June 14th 2012 12:02 pm PT

June 19 – 25 Games on Demand Sale (Now extended to July 2nd)

Earlier this week, I posted a list of content coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. In that list, I highlighted a 75% sale coming next week for selected Games On Demand Titles. I have just received the list and wanted to share it with you below. These deals will be available in all Xbox LIVE regions where the title is available.

Update: I was just told that sale has been extended a week until Tuesday, July 2nd

Up to 75% select GonD titltes June 19 – 25  Standard Price  Discount Price Discount % Savings
Alone in the Dark  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WW II  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Bolt  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Bomberman Act: Zero  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Conan  $    14.99  $     3.99 73% -$11.00
Dark Void  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
FaceBreaker  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Kameo  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Meet the Robinsons  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Open Season  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Perfect Dark Zero  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands   $    14.99  $     4.99 73% -$11.00
Rockstar Table Tennis  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
SEGA Superstars Tennis  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Surf’s Up  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Tornado Outbreak  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Virtua Tennis 2009  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00
Viva Pinata Party Animals  $    19.99  $     4.99 75% -$15.00

Edit: I tried embedding a spreadsheet in this post, but some of you said you could not read it. I’ve updated the post with a regular ‘ol table

Edit 2: Update Bionic Commando with Alone in the Dark

Edit 3: Price Of Persia TFS is supposed to be $3.99 as noted above. You may see it as $4.99 right now, so please wait to purchase it as the price in the system is being corrected. Correction: is is staying at $4.99

Demo, Marketplace, Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • http://twitter.com/Kemosahbay laurie verso

    Picked up prince of persia the forgtten sands this mornin for 400 points.Well worth it Sick game for that price and also get uplay stuff for free once unlocked.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tiso.spencer Tiso Spencer

    Not gonna lie it’s disappointing to be lied to at the last second on games that were supposed to be on the list and very much were being sold at that reduced price until a few hours ago. It just so happens I bought the disc of cel-shaded POP for the same price of $5 in mint condition a day ago otherwise I’d be more upset. At least, as far as Conan, Kameo, Bomberman, Alone in the Dark now don’t change I’ll be getting them come Friday.

    • RampageDeluxe

      Don’t get bomberman. Its really really bad. You gotta trust me on this. Its not worth a dollar. Its incredibly bad. Watch some videos on it and then imagine the controls to be so choppy and slow that every aspect of the game becomes insanely frustrating.

  • VoodooHack

    Ok. So I’m NOT crazy. I was looking forward to Prince of Persia, only to find out when I got home that it’s been edited to Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands. Way to disappoint. I guess I’ll rent or buy it used.

  • http://twitter.com/Knytestorme Bradley Crawford

    Interesting. I went to buy DarkVoid and now have a screenshot showing it’s price as $4.99 and wanting to charge me $7.95. It seems that xbla converts the price of items into mspoints and then charges you the local currency cost of those points.

    This to me seems a very weird way of doing something that is not supposed to use points at all. One would assume from the way it’s worded that it’s purely our credit card being charged and we should be charged the advertised price and then a ForEx fee to convert from local currency to $US, which at the moment would be nowhere near $3.

  • http://twitter.com/Adampro123 Adam Joslyn

    I was going to buy Prince of Persia for 3.99. But they false advertised and changed it to POP TFS which i already have. I am very annoyed with this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.m.jacobs Jonathan M. Jacobs

    Conan is worth it. If you like older school hack-n-slash but with an rpg-ish element, this is your game. imagine old school Golden Axe but you can only play as the warrior, and it has way better graphics and gameplay, plus an elephant zombie boss fight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stfisher83 Sean Fisher

    I wanted to buy like 10 of the games, but after 6 it won’t authorize my credit card or paypal account :S

  • Moeed Khokhar

    ripping off Canadian’s again.

    Kameo, PDZ are not available in Canada.

    Ghost Recon is 9.99 in Canada.

  • http://ronaldlocke.tumblr.com Ron Locke II

    Looks to my like it based on region i cant get it perfect dark in canada ether.. or a few others of the hits it may be possible that we dont even have them on game on demand and thats why we dont get them.. but who knows.. all i can say is there a few good one here but it looks like its region blocked..

