August 22nd 2012 6:08 am PT

Arcade: Counter-Strike: GO

Counter-Strike: GOContent: Counter-Strike: GO
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive expands on the classic team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it first launched 12 years ago. Featuring a massive arsenal of over 45 weapons, loads of maps, new game modes, new visuals, leaderboards, and over 165 awards to be earned. CS:GO is a must-have tactical shooter. So what are you waiting for? Come join your friends online and GO GO GO!

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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • TheChrisD

    Counter-Strike on console, lol.

    Luckily there’s no cross-platform between PC and 360 otherwise the PC players would have a field day on the 360 players.

    • TheChrisD

      lol @ butthurt people downvoting who don’t own even a medium-low end PC to play CS:GO properly.

      • Tylerh1701

        You’re right, PC is probably the way to go on this one. But your comments are laced with PC elitism.

        • TheChrisD

          Simply because the comments are true. During the Beta, I tried using the controller just to see how it handled, and it handled horribly just like every other Valve game on a console.

          Heck, for a while during the early part of the Beta they didn’t even have the controller settings set up properly, so you couldn’t even look up or down with the default settings…

          • E.Nich

            So it was a BETA then, not the actual game.

          • TheChrisD

            Funnily enough, when CS:GO released on Steam, they just re-named the Beta to the actual game…

          • cubs223425

            Yeah, it was awesome not having to reinstall it or re-earn achievements.

          • E.Nich

            I didn’t know that, what they did was shameful. So for them all was perfect then, didn’t pay attention to the feedback beta testers gave them. I can’t understand why they run a Beta if they don’t plan to improve or fix the problems that may appear.

          • TheChrisD

            I dunno if it can be considered shameful. They had consistently updated the Beta while it was available, and the update last Monday was the last update before it was released, so I’d say they did a pretty good job during the Beta phase, paying attention to metrics and listening to feedback to ensure that the game was good at launch.

            Whether they plan to improve or fix problems on the console versions is another story – they’ve already released two patches on Steam.

          • E.Nich

            Ok, that’s another story then. They did listen to people’s feedback. Yeah, about the patches in xbox360, I guess they will release one with the more important fixes eventually.

          • cubs223425

            I was in the beta for a while and bought the game as well. They were the same game. There were no differences in gameplay, controls, graphics, or anything. It’s been a finished product for some time now.

          • TheDoveOfPeace

            Honestly, go back to reddit or /v/
            You’re obviously here to spread PC elitist stuff, we get it. PC is better.
            Why be a boob about it? This is an Xbox blog where anyone can voice their opinions, but being a PC ‘master race knight’ isn’t making you look good, just look at the downvotes you get.. you pointed them out yet carried on spouting PC jargon.

          • TheChrisD

            Like I’d waste my time on those sites…

            I’m someone who has had experience on both console and on PC, and from playing both and comparing both styles of play, I can safely say that CS:GO is a much better experience on PC as opposed to console. That’s not saying everything on PC is better – games such as the Modern Warfare series are better on console simply because the PC version is almost a direct console port.

      • Russell Gorall

        You got your attention, now you are replying to yourself?

      • Superman64

        lol @ you that you are so butturt over people downvoting you that you had to say something about it.

    • Russell Gorall

      *insert PC elitist statement on a console comments section on the Internet… done!

      • cubs223425

        I’ve played on Xbox LIVE for more than 9 years, much more than on PC< but he's 100% right. If people on Xbox were grouped with people on PC, it would be hell for the console gamers. It's just a basic fact that a mouse has more functionality in a shooter.

        • Alice Lockhart

          Haha XP.

      • Adam Daniel John Thompson

        Google Shadowrun PC v Xbox 360. First (and to my knowledge last) cross platform game where PC players could be in the same match as 360 players. The noobs on PC kicked the best on 360, purely because mouse and keyboard is 100 times better than dual sticks to play a FPS.

    • HobokenGary

      You care entirely too much about how people play video games.

