July 18th 2012 7:25 am PT

Free: "Terminal" for Modern Warfare 3

Head back to Zakhaev International Airport with this
FREE Download for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.





Call of Duty, Free By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-Ramsgate/1826021235 Randy Ramsgate

    wow. this rocks. its terminal guys and its a classic map. to play a couple of matches on this map again was nothing short of fantastic. also the 2 other maps and a spec ops level are equally great.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-Ramsgate/1826021235 Randy Ramsgate

      downvotes. really???? back to bf3 for u!

  • http://twitter.com/Count26andDie Owen Jones

    I think I may actually boot up MW3 today for this one. Thanks for the Info Major!

  • http://www.socialvideogaming.com/ SteveO GameO

    thanks for the free map and thanks for contracts that allow xbox 360 gamers to get it first! that’s MAJOR! :)

    • Flawless

      who cares if we get it first?

      that only really helps microsoft not the consumer,i couldnt care less about having it before another console.

      • http://www.socialvideogaming.com/ SteveO GameO

        getting something early helps you, it helps me and it helps everyone that will get it. it helped you get it today. while ps3 users need to wait a while. Just like new movie releases some places get them newer then some services. Lets just brake it down and say microsoft paid them to allow xbox 360 gamers to get content first. they did that for you that did that for me and i personally think that shows Microsoft cares more about not only getting great content but getting it to the xbox gamers first. so to you, you might not care but it does help you and it does provide more of a value for xbox 360 gamers. So Thanks Microsoft and please renew the contracts ;)

        • Flawless

          obviously you dont get it.

        • mcmax3000

          How does Xbox getting it first make your gaming experience any better than if the other platforms got it at the same time?

          I can understand how your experience might feel lesser if 360 got it last, but why does it make any difference that other users have to wait?

          I’m primarily a 360 player (have a PS3, but only use it for Blu-Ray & PS3 exclusives), and I’d still rather everybody get the content at the same time.

          • http://www.socialvideogaming.com/ SteveO GameO

            hey Mcmax3000 you had asked how getting content early makes gamers gaming experience better by delivery content faster.
            You see for 1 month before PS3 gamers get the content we do that means
            our gaming experience is far superior due to them getting the content
            first for Microsoft gamers.

            While many ps3 and other gamers might not like xbox 360 gamers getting
            content first it does for sure give xbox 360 call of duty gamers
            something that the other platforms can not till much later.

            You might not like the fact that they release content first on xbox but
            it for sure does enhance the gaming experience for those gamers.

        • http://twitter.com/Joe_Adanac Joe

          You honestly think Microsoft “cares” about you? They only care about your money, like all corporations. That’s not opinion. That’s fact. It’s how they are designed legally. Watch “The Corporation” documentary for an eye-opening experience. It’s a couple years old now, but it’s only got more true with time. Since the 2008 financial meltdown, capitalism has become more predatory than ever. Human beings are just “workers” or “consumers” that are fodder for the insatiable corporate machine that is slowly destroying our world.

          • http://www.socialvideogaming.com/ SteveO GameO

            @Joe good feedback and some good points. They are a Corporation and like all Corporations they are a type of business and can only excite by profiting. They are a Corporation that sells products services and software to the general public. For them to get money from us they must create product services and software that people not only want but are willing to pay for and pay for above other products services and software. They are a Corporation and they know if they want to keep making money they must keep pleasing the people that provide them the money which is us.

            I have seen The Corporation years ago when it was made and have a number of films along the same lines. But it is not fair to only look at the down side of Corporations, you must look at what they provide and the good they can do for the people and the world as a whole.

          • BostonSup

            I agree that the main goal for a corporation is money, and StevO is right about the good aspect that corporation has to create a product that people want and continue to build it

            However, once a corporation gets comfortable is when consumers start to hurt. Apple was the underdog and MS felt too comfortable and Apple innovated and provided the best and MS Windows’ division fell a lot because of it. Apple is getting too comfortable with their iPad division and soon they will be falling because of it (obviously Google is picking up ground and MS is jumping in, but watch BlackBerry. BlackBerry is fighting for its life and because of that expect some amazing feats from them Q1 2013).

            MS Xbox division is too comfortable right now. PS3 sales are picking up, but Xbox saturated most of NA and with their Xbox Live fees and high selling multi-platform game sales, MS is not providing what their customers want anymore. They are providing “services” that their partners want. They are forgetting games and focusing on renting movies, selling songs, and allowing partner services for extra fees (TV, Hulu, MLB, etc).

            All “extra benefits” are superficial now. Benefits require added monthly fees. Benefits are time exclusive DLC rather than exclusive games. Benefits are sales of old games (GoD sale), or recycled DLC (RdR every 3 weeks), or just bad selling arcade games.

            Right now, sadly, MS is about the money but is too comfortable in thinking that they will continue to get it from consumers. I love my Xbox, but MS will fall eventually to PS and then all of a sudden they will compete and be great again. It seems like it is the cycle of a corporation, all corporations.