  • http://www.facebook.com/PALInWINDOWS Pal Sung

    I was interested in Bolt,Tornado Outbreak &Meet the Robinsons
    But none of them can be found in HONG KONG XBOX MARKETPLACE!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    in the heading for this post you say it is worldwide and the prices are $4.99.
    well the prices in australia are $7.95.
    how can you say it is worldwide going to be something when australia is charged more.

  • http://twitter.com/systemaddicted TheSystemAddicts

    Incredibly disappointed in the sale. Some of these games are good, great even…but they can be had for the same price in stores. Why not a 25% sale off games from last year for a week? Anything to add to this or make it more common would be good.

    People have brought up the PS+ – they’re right and not, I suppose. Being rented games for however long I’m a member is awesome, and it beats having to outright buy things. The PSN is still far worse for download times and updates, but they’ve definitely made the 2 services comparable in terms of value, albeit in different ways.,

  • http://twitter.com/SolidStateSR71 SolidStateSR71

    Something worth noting to everyone comparing this to the PSN deal… do remember PS Plus owners do not OWN any of those 10 games. All ten are locked to your PS plus subscription… you stop paying for your PS Plus account you lose the ability to play all those games. With the sale you get to keep your purchases. It’s competing with Gamestop used prices so I don’t see why people have their panties in a knot.

    • http://twitter.com/systemaddicted TheSystemAddicts

      I think plenty of have already pointed that out – even I posted that it’s actually more like a ‘rental service’ than anything. But consider that even someone that jumps onto PSN+ for say only three months just to play those 10 games…they still have time enough to complete those games and be done with them for good, there’s really no need to keep those games afterward anyway, and even if someone needed longer it’s only $50 a year – more than long enough,

      There’s also the incentive it provides to try games that you wouldn’t otherwise. Space Marine was a good game, didn’t sell very well for whatever reason. Now a ton of people are able to check it out and realize “hey, I actually might be into this Warhammer universe” – the developer/publisher get a small price from it being part of the deal and gain a boatload of new potential customers for their other games, dlc content and so on. So for any games that have become stagnant in sales — this is beneficial to everyone involved.

      Comparably – Selling a launch title like Perfect Dark Zero (which I can’t buy for some reason) for $5 when you know it hasn’t sold at any rate at all in over a year doesn’t provide the same incentive to check out the game.

      Are you saying if Xbox ‘Rented’ Gold Members a game every month you wouldn’t be stoked? I doubt you would object. And hey, I defend Live as a being a better service for online usability and speeds – but they’ve done NOTHING for customers thats even comes close to this months PSN offering. I don’t think anyone cares that they just get the games for as long as they pay for the service when the service costs next to nothing.

      • http://twitter.com/SolidStateSR71 SolidStateSR71

        I dunno if I’d be super stocked I guess it would help people who buy
        less games then me see incentive in paying for the service but at the
        end of the day people like me don’t benefit from free games… I have
        them all the only ones I don’t have are the less good games so this sale
        actually proved helpful I bought all the disney games I would never
        think of spending money on. I see where you’re coming though.

        Really the big difference between the two is Microsoft is constantly
        putting resources into adding new features whereas PSN is going for
        games. Xbox live has been at the forefront of adding new features and PSN adopts them months later or not at all. So I mean… It’s not that you’re money isn’t going anywhere it’s that you would prefer thy focus on games not features.

        • http://twitter.com/systemaddicted TheSystemAddicts

          I’m in the same boat in many regards – there’s few games I don’t play within weeks of their release, at least if I have interest in them. Part of this is because I review them, but most it’s my own decision. Still, for the health of the industry, I think incentives like PS+’s free games keeps people trying stuff they wouldn’t…and that’s good for everyone in the long run.

          And yeah, without trying to sound snide – I prefer that the system I bought for gaming focuses on gaming first, and secondary features, well…second. That hasn’t been the case and if that’s MS’s sole intent, then fine – but they shouldn’t pretend like these types of sales are meaningful.

