November 21st 2012 10:54 am PT

Borderlands 2 Claptrap Sounds

You asked for more Claptrap sounds, and our friends at Gearbox Software have delivered once again. Below find 34 clips taken directly from the master files used in Borderlands 2. That means they sound great and make great notifications sounds your mobile or PC. Enjoy,

Update: I’ve added a .ZIP of all the files on my Skydrive

Note: These audio clips are provided for personal, non-commercial use only

Here is a link to the last set they gave me to share.

Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • CiDhed

    Number 34 is my new ringtone.

    • Luke Es | sE ekuL

      I pity your roomates. ;)

  • Metal Postman

    Track 4 has static on it when I download it :-(

    • Aaron Lewis

      I’m having same issues with other tracks as well. I try to convert WAV file to MP3 and I get an error. Any help would be appreciated

  • Robert Williams

    Jesus H. Christ!….how do I turn the sound down to only 185decibels?

  • Miyagui San

    #5 needs a lot more Wub Wub

  • D4niel

    If we could just get a zip file, that would be excellent.

    • Major Nelson

      Hmm…I thought you could download a whole set from Soundcloud. Investigating….

      • John Lucarelli

        Thanks for the SkyDrive Link!

  • Mic Microphone Leger

    i love it love it love it love it love it

  • James Von Gallagher

    Please please please do these for Tiny Tina and the ‘ride of the valkyries’ noise that the bandit buzzards make!

    • Ðamien Von Bhaarx

      oh yes please yes ^^

      • Renato Silvas

        the same!!

    • Daniel Findley

      2nded! Please do Tiny Tina

    • Shane Placeway

      or any clip from Mr. Torgue.

      • ungeheier


        • John Lucarelli


    • Sammy Bear


    • Karl Cramer

      Tiny Tina is the breakout character.

    • Lewis Gouki Lashley

      I agree!!!

    • Stephanie Coons


  • Neil Patrick Medici

    Oh how I wish “Protect me Squire!” Was on here

    • Taylor Bartels

      That was the one I was looking for :(

  • Britters

    It’s….. it’s like CHRISTMAS!!

  • Ron Ray

    the very first one is my favorite line in the whole game! :)

  • Robb Keslar

    thank you thank you !!!!!!!

  • Taylor Bartels

    I want “protect me squire”!!!

  • Ben Wood

    please add “SAVE ME SQUIRE!” to this, i really want that as my tone. also you should release Mr Torgue sounds? EXPLOOOOOSSSSSIONS!

  • Shane Miller

    Just wish I could find the sound clip of “i smell delicious” when ya kill the rats with fire

  • Daniel George

    This is racist against Macs! The sound FX are only for PC’s. How am I suppose to make a song if its only available for Windows -_-

    • Ace Marlow

      You can use QuickTime pro to convert the sounds from Wav, or you could Use VLC to convert them for free. etc…

  • Chase Delvecchio

    How do I get these on my phone?

    • Ace Marlow

      It vary’s so much for so many phones that it is impossible to answer you.

      Google “Put files on *******” where ******** is your phone model.

  • James Fletcher

    I wish that ‘I ascend!!!!’ was there. Thanks there are some cool ones tho :)

  • Jose Angel Rodriguez

    en español porfavoooorrrrrr, latinoamerica tambien juega borderlands 2

    in spanish please

  • Victoria Leoni

    Can we have some Scooter?

    • Paul Dozier

      Heh. CATCH A RIIIIIIIDE! I’d dig that.

  • Ashe_Darkthorne

    Thank you Major Nelson for all of these!!

  • Don Dowd III

    oh man, was totally hoping for the “… I’m actually quite depressed!” quote and no cigar

  • Roelof van der Merwe

    Getting static on all of them…

  • Ðamien Von Bhaarx

    and of all the sounds out you didnt include Alonsy =

  • Todd E Lower

    Can we get a Windows 7 theame pack?

  • Sergio Castaneda

    Where is claptrap beatbox time?

  • twistedtech

    Awesome. Would love to see some from other characters and maybe even some of the talking guns.

  • Collin Schafer

    I would like some of the golith quotes. They are such an entertaining enemy.

  • Matthew Atherton

    Thanks!!!! I agree with others, Tiny tina files would be wonderful.

  • James Reynolds

    Where are they I can just see a message saying “This play last has no sounds” :(

  • Garvin Hicking

    Please provide a different download means for those, like a zip ball! They do not seem to work in Germany, I only get a “This playlist has no sounds”. :-((

  • Chris Amburn

    ‘The playlist has no sounds’ : ( I was gonna make one of these my ringtone, but now they’re gone. : (

  • Brian Mitchell

    i have been looking for and would really like the sound byte from the nomad who says, “That shore is some nice gear ya’ got!” and the one where he says, “let’s make some face gravy!”

  • Christian Lewin

    Where’s “Claptrap Beatbox Time! ‘Puh puh PfffFtthhppp buhb puH Pffft Phttthhfffpt Puh Pffffpt ppppfffftthhPttt’….??

  • Sammy Bear

    How do we download these in one file?

    Or bulk download?

  • Alecia VanBuskirk

    I wish “I ASCEND!!” was here =(

  • Wade Sims

    This makes me so happy.

  • Major Nelson

    Link is at the bottom of the post

  • Edward Hartgrove

    man and they dont have clap’s remark to handsom jackass, about teabaggin his corpse, or claps givin pandora a new *&#hole….oh the humor.

  • Tetoro’s Lair

    So cool!

  • Major Nelson

    I Zipped up all the files and put them on my Skydrive. Grab them here!3886

  • Evan Feist

    I see much Sentence splicing ahead.

  • darryl

    unce unce unce, i need a golden key wub wub wub!

  • jared

    OMG! You have to make one of The Bane firing and reloading! The most obnoxious ringtone evar! ;-p

  • Brock Walker

    I downloaded these and was trying to get them to work with zune… Why is it not happening?

  • Este

    Any chance someones converted these to MP3 format? These WAVs arent working for some reason…

  • Travis Illig

    I really wish they had “HOW ARE YOU NOT LAUGHING? THAT WAS F***ING GOLD!”

  • Jeremiah Shanmugam

    D: No “Haha I ASCEND!!!!!!!!!”???! i really wanted that for a message tone xD lol