August 31st 2012 6:00 am PT

First wave of Xbox LIVE games that will be coming to Windows 8

Earlier this year we announced that Xbox is coming to Windows 8. Now, in addition to its industry-leading gaming service, Xbox is pleased to announce support from Microsoft Studios, Rovio, Miniclip, Gameloft, ZeptoLab, Glu Mobile, Halfbrick Studios, and others to bring high quality Xbox games to Windows 8.

Wave one of our portfolio will bring you many of the games you already know and love; and will include 29 titles from Microsoft Studios, some of which will be exclusive to Windows 8.

Many games will be available starting October 26th with ongoing new releases coming through holiday and beyond. This growing portfolio spans genres and delivers an innovative mix of fun-to-play titles that will be playable on any Windows 8 PC, laptop, or tablet.

Xbox games will be easy to find in the preinstalled Windows 8 Xbox Games app and available in the Windows  8 Store. In addition, all Xbox games for Windows 8 will have Xbox Achievements, and many will also take advantage of other Xbox features, including leaderboards, multiplayer modes, and connecting with friends, and more. Have a look at wave one of our portfolio:

1. 4 Elements II Special Edition
2. A World of Keflings
3. Adera: Episode 1
4. Adera: Episode 2
5. Adera: Episode 3
6. Angry Birds
7. Angry Birds Space
8. Big Buck Hunter Pro
9. BlazBlue Calamity Trigger
10. Collateral Damage
11. Crash Course GO
12. Cut the Rope
13. Disney Fairies
14. Dragon’s Lair
15. Field & Stream Fishing
16. Fruit Ninja
17. Gravity Guy
18. Gunstringer: Dead Man Running
19. Hydro Thunder Hurricane
20. IloMilo
21. iStunt 2
22. Jetpack Joyride
23. Kinectimals Unleashed
24. Microsoft Mahjong
25. Microsoft Minesweeper
26. Microsoft Solitaire Collection
27. Monster Island
28. PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX
29. Pinball FX 2
30. Reckless Racing Ultimate
31. Rocket Riot 3D
32. Shark Dash
33. Shuffle Party
34. Skulls of the Shogun
35. Taptiles
36. Team Crossword
37. The Harvest HD
38. Toy Soldiers Cold War
39. Wordament
40. Zombies!!!

More details on the first party games is over on the PlayXBLA site

And be sure to stop by the Xbox booth at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle this weekend as Microsoft Studios will be giving attendees a sneak peek at some of the Windows 8 titles announced today.

Windows, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Lee Rayson

    ITs a good list, let hope they work without the problems that most games for windows has, i still got a few that dont work at all and wont load

  • Peter van Dam

    Please tell me that we don’t have to repurchase EVERY game that we already bought on xbox to be able to play it on a ‘pc’.

    • Darren Harris

      Of course you do. Who do you think this is, Sony?

      • Concession

        Yeah, there is no such thing as good will from MS Xbox division. They nickel and dime you for everything.

        Cross buy, and how ps1 classics are done on PSN is great

    • IsThisWifiOrganic?

      Xbox Live != Windows Store

      I have Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Cut the Rope on all my devices as well – when are they coming to my fridge and toaster?

      Microsoft: if you’re going to pay off developers at least pay off the ones you haven’t already paid off for past products like Windows Phone and Xbox Live… we need new, original first-party games from you (what is Microsoft Studios funding these days?) for Windows 8.

      Else Gabe Newell is right and all PC gamers will be on Linux sooner rather than later. Steam has the power to do that. Beware.

      • Peter van Dam

        Like if Linux is ever going to work. Ur funny. Just a few thousand of geeks are using Linux. Most of them pirate anything, so how can a company like EPIC games make money with a blockbluster game that runs on an OS no one has, and no one will have since the average user can’t understand that OS.

        • Boe2

          If I had to guess, It would be that Valve is working on a sort of abstraction software + api for handling cross-platform gaming. Either that or a heavily customised wine manager with proper settings for every new game in the steam library. Nobody claimed valve plans to go linux-exclusive, we only know they are giving linux a lot more attention now.

        • IsThisWifiOrganic?

