November 13th 2012 9:01 am PT

Update on jersey collections for female avatars

Boston Bruins JerseyNew England Jersey

The team here at Xbox is always listening to feedback from our Xbox LIVE members, and we’re working hard to make sure Xbox LIVE is fun and fair for everyone in the community. That’s why we’re excited to announce our Avatar Marketplace partners are making progress with jersey collections for female avatars. All 30 NHL jerseys and all 32 NFL jerseys are now available to female avatars for Xbox LIVE members. No matter what your team, no matter what your gender, you’ll be able to show your support on Xbox LIVE.

We know there are still many options for avatar personalization that our Xbox LIVE members would like to see, feel free to leave any ideas in the comments below.

Arcade, Marketplace, Xbox Live, By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Calum Young

    @MajorNelson if Xbox listen to there members, they would bring more things to the UK. I am sick off always seeing US members getting about 40 new apps..

    • Thomas Norton

      Major can you let whoever is incharge that us in the uk would love premiership football(soccer) shirts

      No idea who has the rights for it!!!

    • Trash

      Have a company in the UK make a console, then they can cater to all the Brits and such over there.

      • Calum Young

        Trash, if you’re going to be like that, don;t comment. Xbox LIVE is for all the world. Not the US.

    • QuixoticRocket

      Most of the apps are for US TV / Companies… You need to convince our backwards UK companies to get in bed with MS and produce Xbox apps.
      Notice how there’s a Netflix app as soon as Netflix move into the country? That’s because US companies have a better idea of how to market themselves.
      I would also love more apps, but it’s not Xbox that’s stopping it.

      • Calum Young

        True, I understand now! But it would be good for more offers, and things.

        • QuixoticRocket

          I totally agree with you. I just wish UK companies would see the potential and start interacting more with us through the xbox.
          But marketing in the UK still seem to be a bit behind the times. Don’t even get double XP Doritos here =(

          • Calum Young


  • mcmax3000

    Good to hear. I’ve seen some people in the past on the Xbox forums that were pretty annoyed about not being able to get jerseys for female avatars.

  • Hugoku

    @MajorNelson : Any chance for some Liga MX jerseys? Would be all over that.

  • Dan Berggren

    I would like to see more of the items in US and UK to come to Sweden, like the Family Gold Package and Rewards Program…

  • Aaron Olson

    More hairstyles!

  • Jill

    Finally! Already suited mine up in a Bruins jersey. Thanks!!

  • DirtyDozen

    I would like to see a Major League Soccer (MLS) collection. The Seattle Sounders are sponsored by Xbox, after all. I have a Sounders jersey for my avatar that was given away at a game a few seasons ago, but I’d like to see the full uniform available. As well as track jackets and other MLS apparel. There’s a limited collection of jerseys from teams around the world, but nothing from here in the US which is disappointing. Thanks.

  • Chris J Waite

    Any chance we could see some more Premier League shirts on the marketplace other than Manchester City and Liverpool?

  • Charis Erin

    FINALLY! getting my bruins jersey when i get out of work!

  • Marusame

    There are a few really neat masks “evil things” and what not that are male only which kinda doesnt make any sense, i feel masks and random items should be genderless.

  • Jonathan Smith

    Would love to see a program in Windows 8 that allows me to fully customize everything about my avatar and the import it to my 360. Also, would like the same fro designing my own tattoos, shirt logos or anything really…the avatar stuff is WAY too generic to be enjoyable.

  • Adam Thompson

    more football/soccer shirts for men & women would sell like hotcakes, with EPL & MLS being big money spinners, and A-League would go down well as well (del Piero Sydney shirts are selling in massive numbers worldwide)