August 7th 2012 6:00 am PT

Content coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Here is a look at some of the upcoming content scheduled for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.*

See the blog post I’ll make for many of these for pricing and/or regional availability and follow me on Twitter for updates.

Xbox LIVE Arcade  Release Date MS Points
Hybrid (Microsoft Studios) 8-Aug 1200
Dust: An Elysian Tail (Microsft Studios) 15-Aug 1200
Add-ons Release Date MS Points
Left 4 Dead 2: Cold Stream (Valve) 3-Aug 560
Mass Effect 3: Firefight Pack (Electronic Arts) 7-Aug 160
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Collection 3 (Activision) 9-Aug 1200
Rocksmith: Bass Expansion (Ubisoft) 14-Aug 2400
Quantum Cunumdrum: The Desmond Debacle (Square Enix) 15-Aug 240
Gold Exclusive Deal of the Week Discount Dates Price
Electronic Arts 7-Aug to 13-Aug  
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Teeth of Naros   400 (50% off)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Legend of Dead Kel   400 (50% off)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Weapons & Armor Bundle   200 (50% off)
Family DOTW: Bejeweled 3 (PopCap) 7-Aug to 13-Aug 600 (50% off)
THQ 14-Aug to 20-Aug  
Saints Row: The Third – Genkibowl VII   280 (50% off)
Saints Row: The Third – Gangstas in Space   280 (50% off)
Saints Row: The Third – The Trouble with Clones   280 (50% off)
Special Sales Discount Dates Price
Kinect Central: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 13   11 Course Pack (Electronic Arts) 7-Aug to 13-Aug 1920 (40% off)
Kinec Central: Carnival Games: MSMD – Coasterama Pack (2K Play) 14-Aug to 20-Aug 160 (50% off)
Square Enix 14-Aug to 20-Aug  
Just Cause 2: Black Market Aerial Pack   80 (50% off)
Just Cause 2: Black Market ‘Boom’ Pack   80 (50% off)
Just Cause 2: Scorpion Animated Pet   80 (50% off)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Missing Link   600 (50% off)
Games on Demand Release Date  
The Orange Box: Half Life 2 (Valve) 7-Aug  
NASCAR® Unleashed (Activision) 7-Aug  
King of Fighters XIII 7-Aug  

*As with all game related releases, dates, prices and availability are subject to change and vary by region

Arcade, Deal, Game Add-on, Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Michael J

    So it’s mostly DLC DotW for the next 2 weeks again? Least the DLC is different this time round.

  • Paul Corbett

    I am not like that ubisoft is charging to have scott Pilgrim have an online more and to have it bundled with the wallace pack. :(

  • E.Nich

    Nice two weeks for what I see :) I don’t own either of these games, but I reckon the people that do will be happy.

    Also glad to see KOFXIII reaching GoD, if the price isn’t too abusive, I may get it.

  • Sam Taylor

    Ah, nice to see that you are listening to our complaints.


  • Phat Pete

    my gt was hacked and months down the line i get banned for something that wasn’y my fault banned till 31/12/9999 i lose out on 8months xmas live, games on demand i have bought and all my call of duty elite dlc, thanks xbox… hello sony.

    • Dane Miller

      You can call and cancle your subscription, then add that time to another account.

    • Buster Wolf

      Cry some more.

  • rhooper

    I read the post… facepalm.
    I read the post again… facepalm + sigh.

    Well… I guess I won’t say a thing about what I think.

  • Gabe Santos

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Weapons & Armor Bundle still shows as 400 points for me.. yes im Gold

    • Lee Rayson

      give it a hour or so for it to be updated, KoA great game great DLC

      • Gabe Santos

        Thanks Lee! I bought the dlc which already had the discounted price

  • Chris Welch

    Wait, so this means there will FINALLY be proper game artwork for Orange Box in “My Games”? Thumbs up.

    • The Dukenator

      I’ve been wondering when the hell they were gonna add The Orange Box to Games On Demand. No need to rebuy since I have the disc.

      5 games in one – Best damn deal ever.