  • Hugoku

    As always, will give it a try.
    This seems to be a good package. However, CS on consoles at this point is a weird decision.
    I seriously doubt this will have legs on XBL.

    • cubs223425

      It might if it was sold as a full game, but it is getting buried in the Arcade instead. It’s not like Minecraft, where there was this big community like with Counter-Strike (though 1.6 and Source are still big PC games). Then again, Quake and Unreal never got the attention they deserved on Xbox, save for Unreal Championship, back before there was an online version of Halo or Call of Duty on consoles.

  • Clattus

    So what’s the appeal? nostalgia? Graphics and gameplay just feel dated. Just play battlefield or MW or roll a tire around with a stick. All are more fun than this :

    • cubs223425

      You’re clearly someone with no experience in gaming. Counter-Strike is a much, much, MUCH more difficult game to play. There’s a reason Counter-Strike 1.6 is still a major staple in the competitive gaming community on PC, and that’s because being great at it is a very hard task.
      The gameplay’s in no way dated. The Arms Race mode is 10 times better than Call of Duity’s map-chopping Gun Game, and I liked that mode (save for the map-chopping actions taken). I’ve played Halo, Call of Duty, Quake, Unreal, and Counter-Strike, among other games. I do really well on Black Ops on LIVE. However, playing Counter-Strike on a PC is just a hard thing to do.
      I guess when you tie everyone down to the babying of the Xbox (even as a lover and long-time player of the Xbox, I fully admit that it’s an easier time than PC), it might not have hard gameplay. As for the graphics, they’re certainly not the selling point of a shooter. If you buy a shooter based on how pretty it is, I hope to someday get to play you online.

      • Clattus

        Well I’ve played games as far back as Wolfenstein so your point is nill. Actually been playing longer, haha. I played it on PC back in the day a little which was fun back then but that is irrelevant to the game here. Being that it’s being released on consoles, I couldn’t care less how it is on PC. Besides that nothing special generic gameplay like other FPS’s and bland graphics. Also had no difficulty getting any kills just didn’t care.

    • ungeheier

      I’m actually going to go buy a spare tire to roll around instead of this game. I had really high hopes for it too.

  • ungeheier

    Wow. It will be interesting if this breaks into the top 10. My review: Horrible.

    • cubs223425

      It’s horrible based on what? I’m sure your standards and credentials in the gaming community are just exquisite.

      • ungeheier

        Based on 27 or so years of gaming. =)

        • cubs223425

          You’re delusional, plain and simple. I’m guessing what you consider quality is worse than what you think of this game. You literally gave no defense, just called it horrible. That alone shows that your opinion shouldn’t be given any merit.

          • ungeheier

            1. Controls – horrible
            2. Engine – horrible
            3. Gameplay – horrible
            4. I’m at work and don’t really have time to ‘give a defense’.

          • cubs223425

            None of those are backed by ANY kind of common sense. The controls are customizable, so being too lazy or intelligent to re-map keys is your own fault.

            The engine is the same engine that runs several quality titles, like Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead and its sequel, DotA 2, Half-Life 2, Portal, and Portal 2.

            That’s a totally indefensible claim without actual explanation. The gameplay is solid because spray-and-pray tactics simply do not work. It takes serious skill to excel at the game.

            Finally, if you don’t want to legitimately take the time to defend your statement, maybe you shouldn’t bother making one, because it seems like ignorant bashing.

          • ungeheier

            Im sorry, you must work for Valve, or your dad does or something. You’re really too invested in trying to protect this game. I’m truly sorry if my comments have taken any food off of your plate. I guess we will see how it fares with next week’s top ten. And then a month later. I seriously doubt its going to catch on with Xbox players.

          • cubs223425

            I don’t expect it to catch on with the Xbox community either. Unreal, Quake, and Counter-Strike never have. That doesn’t mean that they are bad games because the Xbox community prefers Call of Duty or Halo or Gears of War.
            And no, I’m in no way associated with Valve. You’re just going to the “fanboy/employee” tactic people often turn to when they are unable to present a logical argument backed by reason beyond “horrible.”

