June 26th 2012 6:00 am PT

Content coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Here is a look at some of the upcoming content scheduled for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.*

See the blog post I’ll make for many of these for pricing and/or regional availability and follow me on Twitter for updates.

Xbox LIVE Arcade  Release Date MS Points
Jeremy McGrath Offroad Racing (D3 Publisher) 27-Jun 800
Mini Ninjas Adventures (Square Enix) 29-Jun 800
Spelunky (MGS) 4-Jul 1200
Bellator MMA Onslaught (345 Games) 4-Jul 1200
Game Add-ons Release Date MS Points
Skyrim Dawnguard
(Bethesda – English version only)
26-Jun 1600
Battlefield™ 3: Close Quarters (Electronic Arts) 26-Jun 1200
Mass Effect™ 3: Extended Cut (Electronic Arts) 26-Jun Free
Forza Motorsports 4 July Car Pack (Microsoft) 3-Jul 560
Deal of the Week Discount Dates Price
Multiplayer 26-Jun to 2-Jul  
Trine 2 (Atlus)   600 (50% off)
Gotham City Impostors (Warner)   800 (33% off)
Nexuiz (THQ)   200 (75% off)
Worms 2 Armageddon (Microsoft)   400 (50% off)
Shoot Many Robots (Ubisoft)   400 (50% off)
X-Men Arcade (Konami)   400 (50% off)
Special Sales Discount Dates Price
Kinect Central – Sesame Street OUAM New Chapter (Warner) 26-Jun to 2-Jul 200 (50% off)
Games on Demand Release Date Regions Included
DoDonPachi (Rising Star Games) 26-Jun EMEA, ANZ and Asia (except Korea)
Grease Dance (505 Games) 26-Jun Not in Asia
Cars Mater National (Disney) 26-Jun EMEA, ANZ
Cabela’s North American Adventure (Activision) 26-Jun NA only
Avatar Release Date  
Ninja Update (Xbox LIVE) 3-Jul  
Vampire/Werewolf Collection Update (Xbox LIVE) 3-Jul  
Spongebob Squarepants (Nickelodeon/MTV) 3-Jul  
Surf and Skate Update (Xbox LIVE) 3-Jul  
adidas Summer Sports (Konami) 3-Jul  

*As with all game related releases, dates, prices and availability are subject to change and vary by region

Edit: Removed next weeks DOTW pending confirmation.

Arcade, Deal, Game Add-on, Marketplace, Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • blueflameblue

    Where’s Jets Set Radio?

    • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.davis.5074644 Kevin Davis

      I swear I was just gonna ask the same thing. Great minds think alike.

      • TheRequiem95

        I seem to remember August being the date for Jet Set, but I might be thinking of Sonic Adventure 2.

  • http://twitter.com/w00dm4n Dubya w00dm4n

    MW3 map packs are on sale?
    doesnt this defeat the purpose of Elite?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002051391236 John Son

      not really, Elite allows those gamers that want to get a leg up on the competition to do that and also play with like minded gamers. Sale on the MW3 packs seems like a good bone being thrown to the rest of the fan base that didn’t want to buy into Elite from the start.

      • http://twitter.com/w00dm4n Dubya w00dm4n

        you didn’t need Elite to buy the Map Packs. the concept of Elite was to get the Maps early and for a cheaper price.1200 ms points for the first half of the content seems like i over paid if they discount the next two sets of DLC.

  • ChinoM

    Finally Spelunky! A bit pricey tho.

    • Stuart Nicholson

      Reckon. 1200msp for a game that’s FREE on the PC?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.tambone.18 Mike Tambone

    Picking up Trine 2, the others dont interest me. already have Xmen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ValadaresVitor Vitor Caetano Silveira Valadar

    Finally an excellent DotW! Good job MS!

  • http://twitter.com/NickJAmbrose Nicholas J. Ambrose

    Now THIS is what I call a deal of the week! Definitely getting Nexuiz and Worms 2, and will certainly be checking out Gotham City Imposters and Trine 2. Cheers!