          • http://twitter.com/DavidDDavidson5 David D Davidson

            I agreed up until you said “I love my Xbox, but MS will fall eventually to PS”, That just made me laugh. The PlayStation brand is killing Sony, it’s not gonna beat Microsoft anytime soon.

          • BostonSup

            I get that, but what I mean by that is that 2nd place competition will compete to be first. If MS doesn’t compete to stay 1st place then they will be losing ground to Sony, and logically Sony will overtake them. I am not saying it will happen tomorrow but if one company stands still and the other comes running, well I don’t see how any company can win standing around.

            Sony as a company is hurting. It can either give up on the PS brand, or push it. I think it will push it, and because of that they could potentially do better than the all too comfortable MS. The good news with that is it will cause MS to better their services for consumers (and that doesn’t mean adding extra fee based services or just expensive MS-ecosystem add ons like tablets with smart glass, but rather adding “free” (Xbox is monthly fee based, mind you) benefits to the core system.)

          • http://www.socialvideogaming.com/ SteveO GameO

            It is no longer just the 3 of them battling it out. It is much bigger then that and the war will be over much much more then just console games.

          • http://www.socialvideogaming.com/ SteveO GameO

            @BostonSup thanks for the reply buddy…
            I agree with you that many of the innovation comes from smaller new companies and not always the big boys. Even games like COD. The smaller you are the more risks you can take and the less stable you have to be. the larger you are the more stable you have to be and the more “comfortable” you become pushing things that will be comfortable to the market place in question.

            I think when you are David VS Goliath you as David fear Goliath and to beat him you must try new things and try much harder. While Goliath does not fear you he does not worry about you so hes comfortable and unready for small attacks with large damage. You are totally right on that, but the real question is who is david and whos goliath? and in what market? In platform market Microsoft very well might be and most would say are the goliath. However that is just a small part of gaming. Today more and more people are gaming OFF platforms. I do not think as of right now that it is knewn who is the king of the gaming world right now. My point is I truly think Microsoft is under the impression that they need to fight hard for the future of gaming today tomorrow and beyond. I think both Sony and Microsoft understand that the kind of the gaming world has yet been decided and this is the time for brand new innovation. Just look at what Microsoft did with Kinect which is unquestionably the best out of the 3. They did not just do what the others did they went miles beyond what they did.

            I think all in the gaming world are fighting for there future and the life of their brand. It is not simply Microsoft vs Sony Vs Nintendo it is a total free for all with mobile gaming and social gaming putting massive pressure on them. The reason why they offer a arcade on xbox. They understand it is much more then just them vs the consoles.

            They are all fighting over pleasuing the gamers best they can while profiting best they can. One with out the other will lead to the death of whatever place it might be. Business is war and in war there are casualties I think game developers publishers and maybe consoles makers will be casualties.

            No one can say who will be king in 5 10 years, because the script is yet
            to be written. While this is a really hectic time for game makers and
            the game industry I think it will prove to be a really good thing for

          • BostonSup

            I think we both agree about companies getting comfortable and even cocky (you use the analogy of David Vs Goliath and I of a foot race). I think that it isn’t just small and new companies, but any company that will innovate if they need to. Looking at the iPad, they release updates but not generally huge difference makers for the average consumer. When MS enters with the Surface it HAS to push the bar to succeed. It cannot just be on par or slightly better, but has to make consumers want to buy the Surface over the iPad. It is is a Goliath against Goliath scenario where whoever is most comfortable will become 2nd eventually.

            Microsoft has to remember that gamers, like all consumers, only has X amount of disposable income (especially in this economy) and much of their added benefits are either providing services that require additional monthly fees or by giving away deals that people view as not worth wild. People may stick around now that it is the end of the cycle, but may not stick around for the new generation Xbox. I think it would be best if MS is to flow smoothly from this generation to the next rather than to get comfortable, kill the 360, and then start the 720 (or whatever it will be called). To do that, MS must maintain customer satisfaction and make gamers feel confident in their next 7 year investment will be worth wild throughout the whole lifespan and not just when MS is competing.

            On top of that, MS is known as being too greedy (rightly or wrongly so), and consumer reception of a brand name is very important when that brand is trying to sell itself. MS probably doesn’t want their customers to feel nickeled and dimed.

            As for the new business models for gaming coming into play, well my perception of it it that is will not hurt the consoles too much. It is a debatable argument that a person could not say one way or the other as fact, but I just don’t see it as impacting consoles a whole lot.

            I see social games and console games catering to different demographics, of which may overlap some but generally social gamers wouldn’t move over to console games and console gamers wouldn’t move over exclusively to social games. Those who play social games and mobile games tend to do so to pass the time for relatively short periods of time. They are not in it for the “art”, or the story, or graphics, or immersiveness (yeah, according to spell check, I just coined a word there) of the game, they are rather just playing it casually. No doubt there will be effects from it, but I think specialized consoles are here for the long run.

            Oh, and it is really nice to have a civil, adult discussion on the internet! Who knew that could happen?
            Edit: I should edit that small joke, these boards are one of the better ones for discussions.

          • http://www.socialvideogaming.com/ SteveO GameO

            @BostonSup good feedback and reply..