      • Nick Peck

        Yah, I just noticed that too and will be picking it up again for sure. Such a great deal.

  • Vulcan Assassin

    Scott Pilgrim Online Multiplayer?! Nice. I will be picking that up, just to support a developer actually listening to feedback on a game’s needed improvements. And to play Scott Pilgrim with my far away friends, because it will be super fun.

    • Jen Rodriguez

      I totally agree! I am going to use my Bing points and get it so I can play with people far away FINALLY!

    • Martinez Torres Manuel Enrique

      Dude… that DLC dissapeard from the list… o.O!

  • Philoso Raptorr

    Nothing but pathetic deals, an insult to us consumers actually. This frustrates me so much I am actually trading my xbox360 and games in for ps3… you have lost a customer m$, and i suspect i am not the only one switching teams…

    • dibils

      because of the sales? that wasnt even here a year or two ago?? ok… weird

      • Nick Peck

        sshhhhh people think it’s such a big threat!! Honestly, what do you expect every month? Every new game to drop $40 or given to you for a free rental period? Grow up people (not directed at you dibils, just in general).

        All I want out of XBL is more Games on Demand with lower pricing. They should scale it to what things go for used / how old the game is or something. I’d rather have the game on my HD, but not if I can buy it for $5 and they are charging $30 :(

        Other than that I have no issues with XBL at all. I have PS+ but just sold my ps3 yet again, that thing loves dust and I’m sick of cleaning it off :p

        • Philoso Raptorr

          i expect that they could at least try to compete with sony. PS+ is miles ahead of xbl, for many obvious reasons.

      • Benjamin

        Not just because of the sale, but also because….where are the god damn core AAA games except Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable? Sony has actually focused on the core gamers way more than Microsoft, and still that hey have millions in losses, they keep coming with games like The Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls.

        • Buster Wolf

          And some big multiplats are coming with exclusive content on PS3. What’s up with that? And unlike 360 “exclusive” content like Fallout 3/NV, Elder Scrolls 4/5 and CoD DLCs, the other side’s exclusives STAY exclusive.

          Come to think of it I think the last genuinely exclusive content a 360 retail title ever had was the Tomb Raider Underworld DLC. (Kinect support doesn’t count.)

          On the other hand XBLA is fantastic and there’s lots of games that can only be found on it… but a lot that change a year later. Meanwhile, their exclusives stay exclusive and it really needs to stop.

  • Andy Paulusma

    Figures, I just bought the Saints Row 3 season pass last night…

  • Fernando Coli Viotto

    Don’t worry guys! Major Nelson AND the folks responsible for this offers are reading these comments!… and laughing uncontrollably.

    Next week: Red Dead Redemption Special offer OR Fallout 3 DLCs

    • Nick Peck

      Kind of like how I’m laughing that you used “this” instead of “these” hahahahahah :p

      • Fernando Coli Viotto

        LOL! Dang

        • Nick Peck

          hahaaaa yah man I do it too, just busting some chops is all :p Have a good one!

    • Flawless

      maybe theyll realize we all want borderlands/rdr and fallout DLC’s on sale again!

      • BrianRommel

        given that the Fallout 3 DLC was just on sale a couple of weeks ago. i don’t see it happening again soon

        • Flawless

          someones out of the loop.

        • Riddick Snipes

          do you wear glasses?

    • Buster Wolf

      Hey now, it might be Sonic games! (Actually I wouldn’t mind the Unleashed DLC, it’s never been discounted on XBL and I wouldn’t mind playing some new day stages…)

      Or BioShock 2 DLC! (Funnily enough the Chain Reaction on S&S+ is)

      Or Borderlands DLC and a combined price of still higher than just buying the Goatee on disc!

      Omg… maybe, just maybe, it could be RISK Factions and Zombie Apocalypse 1…

    • Riddick Snipes

      u forgot tomb raider

    • Anonymous

      If fallout NV dlc went on sale id buy all of them.

  • Sergemont Guillaume

    Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream DLC is not working…FIX IT, Please!!! Tired of XBL being so glitchy and I’m paying for this.

    • Buster Wolf

      When it’s free on Steam too. That’s why people excited for Cold Stream bewildered me so much.