    • rhooper

      Trine 2 is amazing! You can get it without thinking too much.

    • Thânia Santos

      Yes at last some interesting Deal of the week…
      But do not forget, in 2 weeks, we will have some fantastic Popcap and Borderland deals!!! (and some Red dead Redemption deals on top of that)

      • http://twitter.com/Goodies_Surgeon Csquad Legion

        RDR and popcap again? hopefully this popcap sale has games uder 200msp like when bejeweled blitz live was 120msp

      • http://twitter.com/NickJAmbrose Nicholas J. Ambrose

        I couldn’t care less if there are a bunch of less-than-awesome deals for a while. I’m not made of money, and I don’t have tonnes of time for gaming. Besides, with Quantum Conundrum and Tony Hawks HD next month, plus Hybrid and Dust: An Elysian Tale in August, I’ll hardly be hurting for new stuff.

  • http://twitter.com/mathuthe MathiaS

    Gotta give it to you this week, it’s an awesome Deal of the Week.Getting Trine and Shoot Many Robots. Folks, get GCI and Nezuix, they’re really fun shooters!

    Next week though……………. Again?????

  • http://twitter.com/StevenJamesHyde Steve Hyde

    Credit where it’s due – those are decent Deals of the Week. Obviously CoD won’t be for everyone, but it’s not a repeat and it’s a proper 50% off. I’ll definitely be picking up Trine 2 for 600.

    • Iamdanight90

      If you got somebody to play with trines really good

      • http://twitter.com/alicegamer85 Alice green

        Not a bad DOTW congrats to MS… never thought I’d being saying that….

  • McWetty

    The “Multiplayer” DOTW is outstanding! Finally. I was beginning to lose faith. The ACTV one is weak sauce, but forgivable seeing as the MP one is so good.

  • Flawless

    i was about to complain about it being a COD sale again til i seen it was the newer games for once…i am in shock.

    still not buying them but Elite users lost.

    i hope nobody gets suckered into buying Nexuiz cause its probably only that price cause multiplayer is dead.

  • http://twitter.com/ChannelOllie Channel Ollie

    Much appreciated mr major, too bad no jet set but at least I can have a go at spelunkying

  • TheDoveOfPeace

    Finally, a decent two weeks worth! Starting to get it right MS. Giggled when I saw how much Nexuiz is though… Oh Nexuiz.

  • eugaet

    Spelunky, finally! I’ve been waiting forever for that game to release on…wait, 1200MSP? Never mind.

    • http://twitter.com/OneBigMissile Casey Blair

      OK, wow. What’s with this generation of gamers being filled with cheapskates? Do you realize this game will give you tons of replay value simply by virtue of randomly generated content? Look at The Binding of Isaac. I have 30 hours logged into this game and haven’t come close to finishing it. I paid $5 for that. $5 and 30 hours! That’s more value than some retail games. More than one retail games, actually!

      You’re going to complain about a 1200 point game that can provide you dozens and dozens of hours of entertainment when a $60 game typically provides a mere fraction? What the hell is wrong with people?

      • http://live.xbox.com/en-US/MyXbox/Profile?gamerTag=FinderKeeper FinderKeeper


      • eugaet

        “This generation”? I’m pushing 40. And I’ve had the free PC version to keep me busy for the last 3-4 years. I can wait for a sale. MSP doesn’t grow on trees. And I do buy the occasional game at release for full price, but those are few and far between.
        Also, it’s not ‘cheapskate’, it’s ‘frugal’. Waiting for games to go on sale means I get more games for my money.

        • Krimsun

          I too wait for sales, get more for less. Why buy a game when you can wait it out and get it cheaper with other games. It’s not being cheap it’s being smart to play the wait game.

  • http://twitter.com/AtlasShrugged80 Rob

    Hey Major, any word on Walking Dead Episode 2?

  • http://twitter.com/ansys1977 Ricardo Baptista

    where is Halo 3 ODST on Games on Demand, major? Please.