          • http://twitter.com/SolidStateSR71 SolidStateSR71

            I don’t see anything wrong with the sales and that is the case ultimately I mean there’s apps on XBL now and offer easy and intuitive access to things like youtube and IGN. Not to mention you can go through all of them with your voice.. which for a lazy person like myself that’s perfect! They’ve implemented all kinds of features, maybe not all of them cater to you at the end of the day they still implemented them. I don’t think any sale should be mocked a sale is a sale is a sale. I review games as well =)

            Why people are complaining I don’t know… and for all those people wanting the cell shaded PoP….. whhhyyyyyyy? It’s not good lol -_-‘

          • http://twitter.com/systemaddicted TheSystemAddicts

            I think peoples frustration – and for clarity’s sake, I don’t really ‘care’ so much, I’ll be here regardless, on every system, playing everything – comes with the fact that they’re seeing a better deal as it pertains to what the console was sold primarily as at first – gaming. Once service is free with the option to may money for free games. The other isn’t free and offers no such deals. So when a sale comes along on launch games, at the same time the other is giving away 12 free games from the last year…it seems slight, you know. I understand that frustration, and that’s why I said I don’t think they should be trying to make a big deal out of this. Xbox Live Fans should expect this to be the NORM, not a once in a blue moon thing. Even the systems best feature: Xbox Arcade has diminished in usability and gone up in price. We can argue all day who deserves to shoulder that blame, but at the end of the day MS is the face of it all and right now Xbox Live is less and less a ‘deal’ for gamers.

            They should be looking at that. There’s a healthy balance found between what they’ve done and what Steam does (strictly games, here)…and I think people should voice their displeasure if they feel this isn’t cutting it (which it clearly isn’t from this sample size). And I haven’t even brought up that certain games got swapped out, and others aren’t available for certain countries (I can’t buy Perfect Dark?)…This sale has more or less brought to light a lot of deficiencies in the system instead of doing what it was supposed to do: give games a chance to try some things on the cheap.

          • http://twitter.com/RandyNinja Wayne Jeffreys

            i agree ms have lost the ball completely who ever is mismanaging the xbox HQ needs to be fires asap before running it into the ground. just look at E3 it wasnt a great show anyway but MS who usually steal the show had little to offer and get me excited for the next year. Add that together with the Cancelation of the muched loved sent you a message and the other little shows they had and im really finding it a struggle to pick MS for next gen. I owned a ps3 and ps+ didnt like the console much but found the sub well worth the money unlike xbox live. Ps will soon be leading the way with Free 2 Play games whilst ms want to try and rinse every last penny out of your wallet. Its a games console at the end of the day the main focus should be on games not tv , i love the apps but sony had them first its not like ms are leading the way there just playing catch up. i just hope somebody with a few more brain cells will be in charge for next gen or it will end up going the same way as Zune and Kinect. i knew they where going to mess the kinect up when i found out they where taking away the dedi processor and look at it now over hyped garbage with super hyped games that fall flat on its face.

    • RampageDeluxe

      I don’t buy used games at gamestop. I can actually find most of these games cheaper than $5 elsewhere. I think you’ve never used PS Plus, because its actually a pretty sweet set up. I would prefer something like this on 360 though. Also, this sale is locked in to your Live account. You don’t get to do anything with these games either. People still waste money at Gamestop?

      • http://twitter.com/SolidStateSR71 SolidStateSR71

        I do pay for both PS+ and XBL Gold every year and I have no problem paying for either. Sales on PS+ happen bi-weekly and major sales and free games only come once a month. Other than the free games I really don’t see much value in PS+. Even with the free games… hardcore gamers like myself tend to have all the free games they offer anyways. I guess people still do because it’s still in buisness? o.O

  • http://twitter.com/RandyNinja Wayne Jeffreys

    from reading the comments it looks like people are waking up. these so called deals are at the price they should have been a year ago. i dont know whats happening internally with ms but mismanagment springs to mind. Your a games console not a digital tv box. we are paying customers who are mistreated and if your company does not shape up drastically next gen will be a huge gamble. we all know that our subs dont pay for gaming servers as there run by the games companies hence EA taking away multiplayer from some of there older titles. gold membership only netflix… paying to pay for an app… wake up and sort it out. if it carries on you will have lost another customer.

  • Nacthenud

    Awesome deals. Though I went to buy SEGA Superstar Tennis and although it listed at $4.99, when I went to confirm purchase, it changed to $5.99, so I didn’t buy.

  • Nacthenud

    You should update your table – Prince of Persia is not 73% off, it’s 67% off.