          Hey man I’m a M$ fan myself so trust me when I say the last thing I want is to use Linux to play games on the PC – but my point still stands.

          Windows gamers are not “average users” either, just look at game industry sales over the years… the people you are referring to actually get their games on consoles and mobile devices, not traditional desktop PCs.

        • brayden fleming

          you’re kidding right.. so many companies have software that is unix or unix based. The iOS is based on a linux kernel, yes its not true linux, but lots of things are based on linux and would be able to port over to a full linux os. No one said make a “blockbuster” game only for linux. Cross platform gaming.. meaning all OS.

          and what the heck is this nonsense about most of them pirate anything?? most of them use OPENSOURCE.. lol how does that correlate with them pirating anything..

          ignorant much??

          • Kevin Forest

            OSX is based on the Mach kernel, from the NeXTSTEP days. It’s more accurate to describe it as UNIX-like, not Linux-y. It’s closer to BSD if you want an open-source tie.

      • Jeff Freeman

        Windows 8 will not affect gamers in any significant way, no one is going to give up on their library because of Windows 8. That would be retarded. Gamers who are unhappy with Windows 8 will just stick with Windows 7

  • Boe2

    If you already own the game on xbox, can you download/play it on windows 8?

    *edit* same question as Peter basically :p

    • Richard Turner

      No – it has nothing to do with Microsoft understanding the cloud concept. It’s to do with the fact that a low-end Intel or ARM powered tablet isn’t going to have the power to run unmodified Xbox games.

    • TonyLN

      There also needs to be some profit involved for the companies to be motivated to reprogram it for a new platform. I have a comment a few threads up about doing bundles that I think would be a good idea.

  • Christopher Barrett

    It sure would be sweet if the MS Surface tablets would natively support a wireless Xbox controller. I certainly be all over that with Windows 8 gaming.

    • Boe2

      And make use of HDMI out, focus on increasing compatibility with the xbox live games library. THAT would be a winner.

      • Chuck Jacobson

        ARM is definitely lower power and wouldn’t run next-gen games well. BUT it could run a lot of current gen games & do excellently as a media player. I think there will be a real Xbox & an Xbox Lite.

        • Richard Turner

          A machine with 8-10 ARM quad-core processors and a powerful GPU could run high end games easily.

          • bickle2

            No, they really couldn’t
            A big part of the downfall among developers of the PS3 is the fact that you have the Daddy core and the baby cores. No matter how powerful each individual core is, getting them to work together is always difficult. ARM processors are not designed for high power tasks (high end gaming), so stacking enough of them on the board is not only very expensive (processor costs are tied to how many you can make at once, so making a 4 core processor is way cheaper than making 4 singles), and they’d have to stack 2 or 3 of them on the board, which also introduces design headaches and scalability (reducing the cost of making the machine in the future) issues. Low power is a clear benefit in an always-on game console, but that’s why people like AMD make efficient processors. I’m rocking a 45 watt AMD 2.4GHZ Quad Core that lets me run my system at sub-100F without any special cooling, and still run all the latest games. The CPU is still very important for running the back ends of games, so you can’t just look at the GPU to solve your problems. Sony tried the opposite with the PS3, eliminating the GPU in favor of the baby cores, and they ended up throwing a new GPU in there at the last minute of design that wasn’t tuned for the rest of the system.

            You know why backwards compatibility went byebye on PS3? Because it relied on a $25+ Emotion Engine being on the board. PS1 compatibility on the PS2 was able to be maintained because they used the PS1 CPU for the sound processor.

            Not trying to rag on Sony, I just see a lot of the mistakes they made in your proposal, mistakes that all rumors point to them fixing in their new system, and mistakes I’m sure MS doesn’t wish to emulate.

            Hope that clears things up

          • brayden fleming


          • Jeff Freeman

            Parallelism doens’t work that way. Most games these days don’t benefit from more than 3 cores according to tests done by Anandtech. Even games made for Xbox or PS3 will be optimized for no more than 4-5 cores.

          • Zachary Strain

            @twitter-83277308:disqus Most games with simple processes like Source engine games, dead space, etc. don’t even benefit much from more than 2 cores.