  • Lee Rayson

    KoA is a great deal for anyone who dont have it, such a really good RPG

  • Chico Edge

    To the DotW team- I’ll give you some props for at least putting up some decent DLC on sale this time but the fact remains that it will now be five weeks in a row of just DLC sales for Gold members. This means a Gold subscriber has to wait at least six weeks before getting an actual game on sale through DotW. That is not acceptable for a paid service on a VIDEO GAME console.

    I don’t care about the sales app. Those of us who buy Gold subscriptions are already your paying customers and you should not take us for granted like this. There are way too many gaming options out there and we can easily go elsewhere if the value is better than what we get here. I haven’t bought a game from a Gold DotW since June 26th but I have been buying games on sale from PSN, Steam and the 3DS eShop. Why do you think that I have been spending money with them and not you? Would you like a cut of some of that money or shall I keep giving it to your competition?

    • Benjamin

      I still have not seen any sign of a deal on Xbox LIVE which is better than the NORMAL deals on PSN and Steam. Frightening.

    • ryder4life22187

      id probably have to say that the people or person that makes the DOTW most likely does not play many games too often. I would have to say when i first got my xbox 360 a couple of years ago i was finding the dotw to be pretty good always spending money here and there on stuff i wanted to play and now ive always seen terrible deals if they want us to believe they are deals. Heres an idea let every gold member pick i dunno six arcade/DLC items a month at 50 to 70 percent off atleast id find a dotw that was worth it

    • Buster Wolf

      The eShop? Bloody hell, this is worse than we thought. The eShop is CUH-RAP! If monetary flow’s being directed there instead of here then we have a problem, MS,

      • Chico Edge

        Nintendo has finally implemented a sales program on the eShop. Got five good games for $20.

        • Buster Wolf

          Not bad. Might have to dust my 3DS off. Probably won’t have it in the UK though, Nintendo has hated Europe ever since we bought more Megadrives than SNESes…

  • J. G.

    Some people are complaining about the DotW, but this is the first one in a while where I am going to get everything for both weeks. I played Kingdoms of Amalur and loved it, but I wasn’t ready to get the DLC for full price and there was no equivalent to a Rockstar pass for it (it isn’t Rockstar, so go figure). 50% off sounds good to me.

    Before Kingdoms of Amalur I was playing Saints Row the Third. I also loved it. But I wanted to see how much DLC they would release beyond the pass before I bought it. Again, 50% off is still pretty damn good.

    All in all, this DotW saves me about 1600 points on stuff I’ve wanted for so long, and Microsoft actually delivers it in a double whammy.

    Hopefully in 2 weeks I will see all the Mass Effect DLC that I missed sales for, and after that, maybe the RE5 Untold Stories bundle? That would pretty much hit all the things that I am waiting for.

    • Buster Wolf

      You’re right but I’d just like to add that kind of stuff needs permanent reductions across the board by now.

  • Adam Daniel John Thompson

    Orange Box in games on demand? Wow, I’d love to pay $80 for it when i could get the disc for $20 or the uncut editions on Steam!

    • The Dukenator

      I paid $10 for the disc 2 years ago. Steam version didn’t have achievements when they came out at the time, now they do. Same ones as the 360 version.

    • BostonSup

      Not sure where you got $80 (it shows up as $20 right now), but Games on Demand is horribly priced. Its too bad, I would love to buy some, but there is no point when the cheapest games seems to be $20 and Amazon has it for $10.

      Most every Game on Demand is $10-$30 more expensive than the retail stores (new, not used). MS could make much more cash if they were competitive (in *everything*, DotW Sales, GoD, Subscription pricing/benefits, etc)

      • BrianRommel

        Given that its already a steal at $20 dollars people seem to be spoiled cheepskates . If Steam has a better deal than amazon’s deal than it isn’t a deal.
        Amazon has a 50% off deal on Borderlands Game of the year edition that’s a rip off when steam has it for 85%

        • BostonSup

          Dealing with 2 different platforms, but I understand where you are saying if one place is cheaper than the other then that place has a better deal. Compare Xbox’s digital deals to Steam’s digital deals and Steam wins. Compare Xbox Games on Demand deals to Xbox physical packaging deals at retail stores, and retail stores win.

