November 14th 2012 8:08 am PT

Grand Theft Auto V: Official Trailer #2

GTA V arrives Spring 2013

Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Daniel Burbull

    Thanks Major!

  • EighteenCharacters

    Hilarious. Feels like the GTA I fell in love with all those years ago. Can’t wait!

    • Hugoku

      Lost interest after Vice City but this looks promising.

      • QuixoticRocket

        I’d love them to do a Vice City 2 with the updated engine. Still my favourite setting out of all the GTAs.

  • CiDhed


  • Nitramuse

    Is this really X360 footage? Looks amazing! Like EighteenCharacters said, this looks like the GTA we all love. Here’s hoping that it indeed will be lots better than IV!

    • Chris Grub

      That footage is likely not rendered by the XBOX 360 hardware.

  • Boe2

    The storytelling in GTA4 was really sublime. This trailer….*drool*.
    What I’m wondering about though: Will it fit on 1 dvd?

    • Rasmus Mattsson

      I doubt it.

      • Chris Grub

        They should just digitally release it. That was I don’t have to stand in a stupid line of kids.

  • Mauricio Leon

    Looks awesome!! Can’t wait…

  • MrT26

    Is it going up on the marketplace soon? Haven’t got the bandwidth to stream HD, but would like to see a 1080p version of the trailer for download

  • Pal Sung

    the graphics is not as good as i thought, but it do looks well overall..

  • Bush O Connor

    cant wait, pre ordering it today. this is a pc version. there is no way it would look this good on current gen consoles, GTA4 doesnt look this good maxed out on pc.

    i hope they use the player movement from red dead, the control of the player was a really bad choice in 4 for me, altho its much easier to use with a mouse and keyboard

  • fsdfg dsfds

    Game of the Century

  • Boe2

    You know what would be amazing?

    You have the ingame cellphone in GTA4, we already know this returns in GTA5.

    Now…add smartglass to the mix. Not just a GPS map, oh no. Your phone rings…you pick up, some ingame mobster is talking on YOUR phone.

    Heck, why would anyone want to play another version


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