November 19th 2012 1:30 pm PT

All ESPN Programming now available on Xbox LIVE

Today, ESPN on Xbox reloaded with a significant update. The app now includes ALL of ESPN’s live network programming through WatchESPN including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, Buzzer Beater and Goal Line. Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers can watch all their favorite sports and shows live, including SportsCenter, SportsNation and the Mike and Mike Show, as well as ESPN’s coverage of the NFL, including Monday Night Football, MLB and the NBA.

ESPN on Xbox, now powered by WatchESPN, offers the following features:

  • My Sports. ESPN on Xbox allows you to choose your favorite sports and teams and designate these channels as “My Sports,” so you can jump directly into the games and content you care most about. ESPN on Xbox will automatically provide you with a personalized daily feed of live events, news and highlights based on “My Sports,” catching you up on only the teams and sports you care most about.
  •  Mini Guide. The mini-guide gives you a preview and quick access to all the sports content you care about right at the bottom of the screen. This fall it is all about football, and now the best fans don’t have to miss anything. Is another game tied up late in the fourth quarter? Instantly switch to that game. Halftime? Play the earlier highlights.
  •  Split Screen. Because true sports fans want to watch more than one game at a time, ESPN on Xbox has a split screen, allowing you to watch two events at once. Watch live events on both screens or a live event on one while you catch up on news and highlights on the other. You can even control both screens independently, pausing and rewinding each separately so you never miss a second of the action.
  • Gesture Control and Voice Control with Kinect for Xbox 360. Focus on your team instead of looking for the remote. Navigate through the content guide, skip to the next highlight, or play, pause, and rewind that big play…all with the wave of your hand or the sound of your voice.
  •  Reminders. Too many big games to keep track of in your head? Not to worry – ESPN on Xbox now lets you tag games and set reminders so you never miss a moment.
  •  Interactive ESPN BottomLine. The ESPN BottomLine keeps you in the know with breaking news and score updates from around the world of sports. Xbox has added interactive functionality that raises the bar for fans everywhere, with live alerts and the capability to jump to different sports or skip to the next story.

Also, beginning in December, Xbox SmartGlass experiences for ESPN, NBA and SportsPicks will be available on the platform. I’ll share details once I have them.

For more information, visit

You will need Xbox LIVE Gold and an EPSN participating affiliate to use the app.
The FAQ on has additional details.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • ungeheier

    So, how gimped is this service depending on your cable provider?

    • ungeheier

      So lame. So SOME stuff works, SOME stuff doesn’t. Typical ‘Entertainment App’ on Xbox Live. So, wont be loading up THAT app ever again.

  • Ross

    On the iPad, I cannot view the ESPN3 content, despite it being part of my cable package, because my cable compan is not a “WatchESPN” affiliate. Does this same restriction apply now to watch the same ESPN3 content I’ve been able to enjoy previously? Or have I now been cut off from watching ESPN3 only content on my Xbox?

    • jake9790

      WatchESPN and ESPN3 are different services. You can view ESPN3 content but only certain cable providers allow access to WatchESPN.

  • Elliott Duy

    I think I’ll start my night with the Chicago Bears on my Xbox.

    • Joseph Poole

      me too man! I was upset cause I couldn’t watch on this app, but in the CHI it will be on WCIU 26………….now I may have to watch on here

  • Nathaniel Frost

    app lets you stream what you have available through your cable or internet provider. so for me its just an update that shows all the locked content I can’t view.

    • Ross

      Thank you for clarifying that! So this functions much like the ESPN3 website does (shows ALL content, but blocks what you do not have access to) as opposed to mobile apps, which block all content unless you have a CableCo with WatchESPN.

    • Mike Wang

      so I have Charter cable and have ESPN. if I were to use the XBOX I can watch MNF like I can on TV. But if I remove my cable service and only keep internet, I also lose the MNF?

  • NAM37

    Does BrightHouse work yet?

  • Kris

    The most useless APP now thanks to ESPN. They took away everything good that came with it. Wtf is the point in watching something on your Xbox if you can just watch it on your Cable Box? Useless, useless app thanks to those idiots at ESPN.

    • Francisco Rodriguez

      Not everyone has a 360 connected to the same TV as their cable box.

