September 18th 2012 4:12 pm PT

Rock Band Catalog Sale

In celebration of the recent launch of Rock Band Blitz, starting today you can boost your Rock Band or Rock Band Blitz music collections can now pick up select tracks from Rock Band’s back catalog of music’s biggest artists; including music from Avenged Sevenfold, Blink-182, Boston, Disturbed, Foo Fighters, Jane’s Addiction, Mötley Crüe, Nirvana, No Doubt, Oasis, Ozzy Osbourne, Paramore, Pearl Jam, Queen, Rush, Slipknot, System of a Down, The Cars, The Police, The Who and more! 

All downloadable tracks, packs and albums released prior to Rock Band 3 are now 50% off their original prices. These tracks are compatible with the newly released Rock Band Blitz and also Rock Band 3.

To start adding to your collection, visit the Rock Band Music Store today.

Here’s some of the more popular artists & track packs now available at 50% off the original price:

Black Sabbath Track Pack 01
Blink-182 Pack 01
Boston Pack 01
David Bowie Track Pack 01
Disturbed Pack 01
Foo Fighters Pack 01
Grateful Dead Pack 01
Green Day Pack 01
Jimmy Buffett Pack 01
Metallica Track Pack 01
Nine Inch Nails Pack 01
Nine Inch Nails Pack 02
Nirvana Pack 01
Oasis Pack 01
Queen Pack 01
The Best of The Who Rock Band Edition
The Killers Pack 01
The Offspring Pack 01
The Police Track Pack 01
Weezer Pack 01

Harmonix has posted a PDF with the full list of content on-sale

Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Hugoku

    Rock on, Harmonix. Rock on.

  • Lee Rayson

    I dont play rockband but i do have a friend that is as crazy as e for this sort dlc so ill past on the info to him

  • McWetty

    Almost NONE of these support the keyboard. I wonder if that was intentional? Still a great sale.

    • Hugoku

      It is intentional. Everything in the list is pre-RB3 DLC.

      • McWetty

        Weak. At least I got 2 songs I wanted.

  • David Latham

    No Coldplay? Pfft.. dud sale.. Might buy the JEW tracks..

  • Socal71

    I have to say I’m a little disappointed in this sale. I’ve spent a lot of money on songs over the past few weeks that are now on sale. I’m getting really f’n tired of that.

  • MrT26

    Loads of the content listed as reduced in the in-game marketplace are still full price when you try go to the confirmation screen (the xbox guide menu popup) – beware!

    • Barbara Frary

      I am seeing the same thing

      • Hugoku

        Give it a few more hours I guess.
        Apparently, it IS a big hassle to change pricing for so many items at once.

  • David Latham

    My comment disappeared?

    I might buy the JEW packs… disappointed there’s no Coldplay on sale though

  • Bry

    DON”T BUY YET! Most prices haven’t updated.