          The point is that Xbox is not competing. Stick with the Xbox and games are cheaper elsewhere, if digital is important then switch to the competition… so MS would probably make more money if they were competitive on prices, deals, variety of deals, benefits, etc.
          As for the value of the game, that too is not the point. This isn’t about going to a small mom and pop store and paying a little more, this is about buying from a large company. Amazon, BestBuy, etc already paid x amount of money for the game, sales just remove some of their profit (or inventory sometimes). A sale from a retail store (and probably MS) does not cut into the publisher’s take. Maybe I am cheap if I will buy a new game for $10 rather than $20, or even $55 rather than $60… but I personally consider it as being a smart consumer.

    • redgehammer

      20$ is 4$ cheaper than my local gamestop, I bought it as soon as I saw the Heavies big head on my dashboard. I have bought the disc 4 times, but never again, thx MS, Valve.

  • Shane Orr

    When does Halo Anniversary come to games on demand?

    • Buster Wolf

      Just buy it on a disc. It’ll be cheaper.

  • Adam Daniel John Thompson

    Pity KoA and SR3 aren’t in the top 10 of their respective genres for games in the last year.

    • Buster Wolf

      Did ten games even release in those genres last year?

  • Russell Gorall

    DOTW are an improvement. Not that I would buy any of that, the DLC prices for a console a year away from being last gen are awfully high. I would think Live and PSN would just put it up at a permanent price reduction.

  • NarcoSleepy

    Son of a…! I *JUST* sucked it up and bought the Kingdoms of Amalur expansions! *RAGE*
    FYI, The Legend of Dead Kel was worth it, Teeth of Naros felt small, rushed and unsatisfying, but I would have been much happier only paying 400 pts….


    • Buster Wolf

      Get on the phone and explain the situation, Don’t hold your breath, but you might be pleasantly surprised.

      But Major, it would be really nice if you could give us a bit more advance notice on what deals are upcoming sometimes. Sure we know what’s coming up in a few weeks now but we found out about the Amalur DLC on the day and well, this happens.

      Knowing more in advance would allow us to plan out our spending a little better to stop this kind of thing happening (and let us complain sooner! :D).

  • Yi Xu

    Come on. Seriously, is MS purposely trying to piss off their core gamers and fans? 3 DLC for deal of the week. This is really insulting to your fans. Do you see what your competitor is doing. Check out PSN+ and see what they offer for the subscriptions.

    • Thânia Santos

      its been over 1 month that we have only DLC as Deals!
      Do not wonder too much : that was obviously happening with summer of the arcade.
      it’s like that every years: it appear they do not want you to lose focus on the summer arcade games. they want you to buy them!!
      but :
      1 – I am sure most gold members will wait to buy them on a deal
      2 – this year summer of the arcade is pretty average… (or worst?)

      so, if this is really the microsoft strategy, it is absurd : only gold members can take advantage of deals, but gold members will wait for deals before buying full price.

      damn, I feel like there was no exciting deals since December …

    • BostonSup

      Sadly MS isn’t focused on competition right now. This is probably going lead to a lot of people (including myself) jumping the MS ship during the next generation. They just get too comfortable while PSN+ and Steam offer amazing sales. All their new offerings are not even game based now. There are no new exclusives, casual Kinect is being pimped out hardcore, MS new offerings consists of adding *fee* based services to their own *fee* based service, and now they are adding Internet Explorer (why, so I can look at the sales Steam and PSN+ has?).

      I am starting to lean towards Steam. I love consoles, but Steam offers a ton of games, amazing sales, fair regular prices (Games on Demand prices suck on Xbox), allows for FREE DLC (I know, crazy, right?), free online play, and is dedicated to…. GAMES! Plus, it is on the computer, so I already have an internet browser :)

  • Michael Dolcin

    Alright so I soiled myself when I saw that Valve FINALLY released The Orange Box for download then I bought it without hesitation. Now to clean up the mess…

  • Hugoku

    Nothing for me… and for anybody else apparently.
    Oh well. My Gold account expired and it appears I won’t have a reason to renew soon.

