November 14th 2012 9:47 am PT

Xbox LIVE Turns 10 this week


In case you missed my Tweet from yesterday: 

  If you like the look of that console and want to get one for yourself, you should stop back here Thursday (tomorrow) morning (PT)  where I’ll have complete details on how you can win one for yourself.

Plus, you’ll want to follow me Twitter because I’ve be running a separate contest (to win other stuff) just for my Twitter followers that I’ll kick off Thursday morning.

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Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Cody Aaron Daniel

    looks awesome, want so much!

  • Brett

    I was a beta tester for Xbox Live and have had Xbox Live from day 1 also have the 10 year on my gamer tag to prove it, even after dealing with 12 YES 12 RROD!!!…

    • John Doe

      no one cares

  • Thad Vein

    I should hit 10 years on boxing day (i think) – And I’ve bought over 150 XBLA games. How about throwing me a bone MS :)

    It’s pretty cool that they are doing this. Even if only a few are receiving the gifts :(

    • John Doe

      you act as if youre donating the money and getting nothing in return. what an entitled twatwaffle.

  • bushmaster2000

    How is this determined? In the ‘olden days’ you couldn’t change your gamertag. So after the first year I created a new account with a new gamertag and have been on that account ever since. But i’ve been a paying member since the day before retail release, i was lucky enough to find a starter kit for sale the day before launch and snatched it up. Ihad to look HARD for one early too. But looking at my billing history it goes goes back to 2003.

    • All Round GamerZ

      yup id like to know this too as mine gose back to 2005 I.e 360 yet i have my receipt of My first ever XBOX and the Live starter yet y tag ARG Falcos says 7 years?

  • Bennijin

    Fun Fact: Ten isn’t just the age of Xbox Live, it’s also the age of the average Xbox Live user.

    • Lee Rayson

      Errr no it is not………….even as a joke your still wrong

      • Bennijin

        It’s a joke it’s supposed to be wrong you silly billy.

        • Lee Rayson

          No a joke mean’t to be funny

          • Bennijin

            And the English language wasn’t meant to be butchered. I’m bored of this, I’m going for a Twix.

      • John Doe

        you’re an idiot

  • Gerard Newdeck

    Rage! I knew letting my live expire for 1 month back in 06 and not being allowed to recover my gamertag to my new 360 was gonna kick me in the butt. First wave beta tester and been on since around since October 2 2002. doh!

  • All Round GamerZ

    Ive been on xbox live since 2003 but my live shows only 7 years? even tho I still have the receipt of My first ever XBOX and the Live starter kit from the shop and the Live demo dics with the three games that I played all the time (fifa 2005/ outrun /rainbow six 3) can some one tell me why my tag only shows me having 7 Years? also fun fact for you. if what they say is true and that live came out in 2002 would this not make it 11 years not 10? here is my time line.

    2002 year1

    2003 year2 I joined Here in feb.

    2004 year3

    2005 year4

    2006 year5

    2007 year6

    2008 year7

    2009 year8

    2010 year9

    2011 year10

    2012 year11?

    • John Doe

      you can almost count and youre a marketing genius. you deserve 10 xboxes.

  • herbert gordon

    i also want to find out how to obtain this console i have been a member since the first console, haven”t changed my tag. my 5th console now has freezing issues. i would be nice not to purchase a 6th one. member since 2002.

  • LeeTurner82

    This kinda angers me. I’ve been through 2, maybe 3 red rings, given an obnoxiously loud Xbox and have been on Xbox lives since it was in beta, but I probably won’t get one of these because a MS billing error forced me to create a new account. I couldn’t even get my old gamer tag.

    • holybuttman

      im in the same boat my original gametag wasn’t carried over to the 360 so i had to creat a new one

    • John Doe

      youll get over it

  • holybuttman

    i beta tested live on the original xbox and still have the disc, does that count?

  • Noah Waterman

    I still play Crimson Skies from time to time with my friends. One of those gem games you don’t see anymore!

  • Nathan

    Is this USA only like the “Xbox LIVE Veteran” consoles are? It would be great if the UK could get a Community Manager who does what you do Larry, I know you’re not the Community Manager but you do A LOT more than what we get. We have no equivalent of you who does things like this.

  • Daniel Perez

    I’m ready for 10 more years!

  • Lee Rayson

    So does e get one? since his gamertag was THE first created

  • Four Chan² / Side B

    I have over 400+ games in my collection, I think I deserve one of these consoles.

    • John Doe

      your mom deserves a dicking

  • James K. Ogden

    I was a beta tester on the Xbox… at that time, for me, was a huge revolution in gaming. I’d love to receive the console, but if I don’t- congratulations to whomever does.

  • archangelreb

    Oh man this is too cool I have been a member since 12/25/2002. Man I remember the trial copy of Whacked that came with my first year membership. Hard to believe but I still have it and my original Xbox.