            That said, ADVANCED games with AMAZING graphics like Metro 2033, Bf3, Crysis 2, Batman: Arkham City, and some 20+ others can efficiently utilize more than 6 cores (or threads), many of those 8 or more (last year there were ~16 known titles able to efficiently utilize more than six cores, so I’m guessing). On my own gaming computer, I have seen Battlefield 3 using all 8 of my threads at around 56% each! (this is actually an awesome display of power, considering what I have under the hood :P) Metro 2033, although a few years old, also used all 8 available threads evenly on my computer. These games are doing this while they are running at 900p (not even 1080p) with the graphics settings not even turned up all the way.

            Note: When I’m talking about a game using 8 threads, I mean using them evenly. NOT using 2 at 90% and the rest at 10%.

            If current games are able to do this, is there any reason to doubt that future next-gen games cant be spread usefully across 10+ cores?

      • Tony G

        If the next xbox is a tablet, I will officially stop supporting xbox and play my games elsewhere.

    • brayden fleming

      ummm using a touchscreen interface to play most xbox games would be annoying. Woudnt be a legit controller.. Playing simple games wouldnt be bad.

      • NoClipMode

        Well this is WINDOWS. Not some useless toy like an iPad or Android. You can plug in ANY mouse, keyboard or gamepad in to a Win 8 tablet, being as they all come with USB as standard. Or you can use bluetooth for wireless. You can even hook these tablets up to a HD TV as they also have HDMI output. My X360 controller already works on Win 8.

      • voleheart

        ever see the project fiona tab? or how about the wireless xbox controller?

    • Chris Grub

      With you the upcoming $40 adapter I’m sure you will be able to.

    • sevenalive

      I have a feeling their Durango controller will be bluetooth, so then no need for propriety technology!

  • Peter M.

    Great to see so many former xbox exclusives on pc.
    I hope this means we’ll see Halo and Gears of War return to pc.

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    Major…. is there going to be a trailer showing these games in action. Would really like to see some of these being played (esp the ones coming over from xbox that have not been on mobile platforms before…. also curious if things like hydro thunder and toy soldiers are the xbla version of the limited phone versions)

  • NoBullet

    ” industry-leading gaming service”


    • BostonSup

      I don’t think it would be be industry killing. If anything the industry would move past W8 if it is that bad for them. There are options like Linux, Mac (surprisingly picking up momentum on gaming), or just supporting W7. It might hurt the industry, and the customers, but I doubt it will destroy PC gaming.

      • bickle2

        You mean the Mac that already has an “industry killing” Win8 style app store implemented, is totally locked down from the metal, and only gets games because they ship the same PC hardware you buy elsewhere with more aluminum and a 30-100% markup? The only reason why Mac has any games at all is because now that they’re running on the same hardware, the port is cheap and easy

        Anyone who thinks Linux is going to get anything resembling signifigant support when it comes to gaming is fooling themselves, outside of running the servers that is. The only people who are complaining are those who own their own digital distribution services who are worried that they’ll get steamrollered (no pun intended) if MS decides to throw a few hundred million in marketing bucks to destroy them (plausible scenario)

  • Andreas

    So I own games like fruit ninja and ilomilo on wp7 and on the xbox already, will I have to buy them again for windows 8 or will they be free, cause I have already payed for them, twice. I’m guessing no but a guy could dream.

    • TonyLN

      I would guess no also — it would be nice if they would sell a bundle — $10 for 1 system, $15 for all 2 or $20 for all 3. If they follow that model they should also allow for upgrading to a bundle.

      On that same note however I will be sticking with Steam for all my PC gaming needs; if it’s not on Steam I wont buy it.

      • bickle2

        So if a game is on sale at a ludicrously low price at GameStop, or GameFly, or hell, Amazon right now, you won’t buy it, just because it’s not on Steam.

        I really hope there’s an “upgrade” price for those who own these games on Xbox, because I’m willing to drop 2-400 points on the “upgrade” Game Room style, but not buy them again outright

        • BostonSup

          Im not a PC gamer myself, but from what I have seen, people really do love Steam. MS won’t compete with Steam, so people will most likely stick with just Steam for their gaming needs (and if Valve decides to make a console one day, MS is screwed). I can see why people tend to like Steam, it is convient, and Valve is more customer-centric. They have real sales, offer free DLC and not force a price for DLC or set limits if they allow for it, etc.

