November 16th 2012 9:00 am PT

The official list of Xbox Black Friday Deals

Here is the list of some of the Black Friday deals that will be available on Xbox 360 consoles, bundles, and new games as well as discounts on Xbox LIVE that will be available next week at major US national retailers.

Select Xbox 360 consoles and bundles*:

Walmart will offer an exclusive special edition glossy white Xbox 360 4GB console and controller with “Skylanders” and exclusive “Skylanders” figurine, for $149.99 USD (ERP).

Best Buy, Fred Meyer, Fry’s and Newegg will carry the Xbox 360 250GB console with “Skyrim” and “Forza 4: Essentials Edition” for $199.99 USD (ERP).

Target, Amazon, Sam’s Club, Meijer, Kmart and Microsoft Stores will offer the Xbox 360 4GB console with Kinect and “Kinect Disneyland Adventures” for $199.99 USD (ERP).

Additional retailers will offer a variety of exclusive deals including:
GameStop: Xbox 360 250GB console with “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” for $249.99 USD (ERP)
RadioShack: Xbox 360 4GB console with a wired headset for $169.99 USD (ERP)
Toys R Us – Xbox 360 4GB console with $50 gift card for $179.99 USD (ERP)

As far as first party game deals, we’ve got:

Dance Central 3 for $29.99 (MSRP $49.99, a 40 percent discount)

Kinect Sports Ultimate for $29.99 (MSRP $49.99, a 40 percent discount)

Fable: The Journey for $29.99 (MSRP $49.99, a 40 percent discount)

Forza Horizon for $39.99 (MSRP $59.99, a 33 percent discount)

Buy a copy of the recently released Halo 4 at Target (offer good Nov. 23 and 24), and receive a $20 gift card, or at Amazon (offer good Nov. 22 and 23) and receive a $20 gift card, plus $10 Amazon Instant Video Credit.

Xbox LIVE subscription available at participating major national retailers*:

*Limited quantities available, while supplies last. Holiday discounts are based on estimated in-store promotional pricing; actual prices are determined by participating retailers. Some offers may not be available online.Contact the retailer for specific and availability.

On Black Friday (Friday, November 23rd) I’ll also be sharing additional Xbox 360 and related deals on my Twitter account, so you’ll want to follow me to ensure you don’t miss the savings.

Deal, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Jason Williams

    you guys go back and forth so much from black to white it’s like Michael Jackson wrote that song just for you…

  • The T

    Is the Dance Central 3 deal at any particular store, or the microsoft store?

  • Jose Manuel Sanchez

    And what about Cyber Monday for Xbox Live?

  • Neftali Rodriguez

    I thought it was the Xbox Marketplace deals.

    • Hapolo

      Same here pal… But I’m confident that we’re going to get some sweet deals… Just hoping Trials Evolution goes down in price :)

      • Chris Grub

        Don’t be surprised if your confidence is crushed.

      • t0o cRaZe3

        trials hd and trials evo are the few games that are worth their full price

    • Major Nelson

      I’ll be posting Marketplace deals next week!

      • BlinkFandango

        Hopefully they’re better then the 10 year anniversary ones. Although getting better deals on a once a year event vs. a once in a decade event is unlikely.

        • Luke Es | sE ekuL

          I don’t see the logic there, and I don’t have to remind you the marketplace itself hasn’t existed for a decade, it’s just an anniversary and simple retrospective… mainly to benefit new customers.

          The typical definition of “better deal” is simply a sale on something you want but haven’t bought yet. :) Cyber Monday makes a lot more sense for a lot more publisher sales. It doesn’t make sense to tie Mark of the Ninja to the 10th anniversary, but Monday is the perfect timing after its release to try and get a surge of sales when they know people are hunting for them. Crossing my fingers and ninja toe socks!

      • pharmassist

        please let them be good games!!

      • Z4M0

        Marketplace deals are posted every two weeks on Tuesday. Hope there will be any marketplace special sales concerning to Black Friday/ Cyber Monday.

  • Hapolo

    Right now (Nov 16th) in Mexico our Black Friday copycat “El Buen Fin” (The Nice Weekend) is running. Microsoft Mexico ordered a ~$100 USD discount to all stores on every Xbox 360 console and bundles…

  • Russell Gorall

    Retailer, Sony and MS are really shafting the Wii U. Which is good, they put out a 2005 console in 2012 and push ghetto gaming and shovelware.