    • Thânia Santos

      this is the less worst deal since a long time.
      It is DLC, but at least, these are for recent games…
      and I dont think they already have been on deal….
      They might interest a few of us.
      yes but they are DLC …
      DLC …
      5 weeks of DLC DEALS!!!!
      will they be able to make it 7 weeks?
      Summer of the arcade is almost done, good deals could come back … could …
      (popcap, borderland, red dead anyone?)
      BTW, since thoses DLC come from popular games,
      there might be a ‘game of the year’ edition anytime soon,
      with all the DLC included.
      it might … just depend how much time you want to wait to play those games.
      …might …
      dammit .. dlc…

      • Thânia Santos

        I checked internet:
        Saint row 3 “Game of the year” edition is a sure thing: it should come out in a few weeks.
        If you wait a bit, you will be able to have the full package for a nice price. it might be ven interesting for those who already have the full game.
        Not sure about Amalur.
        It’s up to each one of us.
        I just prefer to have more game and content spending the fewest money,
        some prefer to have things once available.
        I’ll wait.

  • Nicholas J. Ambrose

    Nothing for me, but a pretty good set of deals over the next two weeks. Also, I’m really impressed by the Scott Pilgrim DLC, given the game is almost 2 years old. Great to see developers continuing to add to their older titles!

  • TheDoveOfPeace

    Pretty solid two weeks, really good if you’re looking for DLC. Would LOVE an Arcade sale though, things are on the up!

    • Buster Wolf

      We’re long overdue an XBLA fire sale. Microsoft, I love you but you’re bringing me down. Get all that old cack nobody’s buying and give us massive discounts. I’m talking 80%+ off here. You’ve done it before and we loved it.

  • Thânia Santos

    Why did Microsoft stopped to love us, gold members?
    (… I think it started when kinect appeared ….)

    • medveten

      I think it started as soon as 360 was not threatened by Wii/Ps3 anymore. It started as soon Ms realised a majority of the gamers would rather pay for live, the play on PSN for free (downtime, hacking etc).
      MS are great as underdogs, they can give you anything to become popular, but once they’re on top, they make sure you’ll pay for everything they ever gave you, with interest. :/

    • Z4M0

      They just loved us when they needed money. ¿ anyone remember those awesome news like deals of the week, sales on lots of titles, etc. ? we didn’t have that not so long ago.

      But now they have our money (stablished yearly paying customer base + newcomers aka customers hooked by kinect) they just let the xbox 360 go on its own devices.

      Sometimes I even think it’s our fault by consuming everything they throw at us (minecraft, trials evo, etc.) wich in case of being the real problem, it’s sad.

      We’ve thrown our money ala “shut up ant take my money” style, so they feel safe and comfy.

      But hopefully it will be matter of months that they notice they are selling less and less digital stuff, and people is quitting their gold subscriptions.

      May people not show enough interest in XBOX 360 this year’s XMAS campaign so they would redefine their priorities, like making customers feel like the stuff they pay (or should pay) for is worth of it.

  • ryder4life22187

    so they give us more dlc so they think we will spend the 15 on hybrid which i played the beta and thought it was worth of a free price tag

    • Buster Wolf

      I heard it was originally going to be a free-to-play shooter with microtransactions. Any truth to this?

      Now it’s a paid shooter… with microtransactions. For that alone they can **** off, they can **** right off.

  • Thânia Santos

    Oh! there are some deals on Treasure & grasshopper EXCELLENT shooters : Sine Mora, Ikaruga & Radiant Silvergun!!
    Go, grab one!! (or two, or three!!)
    Oh, but wait, this is only available to a very small part of the earth civilisation!
    you need to have access to the ‘sales & specials” app!!
    most European countries do not have access to that!
    what a bummer if you are not in a good territory ^^ sorry for you ^^
    just say : thank you Xbox service!!

    • Z4M0

      Ha ! I’d buy SINE MORA in a blink.

