November 23rd 2012 4:31 pm PT

MNR – The early years: Volume 1

No new show this week. Instead I’ve uploaded a collection of my earlier shows that have never been re-released, including the very first show I ever did . It’s pretty loose and rough around the edges but you can hear my  timely thoughts on Halo 2 , Pocket PC and more for about 11 minutes. Proceed at your own risk.

The rest of the collection has some pretty awesome moments, like Corporeal’s performance that opened our 2007 E3 Show (track 3 below),  the exclusive interview with Ken Levine where he announces the original Bioshock Demo that surprised everyone in August of 2007 (track 29)  Marty O’Donnell’s conversation about game audio in Halo 3 (track 38) and my interview with Ridley Scott (track 28) just to name a few.

So here it is…MNR – The early years Volume 1. Enjoy.

Note: Since I am sharing this collection on Soundcloud, this collection will not appear in iTunes like the weekly shows, so you’ll have to manage the download manually.

Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Nick

    Pretty awesome Larry. I listened to early ones way back, but not this early. Very awesome! Cool to listen to some of these very first ones. :)

  • Brandon Magouirk

    On the next show how about you talk about how I have been a member of XBL for 10 years and I get a worthless avatar helmet and how I have been a member of PSN for less than 24 hours and already have gotten 2 retail games and 4 psn games free. I bet you, nor any other MS affiliate, will even acknowledge this post exists.

    • Major Nelson

      ok. Sorry you feel that way. If I get an answer I think you’ll like I’ll share it.

      • Brandon Magouirk

        Ill stick with my XBL as my main source of online play regardless of what the competition offers as free. If a game I want is multi platform, there is no question ill get it on Xbox. I got a PS3 for exclusives and a secondary blu ray player.

        Btw I know you dont set the prices and promotions. Ill still continue to listen to the podcast on my commute to and from work.

        Gt iDrummer3

        • Jeff K

          Funny how you’re infinitely more gracious and respectful when Larry’s responded to you. It’s not as easy to be confrontational to a real person, is it?

          • Brandon Magouirk

            Im not gracious for anything. I prefer XBL over PSN when ut cones to mutliplayer and UI. That is it.

      • Chris Grub

        I just came here to say thanks for posting these.

        Then I saw this ungrateful guy, man.

    • Craig Wagner

      And yet you keep paying the annual fee. If you don’t like it, vote with your wallet.

  • Mik3t

    I started listening a few months before the 360 was launched

    Great dedication to the xbox community thanks!

  • Nathaniel Frost

    I love stuff like this, early insights into what we didn’t think would possibly become so mainstream and accepted into popular culture

  • Kyle Fokma

    Thanks Major! This will be a great blast from the past, when you used to be a one man podcast.

  • Robert Brooks

    YES! I have been waiting YEARS for this. I used to bug Litheon all the time about how I could go about getting the older shows. I’ve been listening since 2005 and I’ve always wished I had the ones from then and throughout 2006.

  • Nathan Vernon

    Dat nostalgia!

  • Luke Es | sE ekuL

    Thanks for this Major, good to share your archives.

    The oldest episodes I have saved in my iTunes are #197 and Major and Bill Gates from 2006, so I hope you consider some 2006 hits for next volume.

  • joristhewise

    Wow, this is awesome, so many awesome shows and interviews :D. Please keep up the great work you have been doing for the past couple of years and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring :D.

  • joristhewise

    Btw Major, did you expect that you would still be doing this after so many years? :D And that the shouw would grow so big?

  • Arik Cotton

    Is there a way to put this on iTunes, so I can just listen to it on my iPod?

  • Glenn Alexander

    I only joined the Xbox scene at the end of 2007 and listened to my first MNR show in December ’07. Show 260 – The 2007 Year End Special.
    Listening to these earlier shows is a pure treat. Thank you Major.
    I have gone quite far way back thanks to the loads of archives you’ve kept when moving your blog over.