September 25th 2012 10:12 am PT

Fox Broadcast App Launch

Starting today, Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers who are also Dish or Verizon FiOS customers have access to the FOX Broadcast app on Xbox 360.

Fox Broadcast on Xbox LIVE offers next-day access to your favorite FOX shows and the latest content from the FOX Broadcast programming network. You can keep up with all of this season’s newest episodes including “Family Guy” and “Fringe.” Or kick back with past seasons of your favorite shows, like “House” or “24.” The FOX Broadcast app will also include Kinect integration, allowing you to play, pause and rewind using your hands or voice.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • DeWayne Pierce

    Why release an app that most of use can’t use?

    • toohats

      I bet the people that wrote the app wish everyone could use it. But it’s probably the Fox and other companies licensing agreements and restrictions.

    • James Wagner

      Because some can? Me, for example. Just because the majority can’t use something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be released. That’s like saying the Netflix app shouldn’t of came out because most people will not pay for the subscription.

  • DeWayne Pierce

    Between this app and the Sony app not sure which one is worse

  • Kuula Miles

    So what about cable customers? I’ve been waiting all year for this! I’m a HUGE FOX fan, love Simpsons, Family Guy, Fringe etc!

  • Nymo

    So, no support for Xfinity subscribers, or will we Comcast customers have to wait a bit to use it similar to HBO Go? Glad to see more media apps, but disappointed if I can’t be able to use it.

  • Nathaniel Frost

    These apps are good ideas and starts to something more in the future, but right now they’re bogged down by red tape by their respective organizations and those they wish to work with.

  • Russell Gorall

    Any stuff like this is awesome, but why not get something for Gold subs, period? You want the 360 to be the media hub without cable TV, etc., then you keep serving up stuff where you have to have a Cable sub service anyway.

    Also, when are Borderlands 2 texture pop in issues being fixed?

    • mcmax3000

      “Also, when are Borderlands 2 texture pop in issues being fixed?”

      When the developer fixes them?

      • Russell Gorall


    • Miller

      It would be Gearbox that would fix the texture popping. Try tweeting Randy Pitchford, he usually reads them.

  • ChintuPatel

    this is useless app because i don’t have dish or fios

  • Jon Cheney

    please hepl me get my gamertag back it was made with a fake emil and the password was lost it is beast0069. please if anyone can help messege me @ my temp. account beast0094

  • Andrew James Richardson

    I can’t even use this application because I do not have dish or fios. I have COX. WTF Fox?

  • toohats

    I hope this doesn’t mean they are pulling out of Hulu. Plus, no
    point at yelling at the Major – he is not responsible for the licensing squabbles
    the media companies get themselves into over broadcasting rights. Those things are crazy.

  • ryder4life22187

    should have given everyone who doesnt have a Dish or Fios and option to maybe pay 5 to 8 bucks a month would make more sense why watch this on your xbox when you have a dish in the first place

    • Karl Cramer

      “why watch this on your xbox when you have a dish in the first place”
      Because most houses have the cable box in one or two rooms. With this and the other media apps you can get programming in the other rooms.

  • Tylerh1701

    Sweet, I actually have Dish. I’m gonna check this out when I get home. It’s seriously free, or am I still gonna get hit with fees somewhere?

  • kingcrusher

    Hmmm, how about focusing on … I don’t know… ummm… games? How about fixing the 3-5 minute wait time I have every time I exit any type of app whether it be a game, or video app because the system sits there thinking? I’m tired of these apps. Isn’t this a gaming machine? Sadly, I’m liking my PS3 more and more and am looking forward to the Wii-U. Microsoft needs to get back to the gamer rather than cluttering up our screens even more with useless video channels. Get back to the games Microsoft!

  • Avatar Roku

    Just Dish and FiOS is pathetic. If you’re going to compete with HBO and ESPN then you need to support a lot more TV carriers in the USA.
    This is coming from someone who has FiOS

  • NarcoSleepy

    Instead of all of these individual apps with walled gardens I have to keep crossing into to view content, I want a central location where I can view any content (that I have access to via these apps: Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon, etc). The XBOX allows searching, but I want it to also be my tv guide for lack of a better analogy where I can view what I want, regardless of which provider I get it from.

  • Chris Grub

    HDMI + Computer you’re using = all TV options you’ll ever need.

  • Rane Pollock

    No download link?

  • ElektroDragon

    The lame thing is that not even Microsoft employees who have FiOS can get this, because they have Frontier FiOS, not Verizon FiOS. Stupid Verizon left Seattle to the wolves.

    • ElektroDragon

      Microsoft should buy Frontier FiOS from Frontier, that’s the only way to fix this.

  • StrikeSudden

    This app really stinks. Tried to watch house and it was all just clips. Even after entering my dish code.

  • Cyclops

    Another unusable app!

  • Michael Williams

    is there a problem with this app? As a fios customer, i created a fox account and tried to activate on the 360, but guess what? the account won’t link or activate. is there something wrong on the Fox side? the activation seems to timeout constantly. This is poor if nobody on either the XBOX side or the Fox side is acknowledging that there is presently a problem with activating this service.

  • chiron69

    Why doesn’t we in Europe (Scandinavia) get any apps for our region? Or isn’t there any services that can use them yet? Best regards from “The society of Fallout: New Vegas DLC discount Awareness”. ;)