            I think the key for microsoft is not to kill the xbox 360 but to convert the 360 gamers into next gen gamers. New hardware should do that, it should 1 bring in new gamers because of the new type and new play number 2 convert old players into new players. This was done via the Kinect. Xbox live membership went up proving that they where not getting new gamers into the market with a new play style and system type. They also sold a ton of kinect single units to already xbox 360 owners. Kinect vs Move so far Sony has not been able to bring in the new news like Microsoft.

            Apple right now is not playing the same business game Microsoft is. Apple is cannibalizing there own products to profit off there new products. ipod 8gbs then 16gb release then 32. This type of business action has worked but if history is correct it can not work forever. There will be a time when users will say wait, My IPad is just fine it does everything I want and need. Apple builds products not for years but for months, then months later they release a bigger better one. Where as Microsoft has to build not for months but years. When xbox 360 was released far less then 30% of gamers had a HD tv. They build for the future. Apple fired Steve Jobs he created other company that ended up taking over apple. During those years they had a lot of CEO some of which even where making cheap clones to make more profit.

            What you said about gamers and people only having X amount of money to spend on these things is right however that is really a lesson Apple needs to learn not Microsoft. Apple was at one time the alternative the product people went with in the early years of apple because it was not a IBM. It was not the big guy and that is why many bought it and how its ads where at one time. Now many people pick non apple products because they the top in some markets. People want a alternative to apple.

            It is not a matter of how social gaming and alike is impacting consoles. The matter is that social gaming right now is surpassing console gaming in many ways. Microsoft sold 67million xbox 360 but the problem is there is 200 million monthly active users playing angry birds each month. It might not be impacting consoles, however it undoubtedly is impacting the gaming market. And as gaming companies Microsoft Sony and others must change to meet this new dammed for gaming.

            Xbox 360 does not cater to 1 type of gamer. It cared a platform standard to cater to all the gaming market. The gaming market has changed a lot in that time and now they must change if they want to still be in business forever.

            I think platforms are here for the long run a platform is something like itunes xbox 360/xboxlive/live ect. But i think how we think of and how we use consoles now will not be the same in 20 years. They already added arcade to allow more 3rd party developers which is to help better cater to social and mobile gamers. It has worked! That is a new business model for them and does effect the non arcade license price too. While both Microsoft and Sony are doing that Sony was slow to do it and the last major PSN market place update improved it and that has had a effect on Sony bottom line.

            I think social and mobile games cater to other market then xbox 360 and ps3 because the 3rd that run the market do it so well that they know if they are going to make it they must be different. Over time you we will start seeing real games as social games. I think the reason the sims and other games do social games the way they do is because they already have a normal platform and they need a social one. As time goes on social and mobile gaming will at some levels take on the same aspects as console games. At some levels. I think social and mobile games are the way they are to cater to the platform they are on which in some cases is a social platform.

            Yea it is nice to have a civil adult discussion. Its all up to the leadership to lead the way to a good civil site or not. Let me let you in on a secret the internet does not dislike trolls, in fact many of the top companies on the internet enjoy and even profit off trolls. Trolls get more responses from people more reactions and more social interactions. Good sample is go to view a video on youtube open and close your eyes focused on the likes, what stands out more the likes or the dislikes? The dislikes because like I said above they get more attention and responses. Might sound crazy but it’s totally true. Look at the post here more down votes or more up votes, more down! And many of the up votes are on trolling comments! :)

            The world we live in buddy the world we live in :)
            but it’s really nice to have talks with people like you even if less read it the content matters.

      • http://twitter.com/evilother Tim Osborne

        And yet you need to comment on something you couldn’t care less about…

  • http://www.facebook.com/derrick.j.hoard Derrick Javan Hoard

    As a 7 year Xbox Live vet…I hope to see more free things in the future. I have invested almost $500 into Xbox Live, membership fees, and I hope to see Microsoft giving back soon. One day. Hopefully.

    • http://www.socialvideogaming.com/ SteveO GameO

      Well if you have been a member of xbox live for 7 years then you have gotten back each and every year you gotten something you like and love so much you renew every year. Your always welcome to say what you think and should be getting but Microsoft has been giving back and right now it is number 1 because of the over all low cost and high value the console provides.

      xbox org. they lost money on each and every sale. 100$ about. same with ps. They have been giving back and with xbox live you have seen lots of new upgrades in the last year. they have given back a LOTTT in the way of xbox live. They have even made new hardware to link to your xbox to give you more value and add more value to your gaming world(kinect). Xbox live membership fees cover the service and RND and after that there is next to none left.

      I bought a xbox 360 slim for 199$ brand new I also bought a headset that same day for $225 FOR my Xbox. Who you think is really making the money here? The hardware costs of the system is fair. Could be a little more fair as far as how much HDD space but other then that its completely fair. You can not build a PC as good as xbox for as cheap as xbox it can not be done.

    • http://twitter.com/SamboTaylor Sam Taylor

      Xbox live is not an investment… You pay for a service you receive. If you don’t think that it is worth it, don’t pay for it.