          Valve is a business and wants money, it is just not as much money as MS wants. I think that is why PC games stick to Steam vs MS or EA (Origin), because they have a better option. If I didn’t like consoles better, I think I would be using Steam for 90% of my gaming too.

          • bickle2

            If you think Valve is “more customer-centric”, that’s because you’ve never had to deal with them. A friend of mine’s brother bought a game for his birthday using friend’s PayPal account, and Steam locked down the brother’s account for potential fraud. Despite PP confirming the transaction was legitimate, it took Steam 6 months to unlock his account (and all of the games attached to it were unplayable for that time). It took me 3 weeks to get Valve to accept a key for a game I bought new that some little punk at best buy installed and then resealed, despite the fact that I included the photographic proof and all the requested information in the initial email that I owned the game. They refuse to even provide a customer service phone number to anyone as part of their bare bones operation. I call MS, and someone, unfortunately usually an Indian without a clue picks up. I could have gotten it resolved in 3 days instead of weeks with MS, and a simple call by them to PP would have gotten the brother’s account unlocked. If your Live account gets banned, all your games still work. If your Steam account gets banned, you lose all your games. Now how is that “good customer service”?

            The “real sales” that Steam offers are essentially fire sales. No one is making money on a $2 game, the credit card fees alone are 25% of that. The PC games industry is awash in piracy is the real problem, and those sales are the way they keep at least some money coming in, but a model for profitability or even survivability? Forget it. And people wonder why most PC games these days are console ports. Quirky indy games? Sure they can survive, but only a handful of AAA titles make it, and with few exceptions only if there’s tangible benefits to having a registered copy (like online play)

            Valve will never make a real console, they simply do not have the money, the manpower, or the IP to do so. What they are trying to do is do what MS was doing with Windows 7, where your PC is certified as a level 5 or whatever. Valve is operating on near 10 year old technology on their games right now, it’s easy to guarantee it’ll run on everything. Mostly Valve survives on religion, not on actual quality or customer service. Like The Matrix, it’s the first thing of its kind most people saw, and you never get that high again, and that’ where your other games are so you stick with it That’s why Ubi and EA are starting their own services, so that they keep all the money, and more importantly are less beholden to the Steam pump n dump. I’m not loyal to any DD service. I have at least 6 of them (Gamefly/Stop,Origin,GFW,Steam, Amazon) that I’ve bought from, and GFW is definitely the worst out of all of them (locking you out of your save games if the flakey interface doesn’t connect, I really hope achievements are separate on Windows 8 so no matter what the DRM we can get them).

            Finally, it’s bad enough for game makers to be beholden to one or two companies in the console business, and allowing Steam to dictate what you can and cannot make (look at Pinball Arcade, can’t launch a PC version because Steam decided no one wants pinball), for essentially the entire industry, is a bad, bad thing no matter who is holding the reigns. Do you really think the phone industry is happy that if you actually want to get paid for your apps, iOS is your only choice?

            Most people just don’t understand the backends of this industry

          • Zachary Strain

            @bickle2:disqus lol, someone obviously has it out for Steam! I know that Microsoft has amazing customer service (I can practically get them to do anything I want with a phone call), but is steam really that bad? Last year they blocked my account and sent me an email saying that my account had been banned for having too many users. I had about 40 games too! Long story short, my account was on like 15 computers, and only 2 were mine. I don’t blame them. HOWEVER, I sent them a very nice email lying about how I felt mistreated, my password was just too simple, and I promised to be more careful next time. I had my account back the same day along with a regretful apology email from Steam. If that’s not customer service, I don’t know what is!