    • John Doe

      oh man, random references to old things. you should totally get 10 xboxes.

  • Michael Newdeck

    Hope they go by name and billing rather than just the number on your profile. I’ve been paying member since first wave. I think there were 100 people on the NFL fever leaderboards when I logged in. I even had a crazy women camp out for an original Xbox at launch. Thanks to my moms friend, wherever you are now. Congrats to those who win one. I still have my orange memory card and I even use the black case for my xbox 360 headset and controller when I go on the road.

  • tlds

    I’d love the 10years XBox but if not I’ll live, just nice to see MS doing something big. Who knows maybe there will be something for the rest of the 10yr accounts that done get the XBox. XBox live has come a long way in these 10 years that I’ve been on the service. Hope the next 10 years see the same growth as the last.

  • Derek Decker

    10 years (beta tester) / gold member / haven’t changed my gamertag. 4 RRoD’s later I still have my gold account but no 360 to play on. Would love to get one of these.

  • K387

    Something makes me think this will be US members only. Was a Canadian Xbox Live beta tester with the original Xbox, but they almost never do stuff like this for Canadians.

  • Alice Lockhart

    Eight years here… Give me something, please ='(.

  • Fernando Costa

    Fun facts:
    – I’ve had a Live account since it’s launch, even though I ended up making another one later.
    – Both my Original Xbox and my first 360 are pre-ordered launch ones.
    – My 4th Xbox 360 (a limited Halo Reach one) has RROD symptoms (same reason I lost the others) and I’m about to need a new one.
    – My birthday is on the 21st, next week.
    – I never had an iPad and will get a Surface as soon it’s avaliable here in Brazil.
    – All my computers run on Windows.
    – I swear I didn’t want an iPhone, but the exclusive games related to big series (like Assassin’s Creed) made me. Before that I had a HTC Windows smartphone.
    – Did I mention my birthday is next week?
    – I’ll pay shipping!

    • John Doe

      fun fact:

      no one cares

  • innate

    I was a beta tester and have been on Live ever since. I’d be awesome if one of these things showed up on my doorstep.

  • wizll

    I wish I was still using my original gamertag from xbox live beta days. Haven’t been able to retrieve it due to asanine process associated with retrieving accounts from xbox classic days. Can I trade the orange memory card for this xbox?? :)

  • Daniel Malito

    I was in the Xbox Live beta for god sake.. how come I didn’t get one? Seems length of time being a member wasn’t the only factor…. Oh well, sucks..

    • John Doe

      you didnt get one because its a limited random drawing you entitled twat

  • Samuel J. Abood

    5 years here on my GT , original was longer. Don’t have the pass word for it

  • C-Rite

    Have they announced the winners yet? I have the 10 year badge, beta tested Live, been extremely loyal, so I hope they have me in to qualify. I want one!

  • pusta

    I’ve been a paying member since 9/27/2002, and was a beta tester on the original Xbox. I hope that’s long enough

  • Stefan Gabbert

    A good idea for celebrating 10 years xbox live would be to give discounts on Microsoft games. Depending on the Number 1-10 giving 10 to 100 percent discount. This would suit all the loyal customers even though they were not members from day 1.

  • Annihil88tor

    This sucks, ive been a member since day 1, and would totally get one if my account was never hacked a year ago, I’d be atleast at 10.

    • John Doe

      no you wouldnt

  • Matt S

    I really dislike MS doing this because MANY people are saying they have had an Xbox since it came out and been Live members since it came out. Me included. And yet my account says I am like 6 or 7 years as a member. I’ve never changed my account name or anything.

    So us hardcore Xbox fans get nothing due to whatever reasons its not showing us as being around 10 years. >.< :(

    • John Doe

      waaaahhhh, im entitled to free stuff because i pay for a service i receive

  • Scazza

    Theres no chance this is going to be for outside the US, but if it is, I hope I also qualify. Making it a random lottery is kind of unfair, and should be all or nothing. I was in the beta with Whacked since Sept 02, and still have the disk for it. Would be nice to win one of these… Maybe MN should post some “this is how we picked the few people to get their free console” post…

    • John Doe

      wahhh, im entitled to things because someone else got it

      • Scazza

        Umm, If I do the same, if not more than that other person, then YES, I should be entitled…

        • John Doe

          thats like saying you deserve to have a private jet because mark cuban has one and you both have jobs. no where did it say everyone was getting an xbox.

  • Ben

    So here’s how awesome my luck is… I got home to this voicemail back in October: “Hi this message is for Ben, my name is Delaney and I am calling on behalf of Xbox and Microsoft. This coming November Xbox Live will be celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary and you’ve been identified as one of our most valued members. For that, we would like to send you a gift in the mail to show our appreciation. If you could please call us back at 1-877-###-#### by October 22nd, to confirm we have the right shipping address for you. Thank you.”