          • ungeheier

            Tactic? No. Just getting bored with you… And making myself laugh at the same time.

            So, because a game doesn’t ‘catch on with the Xbox community’ means that us Xbox players are somehow dumb? Is that your logic? If I could delete this game off my HD any faster I would’ve. Kinect doesn’t allow me to nuke games if they suck. ‘Xbox Nuke Counter Strike’ should automatically delete it off your hard drive. I really hope none of my friends saw me playing the trial of this game.

            Also too, I shouldn’t have to ‘customize’ the games controls. They should ALWAYS just feel right. I don’t think i’ve ever change my controls on a console game except of inverting axis.

          • cubs223425

            That last part makes 0 sense. People have different playstyles. So what YOU might like isn’t what everyone likes. So that means the controls won’t always feel right for everyone. If not feeling right means a game sucks, then every games sucks, because SOMEONE has to tweak the controls. Seriously, who complains about options and having the ability to make the game play the way you want, rather than being pigeonholed into one style that doesn’t fit everyone?

            You still haven’t made a single point that explains a problem with the game in the slightest. I haven’t played it on Xbox because I’ve been playing to on PC for the last week-plus, and I’m loving it. I’m not calling Xbox gamers dumb in the slightest. I’m saying that something on PC might not be popular on Xbox, just as how Halo wasn’t well-received when it was ported to the PC.

            I never called a community dumb at any time, I’m calling your refusal to back up your statements with SOMETHING rational dumb. However, I do think it’s dumb that people fall in love with games like Modern Warfare, which are basically built to favor those who aren’t very good.

          • ungeheier

            I’m not calling myself an average player by any means, but… The average player WILL NOT change the controls of their games or know that they can. They are going to try to play this game and get frustrated because they are awkward.

            You just said: “I haven’t played it on Xbox”

            I’m done with you.

            No more replies from me.

          • cubs223425

            Haha, ok. You’re calling a game horrible on the day it’s released whiel saying your’e at work, while saying that engine is to blame (despite having several other successful titales) and that customizable controls are to blame. Your’e offering no actual explanations to your problems, and you’re saying the game is bad because you don’t like it on Xbox, ignoring the fact that it’s really meant to be a PC title, as most old-school shooters (Unreal, Quake, and Counter-Strike being the main ones) are.

            So say what you want, you never gave any elaboration to your issue, and I don’t buy that your opinion is based on anything other than blind hatred for anything that’s not Call of Duty.

          • Ryan Babcock

            They don’t catch on because they’re heavily reliant on accurate, quick and smooth controls. Consoles aren’t intended to play those games. It’s only natural that they don’t thrive, they’re a pain to play with thumb sticks. Doesn’t make consoles bad they’re just meant for different things.

          • Z4M0

            Sorry to disagree but he made some points here (might not be on purpose tho).

            I own the game, and actually like the game but:

            1- Engine is a bit dated by now. Not horrible, but dated. All the games you mention are amongst the best games ever made but again, those are oldies. Still, Source is as you said, great preventing spray n pray mechanics.

            2- Control can be horrible at times, due to a bug that renders B button useless meaning you can’t reload or go back thru buying menu, or if you remap it, unable to open the buying menu wich is if you asked me, worse.

            Great game but at this pricepoint it could feature polishing here and there (gamerpics, avatar awards, map editor or dev’s compromise about getting it patched on regular basis, etc.)