            On top of that, the Steam service itself is nothing short of amazing. It is free software with absolutely no adds. To top it off, I actually don’t mind running it in the background because unlike competitors (Origin anyone?) it barely uses any resources while providing tons of services. Origin has a software issue that will cause it to steadily use up to 4GB of ram while doing absolutely nothing. This pisses me off to no end. Unfortunatly I’m forced to have this excuse for a program installed because Battlefield 3 requires it. After starting the game, I immediately close Origin. Everyone knows EA is nothing but a money-grabber at the expense of its customers, so I guess this is no surprise.

            Aside from that (I coould go on for 10 pages about how steam is better then you put them off to be) I hope you aren’t comparing Steam to Microsofts Xbox Live. You pay 60$ a year per account for a home screen dominated by advertisements, a crappy operating system that has actually gotten steadily worse since 2008 (it takes like 20 seconds to simply send a party invite to a friend, an ordeal that used to be nearly instant), and crappy, overpriced hardware.

            The 360 is (ehem was…) fine and all, but now in the face of pc gaming it is just too expensive.

          • bickle2

            This isn’t about “having it in for Steam”, nor is it “Xbox LIve/GFW FTW”. Read it again. Any business that controls the vast majority of the PC gaming world and doesn’t have an instant access, 7 day a week customer service number, and a corporate headquarters that hides behind a mazelike phone system where you literally cannot get a human being on the phone without knowing the extension, and a company that can take away thousands of dollars worth of games forever on a whim, (something Origin specifically does not do I should add) is not a company that should be in that business

            I don’t let Steam or Origin run when they’re not needed. Why would I waste my computer memory doing that?

            If you think the Xbox is overpriced, I suggest you check out (except for the hard drives and controllers, which are grossly overpriced in a way that made Steve Jobs green with envy) the cost of materials to build the system. Xboxen are pretty much sold at cost

            Valve has essentially zero expenses. They make hats. They occasionally produce a game on a decade old engine, and they keep some servers up to collect money for other people’s product. Big challenge there. Like the senseless worship of the “new innovation from Apple”, which is typically something that other products have had for years (pre-emptive multitasking anyone? Sinclair 1984, Amiga 1985, Windows 1995, MacOS 1999 (limited implementation, not true implementation until they “borrowed” UNIX, which had had it for decades). That’s all Steam did, was have their own “brand new innovation”, and introduced Xbox Live style features for the PC when MS couldn’t be bothered to for years (and maybe with Win8 it finally won’t suck, but not holding my breath)

            I’m glad you like Steam, it doesn’t change the fact that they are irressponsible, and virtually unaccountable guardians of virtually the entire PC gaming space, who can steal thousands of dollars in software on a whim from you forever, and you legally can’t do a thing about it. Monopoly is bad for the consumer, and when a game I buy on another service still has to be activated through Steam, that’s not any different in the end who I gave my money to.

    • Buster Wolf

      Game Room let you pay a little more to own a game on both 360 and PC, maybe that could test the waters for this.

      Of course, Game Room was a terrible thing…

      EDIT: And I scroll down to find this has already been said. Welp, reinforces the point I guess.
      Of course not paying any more would be even better.

  • Concession

    Solitare and Minesweeper are going to be free, right?

    • shinji

      Yes they are free.

    • sevenalive

      Vast improvement over the Win7 versions and I didn’t think that was possible at this point. Better full screen graphics, more play modes and an integrated xbl experience for them.

  • StrikeSudden

    Not sure how I feel about this. If it gets to the point of playing COD comp guys getting mouse and keyboard and us with controllers I will hate it. If it is just arcade games then ok.

  • Duncan MacFarlane

    How well will these titles perform with mouse/keyboard or a gamepad? I’ve already had a chance to play around with Microsoft Solitaire/Minesweeper/Mahjong and Wordament which great, having already got my (“IT/Programming student”) hands on a copy of Windows 8.

  • Christian Eriksson

    Won’t these be playable on Windows 7?

  • Jan Václavík

    Are those going to be compatible with Windows RT devices, namely the Surface?

  • halo4cometh


  • ElektroDragon

    So basically, Xbox Games for Windows 8 = glorified Windows Phone 7 games. I love my Windows Phone 7, but these games do not give me incentive to upgrade. I was HOPING that Xbox Games on Windows 8 would finally mean Games for Windows Live games re-branded, re-invented, and done right. Not just tablet games.