  • http://twitter.com/robbieregueiro Robbie Regueiro

    I’m not trying to shoot the messenger here (Major), but these deals are awful. When I think of 75% off games that came out in 2006-2008, I imagine $0.50-0.99. I see 4.99 and wonder if the deals haven’t activated yet, but then I notice that 4.99 is the deal and they’re charging 19.99 for LAUNCH TITLES. I’m baffled at the moment, truly stunned by this highway robbery. I really hope no one buys these games at 19.99.

    I really hope MS comes around for the gamers soon. Especially when the Steam Summer Sale comes around and sells brand new games like Max Payne 3 75% off. They need to better their service and make it worthwhile for people who don’t use their Xboxes for TV and movies. Some new IP exclusives that aren’t Kinect games (I’m not a Kinect hater, I own one and enjoy it) and start putting the GAMERS first on their GAMING console, if you can even call it that anymore.

  • defgufman

    I have children, and these are great for summer time fun. Thanks for the sale, I hope we see this more often and with some great core titles as well. Bring on Gears and Halo….

  • http://www.facebook.com/ejofthefam Jeff Myers

    Too bad I just bought Rockstars Table Tennis for $3 at Gamestop. Their deals still can’t match, even at 75% off.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Revan67 Joel Camp

    We need a lot more of these sales Major. Except on better games. BTW Blazing Angels is wrong. It says 2 but links to 1 and it is 1 that is on sale.

  • http://twitter.com/AntDaGamer Anthony ADG Dows

    Theres some crazy good games in here! This is MAJOR!! Mr. Major Nelson!

  • RedRooster29

    Is Alone in the Dark any good?

  • Carlos Oliveira

    Please, let Brazil download Conan, we cant. We can Prince of Persia, but Conan we cant !!!

    • Carlos Oliveira

      And I will pay for that ! lol

  • http://twitter.com/Foggen Michael Powell

    I already own Bionic Commando for PS3, but it was really weak to remove it from this promotion.

  • http://twitter.com/PosityveAtitude Pascal

    Oh well, I’m late to the party anyway, so I keep it short. Just wanted to tell whoever reads this to vote with their wallet, I’m cancelling the renewal of my subscription as soon as the crappy MS site lets me (seemingly gotta make my PC a trusted one, which seemingly needs to be done by installing a metric ton of crap, yay!). It’s the same crap as last year’s Black Friday deals and honestly: As long as MS keeps screwing over it’s customers I won’t renew. Make the deal worth the price (you know, with games and not crappy twitter-apps and stuff people outside of the US won’t ever be able to use) and I’ll pay again.

  • http://www.consouls.com Slim

    I wanted to get those two Rare launch titles but for some reason I couldn’t manage to buy it, why is it region restricted??

  • dlmayday

    All these complainers I don’t understand. Did all you hard core gamer’s realize that you are in the minority? Yes! The majority of console owners are casual gamer’s. I consider myself someplace in between those two but no where near to have playing every game that has ever come out. This sale gave me an opportunity to pick up 2 games that I have never tried and now love and will try others in these series’s. (POP TFS and TC GRAW) I don’t have a large budget for gaming since I live paycheck to paycheck and have to borrow money for my bills sometimes. BUT with sales like this I can find this kind of money in my sofa I try really hard. Now I know you are going to say you can go to here or there or Ebay or Amazon etc etc and get a used copy of these games for this price or cheaper…..blah blah blah. But you know what! I prefer to download the games. I have a 250gb HD that I’m still working on filling up with games. (I do own over 100 games between discs and just software on my system) And I prefer to be able to switch from one game to another on a whim without having to get off the sofa and change a disc. (Speaking of which why don’t they make a disc changer for gaming systems?)

    So complain all you want about this or that and remember you are in the minority. Most console owners are not the hard core gamer’s. Oh and I’m not an Xbox Live Gold member because I don’t have any use for multi player as I prefer to be told a story and play along as this story unfolds and all those apps don’t tempt me in any way. Nice thing about this system is you can customize it to your liking. So do so and stop complaining about something that you have no control over.

    On second thought you do have complete control. With your wallet! So stop flapping your keystrokes and start putting your money where your fingers are.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1615278752 Jonathan Saunders

    I hope there’s some gamers out there who’ve never played Perfect Dark Zero that take advantage of this sale. :)

  • http://twitter.com/HibridoErrante ↑,↑,↓,↓,←,→,←,→,B,A

    perhaps in the next, had the chance to see Metro 2033 would be a nice gesture, is difficult to find in physical in mexico