motion controlling a dead cat.

  • mama mambo

    Here is what I don’t want…

    1). No Kids playing Kinect or acting to videos and trying to be cute……
    2). No nerdy geeky adults dancing to bad pop music using Kinect.
    3). No nerdy geeky adults using voicechat/social networking
    4). No telling us that Xbox is giving us more of what we want and then showing Kinect gameplay.
    5). No hipster polo shirt wearing dad’s with their yuppie family in videos showcasing new features or how “cool” the 360 is.

    Here is what I want…

    1). Reasons to be excited regarding new games and franchises for the coming year, not just sequels we already know about.
    2). See #1
    3). See #1
    4). See #1
    5). A new style of marketing that makes Xbox cool again, rather than trying to appeal to the family that shops at the Gap.

    • TheJoker360

      dude thats what you are going to get at E3 2012, Kinect this Kinect that. FucKinect.

    • Bradley

      “I don’t want no kids playing kinect” That means you DO want kids to play kinect. Your first section of “I don’t want no…” are all double negatives.

  • TheJoker360

    Pathetic that you need Gold to watch it on your console, though this is just typical of MS. You need Gold to access Apps that dont require additional subs on your PC.

  • Steven Wilson

    Doesn’t the keynote usually happen significantly later in the day?

  • Desert_Crawler

    Major, a request. Not sure if this is the correct place or time for this. I would like if the Xbox teams could raise the 16GB cap for USB storage. I ask this because since the new games arrived it has become impossible to have two of them installed on one 16GB USB memory stick. Here hoping this reaches the right channels, thanks for you attention.

  • Cobra Kai

    really hope MS doesn’t embarrass the community again by spending most
    of the show with Kinect crap. Your base isn’t casual so please stop catering to
    them and alienating the people that have been with you and supporting the Xbox brand for years.

    We need more “hardcore” non-gimmicky games besides just Halo 4. It’s embarrassing how many Exclusive retail games PS3 gets and we barely get any nowadays (not counting XBLA titles).
    We all
    know this gen in towards the end of it’s life.. why not show your fanbase some respect by not pulling a repeat of last year.

    putting on a show we can be proud of.p

  • Deacon

    hope to see you boys and girls there in the chat experience :) i’ll be there.

  • Xbudz LIVE

    Where is the Xbox 360 App?
    I woke up expecting to be able to download it.

  • Sivy Sivuszyński

    Update: The streams will be available in all regions.” i dont have any ad, any new app, i have gold, how do i watch it on xbox?

    • the3yearold

      Yes please, Spike’s SD feed is unwatchable.

    • the3yearold

      Bootup your XBOX, press right, then A.

  • Bradley

    Matt and Trey owned you guys. Pathetic E3 again.

  • Rabbitc Finklestein

    Nice of you guys to pay for Activision’s press briefing.

  • Ghostkiller032

    My Gold Membership end on June 13th. I can’t watch the E3 Coverage? why?

  • Jonathan

    Anyone know a good link with a complete full replay of today’s Microsoft E3 2012 Media Briefing. The above link doesn’t seem to have it? I was traveling today and missed it. Any help on this would be highly appreciated!

  • Gorkinlot

    Horrible conference. Was front loaded with some awesome demos but Mattrick needs to spend the next year in public speaking classes or stay off the stage. His constant grins and awkwardness would bring the best of conferences to a screeching halt. The conference had it’s bright spots but on a whole, this is another in a long line of conferences that are horrible. Maybe have him watch how Moore, Reggie, and Tretton handle their self. The pre-mattrick conferences did a great job of drumming up excitement for the xbox brand but jesus no one wants to watch a 5 minute Usher concert at a video game press conference.