November 9th 2012 8:45 am PT

Call of Duty: Black Ops II World Launch Live from Times Square

COD: Black Ops II

Call of Duty: Black Ops II launches next week and you will be able to watch the official launch Live from Times Square in New York City.

The event will be streamed over Xbox LIVE, and broadcast on Spike TV at 12m ET/9p PT. It kicks off with a special pre-show program that starts at 11:45pm ET / 8:45pm PT, but the pre-show will only be viewable on Xbox LIVE and (US and Canada only.)


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Events By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • uss_liberty

    Overrated game series.

    • Hugoku

      Well, yeah. It is.

      But Treyarch has really come a long way after taking over duties for MW-off-year CoD games, creating a separate series that stands on its own after the average WaW.

      While it may be annoying to have a yearly CoD game, it really was a good idea for Activision to have two teams working on 2 year cycles, trying to one-up each other.

    • Lee Rayson

      An it only get worse till it is dead

      • ENVY

        Are u joking me this is the best cod since mw1

        • Lee Rayson

          it ain’t been out 24 hours……wait a week till people exploit it then see if it is the best

  • Calum Young

    as always a other US event for Xbox.

  • Frank Montego

    Why don’t they put these new titles on marketplace right away? My DVD is busted and I prefer having rights to the game via the cloud instead of a disc. Why do they make it so hard for me to give them my money?

    • Chris Grub

      Buy a new XBOX. Right?

      I too would love same day releases. I hate standing in line like an idiot at 1 in the morning but only do so because I love the content so much and usually don’t work Wednesdays.

      I also can’t tell you how many drunken teenagers come at 12 am in their cars to these things.

  • ENVY

    Sucker haha