  • Flawless

    im starting to wonder if Major has that Jeremy Mcgrath game confused with Jet Set,at least i hope so cause it came out last week and he even mentioned on twitter about Mcgrath releasing this week,im hoping he just got it confused cause they both begin with “Je” lol.

    • http://twitter.com/GaussBb Bradley

      lol, I hope so.

    • Jeff Randall

      Yeah, I downloaded Jeremy McGrath last Wednesday. I hope there is something new this week. I really want to see Walking Dead Episode 2.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ejstarr Eric Starr

    Dawnguard is out already? Damn, I have to wait until I have money to spend to obtain 1600 pts. Especially when they’re in blocks of 1400 here.

  • http://twitter.com/GaussBb Bradley

    Wow, a decent dotw for once. Have Gotham and Worms 2 already on steam, but this is a good deal. Next week is another Activision one, but this time it’s for the newer DLC, so it’s not all bad, I suppose

  • http://twitter.com/MykeJayy Michael J

    Some very good deals there, although I wouldn’t recommend Nexuiz as I “bought” it when it first came out and it wasn’t popular then. Maybe the sale will breathe some life into it if only for a short time

  • this_is_my_humble_opinion

    I see Ms. Splosion man being discounted on DOTW page, but not here. What gives?
    (Excellent game BTW)

  • http://www.facebook.com/tiso.spencer Tiso Spencer

    Wait, is DoDonPachi coming to North America’s GOD on this? I have the UK import version from Risisng Stars so this doesn’t affect me, but if this is a way for me to finally get the black label DLC for it awesome. So is this for our region then? Awesome update.

  • http://twitter.com/AnthonyDAngelo AnthonyDAngelo

    Woohoo Spelunky! Also need Dead Space 2 on Games on Demand please add. Thanks!

  • Z4M0

    Nice offers, I’ll be picking 2 of them and maybe will get extra points for a couple more… I’d call it a success of a DOTW if you asked me, since that is its purpose: to make people burn their points so they have to purchase more. And with this selection of titles I’m sure people won’t complain this time, so both business and users win with clever DOTW choices.

    I can see finally NEXUIZ offered at an honest pricetag now, despite I won’t be picking it due to the lack of multiplayer FPS gamers found in any XBLA title, wich makes me to consider wether getting GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTORS or not.

    I’m no fan of COD and some of those have been already discounted but, as far as the franchise is popular I guess that’d be ok for most people out there, yet, being activision it should be labeled as PUBLISHERS SALES aditional to a deal of the week for that 3rd to 9th Jul.

    Can’t wait to see how spelunky and minininjas do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonah-Falcon/525044162 Jonah Falcon

    I thought more people would be excited about Dawnguard. lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonah-Falcon/525044162 Jonah Falcon

      Wow, Nexiuz only 200 MSP?!?!?!

  • http://twitter.com/ninjasty1e ninjastyle

    lol @ nexuiz

  • Hugoku

    Good deals and list altogether. The full list may not appeal to everyone, but then again everyone should find at least one piece of content to be of their liking. And yeah, where is JSR?

  • http://twitter.com/RecklessMatten Dan Matten

    I just brought collection 2 today…. :'(

  • mama mambo

    Major, for the first time in a very long time I am happy with the deal of the week. There are actually some good deals here :) After the disappointing GOD sale I hope that another will be in the future with better deals along these lines. I am a bit surprised Dawnguard is so expensive though, I was expecting 800 to 1200 points. A personal wish is that Fallout: new vegas DLC will go on sale again. Good Job MS :)

    • //$$$@”””//

      Dawn guard is 18-20 hours of content, well worth the price

  • http://www.facebook.com/lMawds Lee Mawdsley

    Glad to see MW3 and Black Ops maps are finally on sale. But unfortunately I bought Elite which I can say has been totally crap and not worth it. I will not be renewing and I will not be getting the next COD. MW3 did it for me. Had enough.