    • Carl Gierisch

      Wii U will sell out this holiday, no matter what Sony or MS does.

      • Chris Grub

        Yeah, it’s safe to say Russell doesn’t understand target markets nor demographics.

        • Justin McFarland

          “I don’t like it so no one does!” – Russell Gorall, 2012

  • Xelopha Anaredho

    “Xbox LIVE subscription available at participating major NELSON retailers*:”

    I’m not the only one, right? o_O

    … right?

  • Tony

    Wal-Mart has Dance Central 3 on Thanksgiving Day at 8pm for $15.

    • ungeheier

      And Forza Horizon.

  • Ryan Kilbane

    Forza Horizon is only 15 dollars at Walmart.

    • Matt S.

      When and where? Is that a BF deal?

  • Michael J

    Doom 2 and Hole in the Wall are this months permanently reduced games, could be useful to someone out there if the above doesn’t tickle your fancy.

  • Daniel

    Probably a dumb question.. but would that be the original skylanders of the new Giants game

    • Mike Wang

      my guess is, since it doesn’t say Giants, that it isn’t. But it does have that bonus figure. someone can correct me if I am wrong.

  • Mike Wang

    I’d love to get that Toys R Us Xbox with $50 GC.. 2 questions though. I haven’t found any online evidence..circular or otherwise of this one. Is there one somewhere? also, can these GCs typically be used during BF? I’d like to use it then to buy their $30 xbox controller.

    • ryder4life22187

      their GC’s wont be active and ready for use to up to 6 hours after the initial purchase

    • Yamagushi

      Did you find any info on this deal? I don’t mind waiting to use the 50$ gift card, but I too see no proof of this sale, I looked through the black friday deals advert, its not in there.

  • Dave

    Will there be any black friday deals on xbox live??

  • ungeheier

    Isnt Forza Horizon $15 at walmart on Thursday after 8pm?

  • Paul Kelly

    Wal-Mart is selling Forza Horizon for $15 on Black Friday. An EPIC steal on the best driving game of the year, hands down.

  • Justin McFarland

    Fable: The Journey is out? Huh. Had no idea.

  • Luke Es | sE ekuL

    I really miss when Major had the Disqus comments that bubbled the highest voted people to the top. It actually encouraged good posts and made the blog fun to read because people wanted to rank up! I remember my badge said Top 50 but the actual system number was 12, and I was trying really hard to hit the Top 10. :D You can go back to that anytime Major!

  • Yamagushi

    Can you confirm the Toys r us deal? I see no toysrus ads or any other sites claiming this deal.

  • Aj Walter

    Any idea if any stores are running xbox live deals? Best Buy had $8 3 month cards I was hoping for that again this year.

  • Tom Kuphal

    Gold membership deals?

  • johndubya

    Does anyone know if these deals are available online?

  • Ryan Vandall

    Are there any Kinect deals that don’t include a system anywhere? Am I the only one who wants one anymore?

  • smoker68x

    I wish there was a time listed for the Halo 4 deal on Amazon, because I’ve been checking since midnight, and nothing’s changed…

  • Anthony

    Amazon isn’t giving 20$ gift cards, i don’t know where Nelson gets this information. i Just ordered and all i got is 7$ toward “GameBattles Premium Access”. Get your facts right Nelson, i waited a week for the gift card and all i got is this MLG bulls@$t.

  • timothy kirby

    I am not seeing the Halo4 Amazon deal anywhere…

  • Yi Xu

    Amazon doesn’t offer $20 giftcard. Only the $10 Instant video credit which really isn’t any deal. Most movies dvds are cheaper elsewhere

  • Brock Moses

    No $20 gift card for Halo 4 from Amazon. Not cool Major. Not cool.

    • Major Nelson

      The deal was live tonight on – I tweeted about it.

  • Major Nelson

    The Halo deal was live tonight on Amazon, and I tweeted it the moment I found out.
    Sometimes retailers alter things (like schedule) and don’t tell me..that’s why I always say to follow me on twitter so I can update as things happen.