November 15th 2012 6:00 am PT

Happy Birthday Xbox LIVE

Wow…how time flies! 10 Years ago today, Xbox LIVE officially launched and today we all celebrate this milestone.  On behalf of everyone here on the Xbox team…thank you for your support over the past ten years. Thank you for believing, like we did, that a premium online service has a place in console gaming. We took a gamble when we launched the original Xbox by including a network port on the back before there was even a service to connect with. No extra network adapter or modem to purchase – you were ready out of the box (and arguably, before we were!)
In November 2002, we launched with games like MechAssault, NFL Fever and of course Ghost Recon and since then we’ve never stopped building the service as your center for always on, always connected gaming and entertainment. 

To celebrate, head over to for details on how you can win one of the VERY limited edition Tenth Anniversary consoles* and pick up your free copy of Wreckateer. Plus members can save 50% on Castle Crashers, Battlefeld 1943, Fruit Ninja Kinect, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Bastion, Peggle and Full House Poker. Don’t forget to download the free Gamer picture Your local may also have additional promotions for the anniversary, so be sure to sign in with your account and see what’s up and details.
*See contest rules for details and restrictions

The contest is now over
PLUS: Today only (Thursday, November 15th) I am giving away 10 free One year subscriptions to Xbox LIVE Gold every hour for 10 hours. Starting at 11a ET/8a PT I’ll be looking at Twitter for @replies to @MajorNelson tagged with #XboxLIVEis10 where you tell me your favorite memory, game or experience you had on Xbox LIVE over the past 10-years. If you have room, throw in your Gamertag as well.

Every hour from 10a ET/7a PT until 7p ET/4p PT I’ll be giving away 10 Xbox LIVE One-year Gold Subscriptions. Remember you must be following me so I can DM you a code if you are randomly chosen. The contest is open to my twitter followers in all Xbox LIVE regions. I am not doing the random giveaway at the same time every hour, I’ll be mixing it up a bit to make it interesting. You also don’t have to keep track if you won or not, if you are chosen, I’ll DM you a code. One entry per person please.

To make it easy, you can Tweet (and enter) directly from the box below.

Good luck!

Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • cory whittaker

    Enter me please I love to play some xbox live

  • Michael J

    Well that’s a major disappointment regarding those “deals” since the games selected should be those prices anyway. The marketplace needs a really big overhaul in terms of pricing but i’m not holding my breath on whether that’ll happen. Is there any other incentive to be gold apart from multiplayer? because if there is I just don’t see it anymore.

  • Stefano Castelli

    Sigh… you mentioned MechAssault. :'(

    You know, a VERY good way to celebrate 10 years of Xbox Live could be re-releasing MechAssault 1/2 on Xbox Live.

  • Alberto Ruiz


  • Tyler Slebodnick

    Very very truthful post about the 10 year anniversary. I was waiting for a fellow 10 year player to speak up… Thank you and I hope you get something in return for long dedication.

  • DeejayKnight

    Happy Birthday, Xbox Live! Thanks for all the fun, and I have the feeling we’re just getting started!

  • Miller

    lol avatar helmet. Literally like spitting in elite members’ faces.

  • Thânia Santos

    really sad 10th birthday deals.

    any person who have been a gold member for more than 4 years would have bought those games already if they really wanted them.

    all of them have been on weekly deals already.

    that is not a good gift for long time members…

    and free game is only for kinekt, naturally (you really want us to buy it, uh!)

    • John Doe

      thanks for speaking for every xbl member. what else did i buy in the last four years?

  • pharmassist

    happy b-day!
    thank you to whoever created xbox live!

  • pharmassist

    figures… always people complaining on here.

  • chris

    why was the xbox comp only for america? the rest of the world is a part of xbox world also

  • wizll

    nice selection of games for free and 50% off, but I have all of them already! boo

  • John Doe

    Yeah, they’re the greedy ones. Giving stuff away. When you bought your games did they not give you anything? Oh, wait, the game you bought. What an entitled twatnugget. You’ll get over it.

  • Joseph Hoffman

    I was excited to see this, but somehow I missed out. 10 years, beta member. But my friend of 9 years got the helmet and Elite Member message. Having gone through 5 360s already with red rings of death, I was hoping….