      Sadly (and weird at the same time) microsoft only wants certain people’s money.

      I hope they keep their regional locking policy. Microsoft Points are waaay more expensive at some european / overseas regions that they are at UK / US so they would make more profit out of those deals trying to appeal to us, the fools who pay twice the points’ price and still keep doing even if sales are weak or in this case, non-existent due to regional content locking.

      Bravo Microsoft ! Gotta love this business model : I’d rather take 6 bucks and 4 pounds than 6USD + 4GBP + 20 Euro + etc. LMAO

  • Bobby B

    Almost bought the KoA DLC yesterday (learned my lesson awhile ago, never buy ‘old’ DLC when the deal of the week is near and unnanounced).

  • TheRequiem95

    The DotW is always lame during the Summer of Arcade promo. I think the multiplayer for Scott Pilgrim is a good idea, but to charge 400 points for it is a little lame for something that should have been included in the first place.

    • Some Guy

      Agreed. They can charge to add Wallace Wells as a character, but to charge for online multiplayer seems a bit ridiculous.

  • Mrkakaiscomingforyou

    When is jet grind radio coming out?

  • Raymundo Valdez García

    Major, do you have an idea when we can get The Witcher 2 and Dark Sould on GoD?

  • VizardJeffhog

    Still no sign of Jet Set Radio…

  • LPHeadstrong

    I’m just gonna say it. While not amazing, these are definitely some of the best deals yet! Both KoA and Saints Row 3 came out within the last 12 months!
    Thanks Major!

  • Buster Wolf

    A few things. I was planning to pick up Amalur at some point anyway so I might grab the DLC. With the studio sunk I can’t see a Goatee Edition launching anytime soon, and I do have some spare points lying about that you’ve just not wanted to take from me in so so long.

    (Speaking of dead studios, any chance of a price cut on Split/Second DLC please?)

    Doesn’t Saints’ Row 3 have a season pass? If so are these DLCs included in it? And maybe some other perks?

    Can we just skip Hybrid and have Dust tomorrow instead? Please? Most of us are skipping Hybrid anyway…

    While it’s great that Scott Pilgrim is finally getting online support, I’m a bit dismayed it comes in the form of a paid DLC. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that Ubi finally (after 2 years!) took that U-turn but we’re on the sole platform that already pays to play online.

    You really should be throwing us a bone here and launching the online update at no extra charge. Dressing it up as a gesture of goodwill would generate some positive PR too, which you could really do with right now and would likely get more people buying the game too.
    Charge for Wallace, sure. But asking us to pay more to play the game online is a bit of a dickmove.

  • Ganon255

    Cool Scott Pilgrim! I’ll be grabbing that and Dust: An Elysian Tail.

  • BrianRommel

    might pick arial pack for JC2

    And those complaining would you rather see fairly priced DLC on sale or overcharged DLC on sale for a reasonable price. Those Saints row the third DLC pack are probably worth it at that sale price. The can’t have Fallout 3 RDR and Borderlands DLC on sale every week. They do have them on sale.

  • darren williams

    its a good start but they can do better they should be lowering the prices in the games on demand section majority of us gamers go to gamestop and buy it used its a win win situation lol

  • Chris Hofer

    Dear Major…

    Last week I sent a tweet to you asking if the people who make decisions about the Deals of the Week would be willing to communicate with on how and why they choose the content that is featured every two weeks. While I wasn’t sure if you would actually respond, you were kind enough to do so. You replied to me almost immediately with, “Good question. I’ll see if they want to respond.”

    I have to echo many of the complaints here about the recent Deals of the Week. It’s been several weeks now of just extra DLC add-ons and really no discounts on actual XBLA games. It seems like we are really getting a lot of repeat deals (i.e. Fallout 3, Borderlands, Bioshock, etc.), and this week we are again seeing a repeat of a sale for the Tiger Woods golf courses. This DLC was just on sale in early June, and while there is no doubt this is a better deal (40% off vs. 13% off), it is still a repeat.