          • cubs223425

            No, he made no points. He jsut called things bad. He never said WHAT was bad about anything, he just said “it’s bad.” That’s not a point.
            DotA 2 isn’t old, it’s not even out now. I don’t like the game a lot (the camera’s a bit annoying), but it’s a decent game. The Source engine isn’t much older than the Unreal engine. The former debuted in 2004, but the Unreal engine was actually being shown around at the same time, meaning it was a farily-finished product. It actually didn’t come to light until 2006, but I would ultimately say that the big difference is that you have something off a small-time (in 2004) maker in Valve working on the Source engine, while you have the Unreal engine coming from Epic, and it was in its third iteration. RAGE ran on the new id Tech 5 engine, and that JUST came out, after being around since 2004 as well.
            A bug is a fixable thing, not something that makes a game bad. Such things happen in all games, though they’re usually patched quickly. Again, I haven’t played it on Xbox (don’t want to buy the same game twice), so I don’t know the control layout. I also play Arms Race a lot, which doesn’t use a buying system. Even then, I can’t think of a use for every controller button for the game.
            You could do movement with the stick as usual, A to jump, LB to crouch, RB to reload, Y to switch weapons (or the Gears-stlye D-Pad weapon swapping, which could be used to access grenades, like how I use the mouse wheel to scroll through weapons on PC), and that leaves you with an unused pair of buttons in the form of clicking the joysticks, along with unused X and B buttons. Let X command hostages and plant/defuse a bomb, and make clicking a stick drop your weapon for another (or a Hold RB like Halo does). There are definite ways to get around it in the short-term, but it should be fixed.
            At the price point of $15, you’re lucky to get what it has, honestly. How many games that are MCUH worse retail for $60, and even manage to sell? One button falw that could easily be patched it worth getting the game for $15 and dealign with it for (hopefully) a short while. Not to say it’s an OK thing to ignore, but $15 is a definite steal for this game.

          • Z4M0

            Not being able to join friend’s matches and lobbies isn’t nice either… I hope they pach it along w/ the button stuff but due to valve disagreeing w/ microsoft in the past I might not ever happen.

            Anyway, I see your point.

          • cubs223425

            Yeah, I’m wondering if Valve’s got a matchmaking issue. My friend and I tried to play together on PC today, and it was taking too long to find a match in a group, so he joined, and I used the Join Game function.

        • Adam Daniel John Thompson

          So that alone means your preferences are the arbiter of style?

          • ungeheier

            Exactly. Have a nice day.

  • the3yearold

    CS:GO on PC already has over 100 custom map servers which are free. Unless you want to pay 800 points for a map pack I suggest you go PC/MAC version

  • Z4M0

    First of all, the game seems to present issues finding matches if you are in a lobby with your friends. It just takes forever, and I’ve been told it’s happening to several people.

    Then, there’s the PC vs Console debate. This is the kind of game that will benefit from loads of mods and maps. Those are FREE on PC and most won’t appear on console and if they do, you’ll better prepare your wallet.

    The game should have featured a MAP EDITOR (it’s been done before, see farcry 2) and/or a map central in the vein of TRIALS EVO track central, where you can get stuff made by the community FOR FREE. There’s no excuse for valve, that should avoid the dlc validation fees.

    On the other hand, as I’ve stated before about the game itself, I dunno what happened… maybe my tastes have “evolved” or maybe COUNTER STRIKE’s frantic gameplay doesn’t hold well on console.

    I loved CS on PC even prior to 1.6 era but didn’t have a nice time with the XBLA demo.

    we got used to heavier body physics, LT aiming with any weapon, etc. Or
    maybe it’s just that the game’s magic only works when played with mouse
    and keys.

    • TheChrisD

      A map editor really isn’t possible given the level of detail and the size usually seen in maps for Source games. Have you seen the Hammer tool available on PC, just to make even a basic map? To emulate that on a console would be a lot more work than it would probably be worth.

      • Z4M0

        I know it takes effort, but FARCRY 2 had a map editor and there were lots of advanced factors like flamable landscape and props that COUNTER STRIKE lacks. Bear in mind that FARCRY 2 wasn’t mean’t to be a top notch multiplayer title and despite it, devs considered it was “worth the effort” adding an editor to a console game.

        I love VALVe but let’s admit when people are just lazy at doing stuff. Codin an user-friendly map editor would take time and resources, period. Maps are fantastic, the best multiplayer maps ever designed but with time those will grow old and new maps would not come unless they release pay-per-play DLC.