    • Chris Grub

      I’ve seen better portfolios elsewhere.

      I used to love MS products but over the past 5 years you have disappointed me over and over again. To the point that I barely play video games of any kind anymore yet still come here in hopes of finding a great title or some new information.

      When I do, it’s riddled with bugs and can take over 12 months to fix. Netflix app is a great example of that.

      I treat the new logo like a warning sign as you would with a poison warning on a cleaning product.

      Thanks for making my wallet a bit heavier MS! Not wanting to spend money on your products has allowed me to pursue other, better things in life.

      • AutomaticOcelot GB

        If you consider ”burning your life’s remaining minutes on sharing your negativity and dissatisfaction with the world” to be “other, better things in life”, then more power to you I guess.

        • Almageddon

          All he’s doing is stating his opinion? Are you not burning your remaining minutes of your life playing video games?

          Idiotic knee jerk MS fanboy response, typical!

        • Almageddon

          He’s stating his opinion and I actually agree with him, are you not burning your life’s remaining minutes by playing video games?

          Typical knee jerk MS fanboy response!

          • Chris Grub

            Thank you – at least someone understands. That being said I still can’t stop playing BF3.

        • Chris Grub

          Why did you quote something I didn’t say?

    • ElektroDragon

      I mean, what about users of Windows 8 on the DESKTOP (I know, such old fashioned folks, right?) Will they get Xbox Games like future versions of Gears or Halo with achievements, or actual AAA first party title games with achievements, like the old GFWL, but unified, rebranded, and better? Or will Xbox Games on W8 just mean Arcade and Tablet games?? You can’t vote this down, it’s a VALID question!

      • voleheart

        oh you will get AAA titles like CODMW3 and others like Battlefield 3

      • sevenalive

        PC Gamers prefer Steam and Steamworks over GFWL. I am an xbox user and a steam user. I have to say, I prefer xbox live on xbox, and steam on PC. GFWL was a horrible failure, they knew it and didn’t bother improving many of it’s faults.

        There really is no benefit unless you actually care about your useless gamerscore. If you are on PC, steam is the best option. It has free cloud sync that works in the background, not that horrible implementation they have on the xbox where it’s really just a badly implemented cloud memory card.

        Nobody uses cloud on xbox because you can’t even set the default storage device, so every game you need to select cloud storage or hard drive and that get’s annoying fast. So if they can’t even implement a simple feature like that, they shouldn’t be trying to have desktop games use Xbox live.

        • ElektroDragon

          Here’s the problem: I care about my useless gamerscore!!! LOL So I loved GFWL.

      • Emi Cyberschreiber

        You will see them but that depends on developers.
        nvidia showed a video with Unreal Engine3 running in Windows RT. and they said it would be easy to port games to WinRT, which means Windows 8 and Windows RT would be able to take advantage of that.
        but of course everything depends on developers, and you dont have to think “WinRT touch tablet” WinRT its the future of windows to develop apps and games. so if developers feel they would make a better game leaving out RT, I bet they would do that, if they know WinRT processors cant handle it as they want to.
        and i hope expensive AAA games would be available next year, just like consoles and desktop games. because again WinRT is the future of windows (not Win32).
        and with UE3 and Unity announcing and showing support for WinRT, well it would be good for developers but of course it will depend on developers and AAA games, like the ones you want, well they take time to develop, so it would take some months to see them.

  • Russell Gorall

    No wonder developers absolutely love Windows, and hate Steam! You guys have more cowbell.

  • lethargicj

    Why would I want my Xbox games on my PC? My Xbox plays them just fine.

    • Peter M.

      Better graphics and free online is a start.

      • lethargicj

        Why do I need better graphics on Pacman?

        • NoClipMode

          Stupid comment. And obviously theres more graphically demanding games which you have conveniently ignored. Whats the point of Xbox when you can play all existing PC games + Xbox games on a tablet, which can also be connected to a TV just like a Xbox can? All these Win 8 tablets have HDMI output. You can even use keyboard and mouse if you want as they come with USB and bluetooth as well.