  • http://twitter.com/IAmDaViper83 John howley


  • http://www.facebook.com/vasu.chetty Vasu Chetty

    Just picked up Trine 2 and can’t wait for the COD Map Packs to go on sale, will finally be able to finish off a bunch of those pesky achievements.

  • http://twitter.com/Manapefish ManApeFish

    X-Men Arcade (Konami) has issues with the cover icon not being updated on the dash as reported by many many users on the xbox forums

  • http://twitter.com/presidente_vil Andrés Salgado

    Awesome DotW, gonna pick Nexuiz and Shoot Many Robots

  • http://twitter.com/thepaintedgrey Ryan B

    I might actually pick up the Black Ops – Annihilation map pack now. Nice.

  • http://twitter.com/Goodies_Surgeon Csquad Legion

    gotham city impostors is worth £40 Imo so at 800msp its a must buy. still playing since beta amazing game

  • Russell Gorall

    Nexuiz looks good at that price, not sure if I can pass that up.

  • http://www.socialvideogaming.com/ SteveO GameO

    nice lots of games to hit and many discounts. i bet lots of gamers buy content during the discounts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000081692800 Iskandar Dzulkarnain

    Holy crap, it’s actually some good deal of the week. Nexuiz for 200 MS points, wow.

  • fsdfg dsfds

    WHEN THE HELL is Square/Enix going to release some GOOD XBLA games??? How about Secret of Mana

  • TheRequiem95

    Rats! I just bought Worms 2! Always wait for DotW! Always! Is anyone actually still online playing Nexuiz? Might be worth a go at such a low price.

  • Alpina Corrado

    I am really excited for Bellator MMA Onslaught. I’ve been reading some really good feedback from previews online.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tiso.spencer Tiso Spencer

    Where the heck are the COD map pack sales at now?

  • http://www.mayoand.co Aron Mayo

    If Forza Motorsport 4 is written as “Forza Motorsports 4″ again I’m going to lose my sh*t! lol

  • http://twitter.com/alicegamer85 Alice green

    Would buy Trine 2, but it’s not available from Australian Xbox live…. so yeah…

  • http://twitter.com/Bounceythegreat Liam Bunce

    major, wtf are you doing releasing dlc for 50%, what about us founders on elite, you just robbed us blind, everyone who is a founder are angry with you, if i knew personally this would happen you really think i would of paid for the elite package, you and your team are a bunch of robbing CUNTS

    • chris

      i dont know much about the call of duty releases or anything but how many more map packs are there to be released?

    • Hunter

      You bought the DLC [presumably on release] for full price, and now (like almost everything else in this world) that product has been reduced in an effort to gain more sales.

      Do you live on this planet? Do you understand how economics work? Are you aware that prices fluctuate on everything from milk to cars? Did you call your local game store and shout abuse at them when they reduced the price of your precious little My Horse & Me 2, six months after release?

      PRICE REDUCTION HAPPENS. No one forced you to buy the DLC at full price, and if you weren’t happy with the price, you should’ve waited. TOOL.

    • http://twitter.com/Navarin Buster Wolf

      You played it early, didn’t you? Got it first? I’m pretty sure that’s what Elite is. Early adopters pay more, that’s how buying videogames works.

      Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

  • http://www.facebook.com/novembro23 Eduardo Matos

    I can’t believe they are not releasing DoDonPachi Ressurection on NA or Americas. Please, bring it to us, western shooter fans!

  • ordan

    COD packs no longer on sale? what happened?

  • ordan

    what happened to the COD pack sale?

  • Lawrence Olivio Foster

    are game like mass effect 3,batman AC,castlevania LOS & the witcher 2 are going to ever be released on demand???

    • http://twitter.com/fcviotto Fernando Coli Viotto

      Yesterday I was looking at the on demand games and there is just a few games there… a very small piece of the catalog.

      I also was surprised seeing Ninja Gaiden 2 being sold at US $ 49,99 when I bought my retail copy for 19,99 about 2 years ago! I simply cannot understand MS pricing…

  • http://twitter.com/ninjasty1e ninjastyle

    wait, wheres the cod map sale gone? wtf…