September 21st 2012 6:00 am PT

Arcade: Fire Pro-Wrestling

Fire Pro-WrestlingContent: Fire Pro-Wrestling
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Your Avatar, in a game of pro-wrestling. Fire Pro-Wresling is a dream come true game that lets your Xbox 360 Avatar fight like a real wrestler. Grow your Avatar, collect moves, costume, fight your friends offline and online, you’ll have plenty to do before rising to your wrestling stardom.


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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • StormRaging

    I loved playing the old imports on my DreamCast. I’ll have to give this one a try see if it’s anything like the old ones.

    • Trash

      Its nothing like the classic games.

  • WWFMankind

    …with “Day 1″ DLC for 400 points! WOW!

    • lahcoe

      The main game’s not even worth 400 points! Anyone who pays 800MSP for a game that should have been named “Avatar Wrestling Lite” is a fool.

  • Hugoku

    I’m still unconfortable with this being a Fire Pro title.
    The last one for the PS2 (FPW Returns) was awesome.
    Time to find out.

  • Silky Kap Hwan

    Avatar Wrestling.

    Yeah screw this game.

  • Jsin

    very curious anyone play yet?

    • Russell Gorall

      I played the trial, it plays like one of the dollar Indie avatar games. Extremely weird and terrible.

    • mcmax3000

      It’s ok, but nothing special. Certainly nowhere near the quality of the old Fire Pro games.

      It does do some stuff that I like, but the base gameplay is fairly shallow.

  • L31GHS

    Why has a this game only 200GS when the new limit is 400GS, I thought all new arcade games came with 400GS as standard???

    • Hugoku

      I would think this passed certification a while ago.

      • L31GHS

        Your no doubt correct, if the graphics are anything to go by anyway. It looks more like an indie game than an official Microsoft studios production, very poor!

  • Lee Rayson

    Bought it and bought the dlc im enjoying it :D

    • Hugoku

      Well, that was fast. How is it? Just dying to know some opinions.
      I can’t wait to play it but will not be able to do so until tomorrow.

      • mcmax3000

        If you’re not coming into it expecting it to have anything to do with the old Fire Pro games, it’s a decent little game for $10, that does a few cool things, but the gameplay is fairly shallow.

        If you enjoy the gameplay though, it seems like it will have a decent replay value if you want to unlock everything. Between moves & costume pieces, there are a lot of unlockables.

      • Lee Rayson

        I wasn’t expecting anything near like old FPW games. it is a fun pass time game. basic and simple and if you like that then you will find this game very fun to play
        i played online and i was shocked no lag or delays
        If you wanting a wrestling game to take up time till wwe 13 then get this :) also it fun that in single player you will get matched against your friends avatars

      • fsdfg dsfds

        Know your role and shut your mouth jabroni

  • Russell Gorall

    Played the trial. I have no idea what to say.

    • Hugoku

      Anything for god’s sake!

      • Lee Rayson

        he just likes to troll he probably didnt play the trail like he said he had rockband blitz a week before it came out blab blab

        • Russell Gorall

          I thought this was a free to play model. I mean, the gameplay is just really corny. It is shovelware.

          Is that Avatar Motocross free to play, or just Happy Wars this Fall?

          • Lee Rayson

            happy wars is a f2p game bud

  • Ganon255

    Shouldn’t this be one of those free to play games

    • Lee Rayson


  • Knives_and_Faux

    Played the trial, bought the game. Quality and funny.

  • lahcoe

    It looks and plays like a 80MSP Indie game! :(

    Fire Pro Wrestling D on the Dreamcast (from 11 years ago) is better!

  • SoldierboyOnPhaseballz

    Valium™ powered gameplay :(

  • Darren Swaagg Jr

    Purchased the game and the dlc yesterday. I usually play the demo first but i thought it’s fire pro wrestling so it has too be good and went ahead and spent 1200 MP on game and dlc. I have too say it’s the biggest waste of 1200 MP i have ever done ! Terrible game with minimum production work, it’s avatar based simply so the studios have very minimal effort too put in and it play’s horribly. The guy’s who made this game want too go back too university because it’s appalling. Anyways after being really pi**ed off at wasting 1200 MP i deleted my bank card and will not be giving Microsoft any more money =] **

    • Lee Rayson

      “The guy’s who made this game want too go back too university because it’s appalling” the people who made it made the old fire pro games……..

    • Riddick Snipes

      Well now u know to demo everything. As for the deleting bank card and not giving Ms any more money, y deprive urself of any more xbla titles.

    • DTruth316

      You should play WWE Games on the Xbox 1.
      There’s a lot worse for $50-60 like TNA Impact,Def Jam,Lucha Libre AAA and Smackdown.

      You should play WCW Vs the World on playstation.
      horrible game but it became WWF No Mercy

      WWE 13 will most likely have the same issues with online servers and bugs that have been present for years in the series. Theyll ask you for more in DLC on day 1 and make sure you buy it new for the online pass. The online for that is horrible thanks to the lag.

  • Darren Swaagg Jr

    Major Nelson blows

  • Russell Gorall

    Welcome to Microsoft first party development.

  • Lee Rayson

    “The number of pro-wrestling fans (game fans) was decreasing every year, so it was difficult for us to develop a new franchise from the business perspective. Then I had an opportunity to meet Microsoft Studio representatives and they asked me if I was interested in developing a game featuring Avatars. I brought the offer back to my team, who immediately came up with the idea of a pro-wrestling game using Avatars. I presented the concept to Microsoft Studios and that’s how we started developing the game.”
    “If this Fire Pro Wrestling featuring Avatar saw a world-wide success, we may be able to develop a new numbering franchise of Fire Pro Wrestling in near future. So everyone, please pick up and play the game!”
    Took from an interverview on xblafan . com
    So all the fire pro fans that are complaining that this isnt fire pro here youre reason why
    Id say it best to support the game to see if fire pro has a future

    • Hugoku

      OMG. This is like they’re asking for a ransom.

      • Lee Rayson

        it not really just business strategy

  • patrick p.

    I think I will start in buying this!


  • patrick p.

    I just really love this game!

  • Joze Kenpachi

    The game is not as bad as people say. It’s an avatar game what more could you expect? For 10 bucks I’d rather play this then Wwe 12. This game reminds me a little of ultimate muscle.

    • Lee Rayson

      yeah it did remind me of ultimate muscle aswell(never got to play the ps2 game). the online is better than WWE 12 online.
      It a cheap and cheerful

  • Z4M0

    Low production values (even the “cover” art is ugly!) and swallow gameplay. It’s still fun at times and have avatars’ charm to it but that’s not enough to ask 800 msp for a game (with a 400 msp DLC already out).

    The game is not that bad, it’s just average so people will avoid it at this price… it should’ve been 400 msp or free to play to ensure an online community. IMO There will be few people getting/playing this and the over simplyfied gameplay (wich I somehow like to a certain point) will make them get tired soon about it.