    I have to say that the “Sales & Specials+” app Scratch and Match game hasn’t really offered anything of interest, either…maybe because of my interests. But it seems that those some offers are older games that just don’t get played any more.

    In closing…can we hear from those people that make decisions about the Deal of the Week? I, for one, would be very interested in learning more about how and why this process works. I feel there needs to be an open communication between us gamers and them (whoever they are). We are paying a subscription, after all. Thanks, in advance.

    • Jordan Mcdonald

      Very nicely said

      • Chris Hofer

        Thank you, Jordan.

  • SaberSaurus

    It’s surprising how people still pay for Gold after these horrible sales.

  • Kelvin Rigon

    Dont stress guys, M$ and all these other big guys will start listening to us soon, OUYA gonna smack em all around and show em how to start doing things!!

    I also think its AMAZING how Major never responds to these proper comments/complaints but instead useless replies to how big his recent podcast was.

  • fsdfg dsfds

    Deal of the Week is always pathetic during summer/winter of arcade, 1200 is def the new 800, i see capcom gonna charge 1600 jojo’s bizarre adventure LOLOLOLOLOL GTFO

    • Thânia Santos

      and do not forget DLC : Color palette swap for all characters (400MP for 4 characters and 4 colors each).
      Thanks capcom for transformaing what was free unlockable on dreamcast to paying DLC.

      What was free unlockable in previous generation of games, slowly became paying DLC :
      new characters, secrets levels, new costumes, new colors ….
      Did they tought nobody would notice?
      something is really wrong with this console generation!

  • MacPh1sto

    Is it a better deal to get that SR3 DLC thru the Season Pass or as next week’s DotW? (Not sure what else the Season Pass comes with)

    • J.A.J.G. Thiéfaine

      Getting these for 50% off will be a better deal than the Season Pass as next to these 3 DLC it only contains Nyte Blayde for another 240msp, so you’ll still be cheaper off if you want all of its content.

  • medveten

    Why not start a new blog dedicated only to DoW and other 360/Live related news?
    I even got a perfect name “Major Trollson” ;)

  • Jordan Harrison

    the bioshock 2 DLC on chain reaction isnt working…. please get it fixed

  • Jordan Harrison

    Below is a list of DLC that needs to be on a major discount. The following DLC has been out for years and is still overpriced… fix this Major Nelson…

    The Urban ReDuel Multiplayer Map Pack is Timeshift for 800 MSP… please reduse to 400 MSP or below..

    The Stranglehold Map Pack in Stranglehold for 1200 MSP. please reduse to 400 MSP or below.

  • Lee Mawdsley

    Finally a DOTW that’s worth it. KoA DLC thank you please.

  • mama mambo

    I just don’t get it MS……..After everyone’s complaints two months ago we received a few good sales, but then it’s back to the lame discounts? Major said that they check our comments, but it doesn’t seem to be being placed into practice. I spent $40+ during Steam’s summer Sale, and after that and up to now I have spent another $20+. I have just about given up on MS….. I have been spending way more time on my PC than on Xbox because of the deals. One way you could keep your subscribers engaged is by offering some fantastic sales like Steam, but you choose to skimp and it’s ridiculous.

    Again, Sony offers some great games that you can play for free as long as you are a subscriber, though they arent really “Free” this is an amazing deal for people that support their service. You could be doing that, you could be offering gold members something more than you are. I will seriously have to think about renewing my Xbox Gold account when it comes time for renewal. I don’t play multiplayer or watch much media on the xbox, the console is about games to me, and you don’t want to give people like me a reason to want to pay that fee. I’m not the only one either, most of my friends are doing the same thing, and focusing again on the PC.

    Whoever is doing the deals and making those authorizations needs to wake up…. Between Steam and other Online game providers (Like gamefly who gives you some free games to play as long as your a subscriber) and the different app stores for mobile devices, xbox gaming is sliding downhill in my priority list and it used to be #1.

    • fsdfg dsfds

      You dont get that its summer/winter of arcade and the NEVER put anything decent on sale, how long you been on xbox noob…

  • Demitirus Britton

    When is the next time Bastion will be on sale? I’ll totally cough up the monies when it does.