November 23rd 2012 10:58 pm PT

From One Major to Another

Posts about celebrities passing away are not something I typically cover, but this time it’s different. Let me explain.

Today, an iconic actor named Larry Hagman died. For those of you who don’t recognize that name, take a look at his lengthy filmography. He is often remembered for his role as JR on the TV series “Dallas.” I, however, know him a different way.

I am often asked where my gamertag comes from. It’s a pretty simple story really. A few years ago our TiVo recommended an episode of “I Dream Of Jeannie” starring. Larry Hagman, At the time I was trying to come up with  a Gamertag and I was stumped but watching Hagman play this cool astronaut named Major Nelson, inspired my new gamertag. It had to be Major Nelson.

So while I may have borrowed the name of his character, Larry Hagman, he is in fact, the real Major Nelson.

Random By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Squirrel Burrito

    And he was an incredible Major Nelson :) However, you’re not so bad yourself! Nice of you to post this.


    RIP The real Major Nelson. I remember my parents waiting to find out who really shot J.R. What a great name to pass on Larry.

  • Burritoed Squirrel

    Why do the deals of the week suck so much!?!? I’m going to get PS+!!!

    No, in all seriousness, I too knew of him from I Dream of Jeannie. Never saw Dallas. You’re both also named Larry, which I find interesting.

    • Trash

      Grow up!

  • Cyclops

    Too bad, rip.

  • Tony B.

    I thought you were just really into Barbara Eden.
    This was thoughtful of you to post.

  • Daniel Olszowy

    I ve read, he had a wonderful thanksgiving with his whole family before he died.
    Best way to die, along with people who loves someone
    One of the greatest :)

    • BostonSup

      Your comment proves that some people down vote for no reason. I guess they are “rebelling” or “being cool” or something. Or maybe some people oddly have a grudge on the man. Either way, I hope he did have a wonderful thanksgiving with his family before his passing.

      • Jürgen Mayer

        It’s a matter of fact that not everyone has a family. And some people, like myself, want to remember those people too. I believe in people and therefore I guess that at least two others also voted down here.

  • Robert Brooks

    When I saw he had died a couple hours ago the first thing I thought of was you Larry.

  • MilkyTee

    I never actually saw Dallas, but I know the actor.


  • BostonSup

    I wasn’t around when it came out, but I watch the reruns once and awhile. For some reason I just never made the connection between names. I guess I don’t think about Xbox while watching TV or think about TV playing the Xbox.

    Sad to hear about Larry Hagman. 81 isn’t really that old in today’s world. RIP

  • Joe. S

    whats up with this review of the past? Don’t get me wrong kinda interesting, seems something is coming

    • Lee Rayson

      I think it due to Xbox live 10th birthday just past, so Major being going through old podcast and things, so reason he made this is because it how he came up with his GT

  • JoeGrahamcracker

    This guy was a staple of my childhood on Nick at Night. I think that you kind of resemble him in a way and I thought that was why you chose the name Major Nelson. RIP

  • Lee Rayson

    Cool story about how you came up with your gamertag, i do often wonder what makes people choose there gamertags.

    Story behind mine DarkGin87 is that my nick name as a kid was Ginger Sonic because well i have ginger hair and i use to gel it and spike it like crazy. so as i was 20 i didn’t think that name was mature enough for me anymore. As i was a fan of batman(always have been) i thought of his nickname “The DarkKnight” so this inspired me to choose DarkGin87 as my GT.

    • BigBernard

      Cool story Bro

  • bahnism

    I always liked Larry Hangman a great deal, can’t believe I didn’t put 2 and 2 together! RIP Larry H. Thanks for sharing Mr. Hryb.

  • jose

    Wow upon reading this also noticed you guys are named Larry and last names start with H!!!

    Oh man I’m putting too much thought into this. But

    R.I.P. to Larry Hagman

  • Steve Smith

    Great read. Thanks for the post.

  • David Latham

    Nice TiVo plug.

  • eAbyss

    I wasn’t even alive when I Dream of Jeannie came out but the reruns were a major part of my childhood.
    Larry Hagman, you will be missed.