    Oh well, I hope those who do get one enjoy the heck out if it!

  • Fabio Figueiredo

    The way I see it, we should congratulate the Xbox team. To have a internet service running for 10+ years nowadays is a pretty big achievement ( no pun intended ). Never mind it´s run by a major company, still is no easy task.

    In november 23th my gold account will be 10 years old.

    I don´t need free stuff, all I need is to know that Xbox LIVE will be here for the next 10 years, so we can still make new friends ( and foes ).

    Cheers from Brasil !

  • BigBernard

    “You’re an idiot”

    • Krimsun

      Yo it’s the red pen police!

  • DaVid

    Hi ! I am fragipl part is, I greet warmly, and I can boast that I have 178k Gs. I can not believe that this is the 10th anniversary of xbox live, because for me, this service has become part of my life and I take it as a good companion in life

  • Décio Gonçalves

    Sad to complain about free stuff? Not really, if we think about it, we are paying for a service, we are getting ads on our dashboard and Microsoft is having profit from both. Microsoft has the duty of making their customers happy and that is not happening, they are actually making fun of us.

    I really don’t get it… If Xbox live was free, trust me, i wouldn’t be here complaining, but i’m paying for Xbox live and demanding a better service, better deals, better offers. I see PS+ having better deals! I see Steam having better deals! Are you guys so blind for Microsoft that don’t see that we pay for a service that gives you worst deals than the others services that are free? I know Xbox live Gold is optional but Xbox live party isn’t, make that free and i won’t need to buy Xbox live and complain about it….

    They are offering Wreackateer because few people bought it, they offered some cash to the developers and voilá, here is your free game that will make you clean the dust from your kinect. Yes, they are still trying to market Kinect even if it’s beggining to show as a fail (look at the sales chart and how “well” kinect games do).

    I know, i know, “SO DON’T PAY XBOX LIVE” or “SELL YOUR CONSOLE AND BUY PS3!!!!1!!”. Well, you see, i already invested too much in this console and the return profit from selling it (and the games) wouldn’t be in any way lucrative for me. In the other hand, i’m not in the mood for spending more money on another console, unlike you big spenders, i like to save my money, so i don’t see the point of having 1 pc and more than 1 console. Well, the Ps3 exclusives are more appealing than the Xbox 360 ones but oh well, not worth the cash for a new console.

    But do not fear, next gen i won’t be here complaining about how bad are the deals or how Microsoft love’s to step on us, nope, i’ve learned my lesson… PC only or another company console…

  • Décio Gonçalves

    So… my “nasty” reply went to approval … Uh… It makes me wonder, so how does a comment like this get passed by moderation?

  • ZenLikeCalm

    Why is this US only? The Xbox is sold worldwide, so stop discriminating against other countries.

  • Carlos Cesar

    this is vary bad events you only thos dis for america
    and the otther countrys in the world?

  • Krimsun

    Meh, crappy way to celebrate a anniversary. Deals on old games that should of seen price reduction years ago.

  • Andres Pabon

    Crimson Sky good ol days ..All i get is avatar helmet :(


    So you give away Wreckateer, even though you need garbage like Kinect to play it, no thanks.

  • Jordan Wright

    Only “a select number of our loyal 10-year Xbox Live members in the U.S. with special edition anniversary consoles”…..only a select number? Are you kidding me? And tell me, what process dictates who gets a new console? I’ve been a member of Xbox Live since Day 1, as well as a member of Zune since Day 1. What’s my reward? Nothing? Oh thanks for half-assing this whole promotion. If you’re going to reward those “dedicated Microsoft customers”, then reward all of them. I have not only been a part of Xbox Live and Zune since inception (buying at least 3 devices each), I have been a part of Visual Studio since inception, Windows Phone (including mobile) since inception, and have used Windows as far back as Windows 95. Talk about spitting in the face of your loyal customers.

    • GERMIN4T0R

      The Loyal 10 year customers will probably be game devs etc. MS are a complete joke. Sony looks after their customers more than Microsoft. Wreckateer LOL.