August 22nd 2012 6:12 am PT

Demo: Sleeping Dogs Game Demo

Sleeping DogsContent: Sleeping Dogs Game Demo
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Dash Text: Welcome to Hong Kong, a vibrant and sprawling metropolis. As undercover cop Wei Shen, you are tasked with infiltrating and taking down a Triad empire from within. Keep your cover intact and navigate between your duty to the badge and the code of honor of the triads. Download the demo now to experience a sneak peek at the brutal martial arts combat, exhilarating free-running, and intense gunfights offered by Sleeping Dogs.

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Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Lee Rayson

    Nice one i didnt think there be a demo to this, im interested buying it so hopefully this help me make up my mind

  • mcmax3000

    I highly recommend people check this one out. I bought it on a whim after hearing a bunch of friends saying good things about it, and I’ve been loving it so far.

    • Miller

      I’ve had my eye on this one for some time now, pre-ordering was a definite for me. Was disappointed when Activision told them to pack up, but glad square picked it up.

  • Russell Gorall


  • bob smith

    The game is really good. Just beat it last night. Definatly give the demo a shot.

  • TheDoveOfPeace

    Waiting for a price drop, then I’ll pick this game up and the DLC.

  • Lee Rayson

    I finish the demo and it reminded me such of Shenmue and i think im going to buy it

  • Russell Gorall

    Really well done demo. If you can take a chase sequence on foot like that, along with the actual combat system… well, if it had GTA in the title it would probably be hailed as perfect.

  • Bush O Connor

    i wish this had of came out before the game, i wasted 50 euro on this, the driving is awful and cheap feeling like saints row 3, has a few good things but the driving ruined it for me, roll on GTA5

  • M1GO

    It’s a great game with a cool, Arkham Asylum/City inspired fighting system. Definitely worth the purchase.
    Here’s a review I wrote about the game:

  • Socal71

    One thing (of many) that I really liked about this demo was the fighting mechanics/style. IMO, the worst part of the GTA series has always been the fighting mechanics and this game gets it right. It was actually fun to fight without weapons in this game. I’ll be picking this one up in a few months when the price comes down and I need a break from Madden.