  • kriegir

    I can’t wait to go home and get this!!

  • Russell Gorall

    I played the trial, and it was pretty nice. While getting a DRM infused piece of DLC this late in the console cycle isn’t brilliant, especially a multiplayer one, the price point and value here is appreciated.

  • Christopher Trinidad

    Just bought this and it wont let me play with friends. If you are thinking of buying it to play with your friends I would hold off until they fix it. Already regret this purchase.

    • Z4M0

      I know, suffered it myself. The game doesn’t let you play with friends, and sometimes B (red) button doesn’t work, not allowing you to reload weapon or exit the store menu.

      It’s a hell of a good game, it features the best maps ever made for any game and yet, for 1200 msp you don’t get a miserable avatar award, nor posibility of free extended lifespan (like trials evo has with its track central) or even playing with friends and propper control due to random key config issues.

      • Squirrl

        Glad I did not purchase it last night – after playing to 15mins I think I will wait for it to be on sale.

        • Z4M0

          It’s still a great game. Its major drawback is that it lacks the great value for your money the PC version gives.

          Joining friends’ games seems fixed by now. What we just need is valve anouncing they will release inexpensive map packs, so in the end we won’t be paying twice the game’s price to get a decent amount of maps (it features just 2 hostage maps at the moment).

  • TheDoveOfPeace

    Don’t understand what the fuss is about, bought it and enjoying it.

  • Brian Ray

    HORRIBLE HIT DETECTION, the players glitch around when your within 6 ft. it feels like your ice skating when you walk. I played for about 4 hrs. the game itself is fun, but there are lots of issues that need fixed. I DONT SUCK EITHER, I led the room 8-10 games. it just feels sloppy. the hit boxes are simply bad.

  • Luis Negrón

    I tried to play, but it lag a LOT! Can’t even move, this happen to anyone?

    • Thânia Santos

      Got the same problem!
      I spent 20 minute of my trial time trying to play …
      but any game session I connetcted to was unplayably lagging!!

      impossible to enjoy anything.
      impossible to play anything.
      Can not buy weapon, can not move, can not aim : lags
      so I just turn it off.

      I’ll try this week end one last time, there might be more peoples available then.

      but if my trial time end with only lagging match it will be a no buy for me.

  • PapaDickChicken

    First time playing the game and LOVE IT but everything is in the middle of my screen and it wont let me walk, shoot, Its looks like a huge LAG, Tested my connection and everything is perfect, Is this happening to anyone else ?? FOR X-BOX360

    • Anthony Navarra

      the same thing is happening to me, i was able to turn my sensitivity back up but the map, weapons, and player in game are all in the middle of my screen… wont play again until they fix this

    • Anthony Navarra

      i played the game for a few hours and everything was fine, then i came back about an hour later, and when i booted it back up everything is in the middle of my screen, playing on xbox

    • Anthony Navarra

      Had the same problem and finally got it fixed. Here’s what I did

      1. Go into the help & options menu and select “controller” once open press “Y” to reset your defaults (this will fix the turning issue)

      2. Again in the help & options menu select “settings” once inside press “Y” as before to reset your defaults

      3. Still in “settings” press the “X” button to open your HUD settings. This will allow you to adjust the screen to what best fits your TV and that should fix it.

  • Ryan Babcock

    Games solid if you’re good with a controller. You’ll still struggle to aim at times because thumb sticks just don’t cut it for CS. I still enjoy it though, they just need to fix the searching with friends issue. You can form a lobby/party and search but you’ll never connect to a game. Yet when you search alone it’s almost instant. My only other complaint with the game is the fact that private matches don’t have a pregame lobby for removing bots, customizing in game settings, etc. The fact that you can’t remove bots and are forced to play 5v5 with all humans to do so is aggravating to say the least. If my PC wasn’t so terrible I would just buy it there like any sane person but the console version is still fun, you just have to realize you won’t be able to play anywhere near the level of a mouse and keyboard, consoles weren’t intended for this high precision aiming. Lets hope the patch to fix the matchmaking doesn’t take months.

