October 9th 2012 6:06 am PT

Demo: Forza Horizon

Forza HorizonContent: Forza Horizon
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Dash Text: Where cars belong! Celebrate speed, music, and style at the Horizon Festival. From the makers of the highest-rated racing franchise of this generation, Forza Horizon combines legendary Forza authenticity with the freedom of the open road.


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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • http://twitter.com/FasterTTW FasterThanTheWorld

    considering that the point of a demo is for you to sell me on buying a $60 game, i find it strange that microsoft makes them a “benefit” of having a gold account.

    guess i’ll wait till it’s below 30 bucks in the bargain bin next month since i can’t try before i buy.

    • Hugoku

      It’s a hassle but It’s gold-exclusive for just for one week though.

    • http://twitter.com/dlchief58 Michael Burden

      The Demo will be available to all at a later date, they only have them exclusive for Gold members for about a week. That is the benefit, just early access to certain demos not complete exclusivity.

  • Hugoku

    Been waiting for this one. What I’ve seen so far looks great.
    I think Forza 3 is where the series hit its stride. This is a nice change of pace to avoid it becoming stale (like GT) and to help wait for Forza 5 on the next gen.

  • http://twitter.com/SoulAssassin808 Esben Dochy

    Finished the demo. And my first and personal comment is that because my country says I’m from Belgium it automatically thinks I want the full demo in Dutch (including radio and voice stuff). Which I don’t I like my games in English as the creators intended. So give me a option to change it!!!!!
    Second, my initial problem with this game was that it looks like they want to appeal to the more arcade racing lovers. Which they do. There is only cosmetic damage, no tuning (only upgrading). And I could not feel a difference when driving the EVO with TCS on or off (You can in the viper).
    So all in all its been what I’ve expected. A less serious version of Forza 4 to try and get more of the general public to buy it. Not what I want from Forza, and with NFS Most Wanted by Criterion releasing only the week after. I’ll hold on to my money to buy the actual fun arcade racer of this fall.

    • Russell Gorall


  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.grub.5 Chris Grub

    Smashing Prius vehicles on the road is a lot of fun. I fear the dubstep though. Game looks great. I just hope I can skip through the cutscenes on retail release.

    Why is thee entire menu on an angle?

  • Attila Nagy

    hate the yellowish look :(

  • Russell Gorall

    Seems like a bad rehash of PGR Kudos, which sucked, and Dirt. Both games did it better. If you have Forza in the name you might as well try and do something with it, the demo shows different things from better games.

  • Russell Gorall

    Usually a week or so after release of the demo. Doesn’t make sense, you are trying out a product put up as advertising, but there it is.