          • lethargicj

            That’s your argument? That I can hook a tablet to my TV, that my Xbox is already hooked to, so that I can play a bunch of old Live Arcade titles that I’ve already played? Wow, this sounds awesome! You’ve changed my mind!

  • Bahamut Dragons

    Yet another half-hearted effort by Microsoft for PC gamers. I don’t expect most of these titles to perform in any meaningful way. Maybe Pac-Man? Also, why did they choose BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger? There have been about 3 BlazBlues since the first!

    This is exactly like DirectX9(10?) for Windows 7, or even IE9. They’re constantly trying to push Windows products but have no more interesting features to bring to the consumer. So instead they limit other product availability, hoping to draw in people that way. What happens? People convert from Microsoft to other products. I’m no longer an Office user. I’ve stopped using my Xbox in favor of Steam and have no intention of buying their next console. Not after this generation.

    I can’t fathom how bad Microsoft structure has to be for a billion dollar company to produce failure after failure in the PC space. Games for Windows Live. Internet Explorer. Windows Phone. Anything competing with Google really. They continue to offer services that other parties provide, only with greater restrictions and cost. They don’t care about the consumer at all and it shows in their marketing and pricing strategy. They released a defective X-box, which they knew was defective, but figured that if it affected “only” 15% of their audiance, it was acceptable. They eventually owned up to it, but after how much time and a class action lawsuit.

    If Microsoft wasn’t as concentrated on profit and instead tried to aim for consumer respect, maybe they could get back into the game. Stop insulting us, stop providing half-hearted solutions and carbon copies to products already available and start caring for once.

    Fat chance that’ll happen.

    • Boe2

      Frankly, I think Microsoft released some really nice products in the past year (windows phone is awesome, no doubt windows 8 is nice on tablet, no development IDE comes even close to visual studio), but I think their attempts to claim marketshare in pc gaming content delivery are in vain. Look at the simplicity of the games they release (fruit ninja? really?) and the bad vibe they get for focussing on casual and Kinect. Now compare that to Steam, with its vast gameslibrary and a loyal community that has the deepest respect for Valve.

  • neil

    if 1 vs 100 was included, i’d be interested. bring it back

    • Lee Rayson

      It not coming back. but because of 1v100 we did get full house poker, we were meant to get more game slike that

      • Buster Wolf

        But Full House Poker sucks and 1 vs 100 didn’t…

        • Lee Rayson

          Full house is a decent game if your into poker games.

  • Buster Wolf

    If I buy a game on my Xbox I should get that same game free on my PC and/or Windows Phone and vice versa. Sony’s doing it…

    • sevenalive

      Well Steam did it before them. Don’t expect them too, the entire industry doesn’t like customer convenience and satisfaction when it gets in the way of profits. That’s why we have DRM.

      Plus they know many people wouldn’t care and buy the same game twice. They justify it by saying development costs are siginificant for each platform. OK, maybe, but not for new games that are made right.

  • phillip chaffey

    and what sort of price tag u putting on these games

  • Almageddon

    MS is going to deliver a version of Windows that is going to finish of its competitors once and for all and its just around the corner believe me!

    Steam you better start working on an OS pretty soon!

  • kinect_dev

    What about XNA XBLIG games?

  • Павел Ахмадулин


  • Павел Ахмадулин

    And Surface HDMI IN to connect my XBOX to tablet!!

  • Ron Locke II

    Does this mean major, that we have to re buy games we already own or can we use or XBLA games on our pc or do we need to rebuy a game what is the same but different plate forum if we don’t then this is great I would  love to use my xbla with new tech on my touch screen if I wish or on my xbox so I don’t have to rebuy it Though this would really.. Suck

  • Alice Lockhart

    BlazBlue!? Seriously!? That was unexpected! *Some hope in humanity restored*.

  • Alex

    is gunstringer dead man runnning made by twisted pixel ???only reason i would get the OS…

  • SoldierboyOnPhaseballz

    Cross Buy or DIE!!!

  • Connor Olin

    will games we bought on the xbox work on the pc

  • Peter Bjorvand

    Just bring back HALO to the PC and I’ll seriously think about it.

  • Steven Thumeyer

    23 game