  • Clattus

    The high society elitist pathetic pc gamers are out in full force with this one ;)

    • RomIsHere

      If by “high society elitist pathetic pc gamers” you mean people who expect the same amount of support on PC versus 360, then yes, count me as one of them.

      I’d love to play this on console but if it’s going to get shafted in updates it’s a waste of money, compared to the PC version, and there are better alternatives to it on console.

      To respond to what you were alluding to, I’m sorry you can’t afford a decent PC.

  • Lucky13X

    Terrorists Win!


  • SnipingTheEnemy

    I downloaded this trial today and I really like it but i don’t have the points to buy it yet. Don’t worry i’m not asking for any money/points but my question is this: why is it that when I open up the trial now it says no more trial time? After my first trial time ended I went to the dashboard so I could play another 45 minutes of it but when I tried to do this to get a third 45 minutes it would say that I had 45 minutes remaining in my trial. After playing for about 30 seconds, it would say 0 minutes remaining and then shortly after that it would bring me back to the trial menu and say that my trial time is up. I’ve tried to go to the dashboard just to see if it was a little glitch because its a trial but it still wouldn’t let me play. I even tried turning my xbox off and back on to see if it would work but it doesn’t, what can I do to play the trial?

    • ungeheier

      Great games let you only play their Demo/Trial for 45 mins then you can never play it again. Enjoy.

  • RomIsHere

    Honest question, is this going to get update shafted ala TF2 or will there be actual updates coming out for this as Valve makes it?

    I’m not burning money on a game that’s going to be gimped in updates, but if actual updates will be released for it (for free, as Valve usually does), then I will gladly put down $15 for it.

    • Jason Oliver

      Still smarting over their treatment of TF2 – it’s not like we needed all the stupid weapons but a few new maps might be nice.

  • K Dub

    Anyone who has problems with the controls are just lazy to configure them to their style of gaming. Also I think the people who arent liking this game have been so dumbed down by cod that they dont like the challenge. This game has nostalgia writtten all over it. I bought it and LOVE it. Havent had one problem playing with friends nor has my B button stopped working at anytime. People having trouble seem to be the ones playing the trial. I dunno in a dumbed down FPS world this game is a breath of fresh(yet old) air

  • Graham J Cook

    HELP… Has anyone downloaded the trial then unlocked the full game and now everytime I run the game I cannot do anything apart from just run around and look at stuff?? Can’t shoot, reload, change weapon or anything?? Any help would be gratefull – I have cleared cache, and deleted the game several times and re-downloaded it several times! So frustrating p.s. its not a lag issue just seems like something is glitched??? HELP please..

  • Rahil ‘Molez’ Ahmed

    Don’t know if it’s just me, but the PC Steam version seems more enjoyable than the Xbox version?

  • Thânia Santos

    Same problem here, in Western Europe
    Lag all the time, not a single play session without atrocious lags.
    I lost 30 minutes of the free trial play time, just connecting and directly disconnecting from different servers trying to find a proper game.
    It never happened…
    Damn, I lost 30 minutes!!!!!

  • Thânia Santos

    I’ll buy it on PC,
    when there will be a steam sale at 2$ in less than 1 year!!

  • beestee

    I am incredibly disappointed with this game, and not for it’s gameplay as I played a lot of CS on the original Xbox and I feel that this new iteration plays just fine offline…but the meat of this game is online, and the netcode is obviously broken, and therefore the game is broken.
    I think this title really had an opportunity to gain a strong following before the flood of annual FPSes. I even made plans to meet up with some friends online to play it and it was an absolute failure, so we went over to BF3 and had a blast.
    Such a shame. I have already resigned myself to the idea that I will have to pick it up on Steam if I really want to play it.

  • MoNsTeR GhosTLy

    so i played the game on xbox for hours and after i took a break and loaded the back up i couldnt shoot,buy or swith weapons i could only look around and move is this happening to anyone else !!!!

  • Vince

    Where’s the patch