    • Guest

      I have basic cable and no ESPN, so this app is not useless for me. Why pay for cable when i can dl 720p rips of all my fav shows and watch ‘em on my ps3?!

    • Bronco Destructo

      Xbox puts out this useless garbage on their console. And like so many other “Apps” they release, they mislead people into thinking they can watch these things for free.

      For example, thousands upon thousands of people thought they were going to get MLB Extra Innings on their Xbox this past season, because MS doesn’t prominently mention that you have to pay for a separate sub to watch it – they mention all over the place that you need Gold, but kind of hide the other, more important fact that you need a completely different sub. They do this with ALL their apps that require a completely different subscription.

      Don’t point this “useless app” mojo squarely on ESPN; Xbox uses these lame, useless Apps to sell more Xboxes and more Gold accounts.

    • Tony Ortale

      Just because it’s useless to you doesn’t mean it’s useless to everyone. I LOVE my ESPN app. I only subscribe to basic cable where everything is in standard definition because I hardly ever watch TV outside of sports and I don’t want to pay for the HD package. Now, though, whenever something I want to watch is on one of the ESPN networks, I can watch it in full HD.

  • murph

    DirecTV users…still boned.

  • Tylerh1701

    ESPN3 and ESPN on Xbox have been severely gimped for me, I hope this fixes a little bit of it. But any time I want to watch anything through this app, it’s unavailable. As with pretty much every app on 360, it’s pretty much worthless.

    • Ross

      I’ve noticed things go from “Upcoming” to vanishing completely when the start time approaches on several occasions. They usually appear in the “Live Events” eventually, but well after the start time, by which point I’ve already missed a chunk of it.

  • Justin Forsythe

    very limited on providers. Was psyched to watch MNF tonight but come to find out my provider isn’t on the list… A lil miffed about that.

  •!/BeeDizz BeeDizz

    This does me NO good in the crappy hotel I’m in with SD TVs. My at home service provider isn’t supported, and I don’t have access to the hotels. Thanks for making this “service” impossible to access.

  • Bronco Destructo

    This is GREAT NEWS! Now I can use my Xbox to watch all the ESPN channels that I can already watch using my cable box!

    Seriously, it’s pitiful how MS tries to lure people into getting an Xbox, or paying for Gold, by touting this “watch ESPN on your Xbox” drivel. You CANNOT watch any of these ESPN channels unless you already subscribe to them on cable… so why on Earth would you watch them through your Xbox, when the quality and speed will be much better simply using your cable box??

    • redgehammer

      Your comments reek of trollism. I like the way my 360 has evolved in the 5 plus years I have been an owner, and subscriber to XBL. If you despise MS so much why do you own a 360?

    • Rudy Bien-Aime

      Its not bad…. I have 3 boxes and only one has access to the different ESPN channels. The others are basic cable boxes that have basic channels and fortunately I have my XBOX on on of those TV…. so now thanks to M$/XBOX 360 I have just got an upgrade of my cable service without actually having to pay more loot….

  • Russell Gorall

    My provider still doesn’t offer it/10.

  • Sarah V.

    I don’t understand. Why limit it to a handful of cable providers? Gold subscribers already pay a monthly fee.

  • Napoleon1066

    So… my provider is on the list. I have the app… verified my provider. And… everything works EXCEPT Monday Night Football (which tells me Unable to Play Content. Could not access selected content. Try again later). Can anyone verify that they are actually able to get this to work?

  • Tyler Waldman

    This is a really useful update in how it, I dunno, CUTS OFF my access to stuff behind the WatchESPN wall. ESPN3 was one of the reasons I don’t feel like I need cable. I still don’t need cable. But this still sucks.

  • pharmassist

    from the people who are complaining, you have cable. but some people don’t have cable and just have regular tv and this app is awesome stuff.

  • Ganon255

    I find this to be big news and next wave of the future of TV, I WILL NEVER HAVE TO TURN MY XBOX OFF, mha-ha-ha!!

  • fsdfg dsfds

    I wish i could watch the nba :( another lame app that requires extra sub

  • Dane Miller

    If you pay or TV i weep for you….

  • Mark

    This is laughable, I can watch HBO Go but I can’t watch ESPN shows like PTI, Mike and Mike etc. Makes me want to slap my forehead.