    I called and it was a recording that wanted me to leave my address, name and phone number. Skeptical, I decided to call Xbox Support (I also tweeted Major Nelson asking if it was legit, but never heard back) and they told me it was bogus and that Xbox would never contact me by phone. I asked him if Xbox would contact me once an investigation had been done, he said there wouldn’t be one, then I had to beg him for a reference number so I could check back anyway.

    I then got a 2nd voicemail a week later about the promotion, same message as the first, but with a deadline of Oct. 29th. I called the number and the recording was slightly different, and sounded even sketchier than the first because they wanted my gamertag this time. So… again I hung up and assumed it was bogus.

    Then I see this story on Major’s blog… so I called Xbox support back an hour ago to see what was up. The first guy put me on hold and then got disconnected, and the second person just apologized and recommended I call the promotional number and leave a message (which is now for a Six Flags promotion, by the way), and then go on the forums and explain my plight. Well, pretty sure this ship has sailed.

    Long story short, I never left my address, now people are getting unique Xboxes and I’m a chump for being cautious and trusting Xbox’s customer service. FML. Although they were nice customer service people… oh well.

  • Kevin A Patterson

    Would be really nice to have one of these, I got an xbox at launch and have been a Live member day one….This is cool for MS to do this :)

  • Russell Gorall

    I guess this is the number one selling console of all time by MS standards?

    Major, what was with that MS press release you issued about Halo 4’s Metacritic? Just because your Twitter account doesn’t tell you different, most gamers aren’t totally dipshit.

    Very disrespectful.

    • John Doe

      your so angry, you should get 20 free xboxes to compensate for all the emotional distress you’ve had to endure

  • Cyclops

    Major Nelson rocks!

  • Joel Vasallo

    Darn 07/31/2003, Well off by a few months. Happy 10 years all!

  • Russell Gorall



    • QuixoticRocket

      You don’t even like Borderlands.

  • Davidcm2112

    I would love to have one of these. I was a beta tester for live also. I thought the see through orange memory stick was the coolest thing ever. Hope they show me some love. Regardless, Xbox Love is great!

  • Christopher BlueNose Fendick

    I have had a xbox live account since the Old xbox days and still use the same account today lol (Sad thing is i have kept the same username lol)

  • Boe2

    The year 2002…back then there still was a heavy “ps2 rules, xbox sucks” sentiment. And you have to admit: While the xbox had lovely graphics (somehow my most vivid memory is a friend showing off DOA Beach Volley) the great games were on PS2. Those who were effectively an active live member since back then deserve a treat. Doesn’t make me any less jealous though :)

    While I believe the MS entertainment division sometimes makes really lousy decisions, I do have to point out that they did change the console gaming landscape in a positive way with the xbox. Without them, the Wii-like online experience would be the best we have right now and even Sony wouldn’t bother trying to build a decent online experience. PSN still feels ducktaped together, updating anything on PS3 is a time-consuming nightmare and voice chat is still clunky.

    I feel this shows that Sony really had to rush to implement something resembling xbox360’s services before the PS3 launch after seeing what xbox live did and no doubt they will get it perfectly right on their next console.

    Thanks for driving forward the console revolution, I’m curious what MS will bring next :)

    • John Doe

      that was a pretty pathetic attempt to garner some sort of emotional response to get a free xbox

  • brandon october

    live FTW!

  • sparc

    I was on the original beta and then signed up straight away after. Unfortunately my profile only shows 7 or 8 years, but I think that’s got something to do with how I transferred over to Xbox 360

  • Marc Bouvier

    Non-US countries got the xbox months later, so also live in march 2002, in my case from day 1 non-US but Europe! ;o)

  • hyghwayman DB

    @ Larry Hryb – we are all here waiting for news.

  • MacPh1sto

    The info for this is up on the Dashboard now. You can win the custom 360 thru a sweepstakes contest and to become eligible, all you have to do is download the anniversary sweepstakes gamerpic, and any U.S. XBL Gold or Free member is eligible to enter. There’s no special access or bonus entries for anyone with a higher number of years with Xbox Live.

  • Wilco Wietsma

    Same here, been with Xbox Live from almost the beginning. But I have had so much gamertags: Horrible Killer, Storm of Death, Covenant Killer, The Last Covenant, Gamersea, and my recent is Secure Lock. So I’m really wondering how you guys determine it.

  • Coozee

    I have been an Xbox live member since 9/2002. I beta testesd and I have had the same gamer tags since coozee. I should be getting one of these custom consoles.

    • John Doe

      waahhh, someone else got the first place trophy, so i deserve one too, waaahhh

  • Brian Mates Thomasson

    Being a LIVE Beta tester from the beginning and testing other Xbox products & services, this would be a great way to reward my loyalty ;)